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Found 14 results

  1. until
    Hey Everyone! You know the drill.. 7:30PM.. Raiders... See you there!
  2. until
    Hey Everyone! You know the drill.. 7:30PM.. Raiders... See you there!
  3. until
    Hey Everyone! You know the drill.. 7:30PM.. Raiders... See you there!
  4. until
    Hey Everyone! You know the drill.. 7:30PM.. Raiders... See you there!
  5. until
    Hello Lovely people! Once again we are going to be at Raiders, this time I pushed the time back a bit to hopefully let people get there after work a bit easier. Hope to see you all there!
  6. FoxRacingGurl

    Anime North

    Hey lovely people! We are running a booth at Anime North: Friday - Sunday. Going to be at the con? Come stop by and say hi we will be in the Sheraton Hotel all three days. Volunteering? Thank you for reaching out and helping us, You Rock!!! Any any questions on how you can get involved or where we will be located just reach out to us!
  7. until
    Extra Life Toronto has partnered with Pink City!Have you ever seen some really cool stuff online or at a convention, but never got the chance to try it on or see it up close? Introducing the first ever Loot Raiders pop-up event - a collaboration between Pink City and some of the finest local brands/artists! On May 13th, Raiders Esports Centre will become a marketplace for the ultimate shop and play experience! Come meet the lovely people behind all of these awesome companies, and enjoy the various games, food, and drinks available as well! Toronto Esports Club will be in the house organizing all of the gaming, and the music will be curated by BOY RICH and BEN CHIN so you know it’s gonna be dope vibes all day! We’ve got new clothes, we’ve got vintage clothes, we’ve got cosplays, we’ve got prints, we’ve got virtual reality, we’ve got charity, we’ve got it all! Pink City will also be offering convention pricing (discounted + no tax) for all of our products, and this will also be the first chance to grab some new designs debuting at the event! THE MARKET SO FAR: CLOTHING: Pink City Fifty/Fifty GHOST GIRL GOODS MOON.rar Soft Salvage ARTISTS: Zombie Bit Me Violet Love Cosplay Art by Lee Howard DOPE CHIEF Rancid Yogurt Art and Accessories Art of Dudeunderscore MORE FUN STUFF: Atomic District Extra Life Toronto Siege Airsoft Toronto Esports Club Admission is FREE! Stay tuned for details about the after party… 12PM - 6PM Raiders E-Sports Centre 49 St. Clair Avenue West
  8. until
    Hey everyone! We how everyone had a lovely break and we can't wait to get things rolling for this year. We are thinking some board games or possibly some jackbox games after our meeting! Raiders ESports Center
  9. FoxRacingGurl

    Breakout Con

    You looking for something to do this weekend? Do you like boardgames and/or role-playing games? A few of our guild members are heading out to Breakout Con to run a small booth! We have enough volunteers but we always welcome people to come visit if they are already attending the convention. For more info check out here!
  10. Hey Everyone! This Month's Meeting: October 15th 2016 - 4pm Location: Raiders Esports Center - 49 St Clair Ave W, Toronto ON RSVP: here This Month's Agenda We are hoping to have our meeting and dinner together. Also to check out the space where the Toronto Guild Team is hosting their game day! - Thank you to everyone who came out to the meeting, it was nice to hangout and chat afterwards. Game Day Partners Raiders Esports Centre We have use of the space from Nov 5 noon - Nov 6th We can come in early to set up, we are planning on 9am on Nov 5th. If you are interested in helping out let @mnra know! If anyone can bring a fan for game day let us know! It seemed to get pretty warm in there. We are hoping to have some SickKids Champions visit. We are hoping they can do little speeches that we can stream to keep us motivated and pumped up. @SickKids_Tara was asking for three champions, spread throughout the day. If you are interested in streaming during game day please let @Descrier or myself (@FoxRacingGurl) know. There is a max of three streamers at one time to keep a stable internet connection. @MDee14 and @Digital_zin will be streaming for the full 25 hrs. ExtraLifeTO account will be the third with Tabletop, events, and blocks of video gaming. There will be a schedule so please plan ahead. If you would like to stream; we can have your twitch account host or you can ask for a block of time on the ExtraLifeTO account, besides that no other streaming is allowed at the event. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. @GravenTheRed is looking into a pre-alpha game to showcase on a stream by one of us during the event. Deadline for them to confirm access is Friday Oct. 21 VR - all money will be donated to the ExtraLifeTO team's account. Vive will cost $10/30 mins, there will be a signup sheet. Josh briefly spoke to a gentleman that was at Raiders about getting different types of VR. We are looking for Volunteers to help run the event smoothly. If you are interested in helping out please check out here. 401 Games Is lending us a few board games They have donated prizing, see below. Riddle Room Lending us their board game collection. There will be people there to help teach the games if needed.\ They have donated prizing, see below. Microsoft We are in the process of confirming equipment they will be bringing They have donated prizing, see below. Unconfirmed Partners EB Games We are asking for a prize pack of some kind Leadership is put together a proposal for future long-term partnership Nerdblock Is donating 200 NerdBlocks to Game Day Participants. We have asked for some prizes too, possible subscription We are inquiring about some competition between their company and our members. ESAC Leadership had a meeting with them to discuss a partnership in the future We have put them in touch at the national level. They are hoping to be a hub for video game studios and their partners to bring more awareness to Extra Life across Canada Big Viking Games We met with them and discussed a few of them coming out to our event. They have already done their 24hr event. Might do BIG versions of games, details still need to be confirmed. We are hoping they bring some cool viking swag We will be asking them to see if they will donate some Viking hats for kids at SickKids! Raffle/Prizing How to Enter into the Raffle +$20 entry donation = 1 Ticket Every $20 you raised for SickKids as part of the ExtraLifeTO team on = 1 Ticket Every $20 spent at Raiders on food/drinks = 1 Ticket Claiming Prizes If you are not present for the draw you can still claim the prize. If you cannot meet up with one of the Guild Leadership and want the prize shipped, you are responsible for shipping costs. 401 Game's Donation 1x Pandemic Legacy (Blue) 2x Codenames Pictures w/alternate art promos + $20 401 Games Gift Card 1x Agricola New 2016 Edition + $20 401 Gift Card 1x Munchkin Sketch Edition (exclusive, not sold officially in stores) + $20 401 Games Gift Card 1x $40 401 Gift Card Riddle Room's Donation 5x $50 Escape Room Vounchers which includes 3 items for breaking in their new Rage Room Microsoft 1x Xbox One Halo Console + Recore Game* 1x Xbox One Halo Console + Gears of War 4* * One of these prize packs will be an ExtraLifeTO team exclusive raffle. (You must be officially registered as a member of our Extra Life team and playing for SickKids) Other Things Thunderclap Be sure to plead your support and donate a social media post! T-Shirts/Hoodies @aerynstarr has them ready for pick up! A bunch of us got them at the meeting. Twitch Stream We have set up Auto Hosting to any of the members who have expressed interest. If you aren't on the list let us know. Please feel free to come hangout on the twitch stream and chat with any of us while we are streaming! Holiday Auction We were hoping to keep the fundraising going past Game Day. A possible idea is to do an auction Dependent on the content, market it towards finding that perfect nerdy something for the gamer in your life. If anyone has ideas, prize donations, and/or can make something pretty cool let us know! Microsoft Store Events We need more people to help run twitch streams at the different stores (Yorkdale and Eaton Center) Mostly Pre-release/ special events, possible Game Dev talks. Please let us know if you are interested in helping out so we can get you partnered up with one of the stores. We wouldn't be doing any events besides the one Marcel is doing until after Game Day. Guild Member Updates @MDee14 Hosting an event at Raiders on Nov 26th (I will post a link to a calendar post on here once I have all the information!) Focused on Twitch Streamers and Game Dev. Social/Networking event. There will be some sponsor prizes (Steele Series and Discord) All money donated will go to Extra Life Microsoft Event at Square One - Halo Tournament Sunday Oct. 23 Noon Will be giving away 2x $15 Xbox Gift Cards while streaming Schoolyard style team battle. All skill levels welcome. Free Entry, the more people the better the prizes. @PsycheDiver Scare For a Cure (Haunted House) Oct. 31 - 7pm 1 Plover Heights, Woodbridge All proceeds go to SickKids @SickKids_Tara is hoping to come out and rep SickKids/Extra Life Anyone else who wants to come help out and spread the word of Extra Life let us know! Events Oct 16 - EvE Tournament at Good Game Bar Oct 23 - Microsoft Event at Square One Oct 31 - Scare For a Cure in Woodbridge Nov 5 - Game Day Nov 26 - Twitch/Game Dev Event at Raiders Next Month's Meeting: November TBD 2016 Location: TBD RSVP: TBD
  11. until
    Raiders ESports Center We were thinking about doing our meeting and having some dinner together. Play some games and hangout! Come check out the space where we will be hosting game day!
  12. Hey Everyone! Be sure to check back here for anything you might have missed. This Month's Meeting: September 17th 2016 Location: Page One Cafe 106 Mutual Street, Toronto ON RSVP: here This Month's Meeting Minutes - September 17th 2016 Fan Expo Recap We made our goal for recruitment, we might want to push for higher numbers next time Cosplay First Aid and volunteer binder thoughts? Everyone liked the quick reference of the binder Cosplay kit seemed to bring in people, just make it clear its free. Comments made on making sure there is a female and male volunteer around if possible to be able to help with fixing costumes We want to brainstorm ideas to bring in more traffic Cosplayers Rebranding the booth to be more Extra Life than SickKids Swag T-shirts/Hoddies will be ordered on Monday September 19th - Order has been sent! Last day was September 18th to get your order in Dice have been ordered Hoping to have them for game day (No promises) Guild Member Updates @Descrier Streaming If you want to get involved in weekly streams on twitch get a hold of him Ontario Gaming Convention September 25th in Barrie Noon until 6pm. $5 entry fee Great place for swaps and to get some good retro games @MDee14 Is working with Microsoft Store at Square One on upcoming game release events @PsycheDiver EVE tournament October 16th Good Game Bar 50/50 - 10% alcohol sales goes to team. Spectator event Upcoming Events Meeting with Big Viking Games Guild leadership is meeting to talk about partnership Riddle Room - Oct 15th Guild meeting before hand EVE Tournament - Oct 16th @ GG Bar Mention above Game Day - Raiders starting at Noon Nov 5th Stress Test Day on Oct 1st Microsoft will be there during the day time up until 8pm They will have surface pros for us to use for Artemis Voice Actors - Signing and photoshoots. Unique to our event Questions/Comments/Concerns? Concerns about making sure our game day event doesn’t turn into a corporate flea market. Big Viking Games ask them about doing a competition of our team versus theirs. Might not happen until after game day Sent link to James about the video they made, we are hoping he might be able to do something similar It's more convenient for guild meetings to be partnered with an event Next Month's Meeting: October 15th 2016 Location: Raiders Esports Center - 49 St Clair Ave W, Toronto ON RSVP: here
  13. until
    Sunday September 25th 12pm - 6pm 7 George St. Barrie One stop shop for all things nerd! A few members of the Toronto Guild are helping run an Extra Life booth at the event. If you are coming let us know!
  14. Hey Everyone! Here is the new thread where meeting minutes will go. Be sure to check back here for anything you might have missed. Next Meeting: September 17th 2016 Location: Page One Cafe 106 Mutual Street, Toronto ON RSVP: here This Month's Meeting Minutes - August 25th at 401 Games Guild Leadership Thank you to Aileen and Raj for their amazing work getting the guild off the ground and well on its way. We wish them all the best in their new occupations and glad to see them still active members of our team. Introduce Erin (President), Maria (VP) and Jess (Secretary) Guild’s Goal Recruitment - recruiting is our main focus at events. End date is December 31st but we want them before Game Day (Nov. 5th) For exact recruitment number message guild leaders Quick facts about our target demographic 75% male 83% of participants are between 18 and 38 Ipads/Extra Life app registers people as participants of Extra Life Will send them an email within the next week thanking them for signing up If people don’t want to be signed up as a participant they can unsubscribe, or they can use the new survey and not agree to the boiler plate information that states that they will be signed up for the program and our Guild e-newsletter Demo of new survey for iPad Erin will look into seeing if it can be on more than one device We got a discount for being a charity The new survey will have a spot to say who helped them today (tracking how many people each of our members can sign up) Microsoft Meeting with the store in Square One They sent us a schedule of all the different events they plan to do before the end of this year. They hold a lot of their events in Celebration Square, average crowd is 200 people They would also want us to reach out to indie devs or other people in the gaming industry that would be interested in coming to talk to people about getting into the industry and maybe promoting more women to join the field. Teaser on prizing Possibly for guild members who perform the best / Raffle Swag Updates on tshirts/hoodies Hoodie / T-shirt Looking into collecting funds then should have them printed before next guild meeting Require everyone to submit sizing in forum Dice Waiting to hear back from Panda, they talked with the National team and are dealing with them first. Social Media Discord Used for general communication, bonding, gaming Facebook group Reflect the same things as the forum but people will see it more often Twitter Follow our team and retweet, please! Twitch There has been a growing interest in creating our own channel that we can stream weeks leading up to game day. Would be our main stream for game day Marcel is our go-to person for any questions we have about it. Leadership is going to help put him in touch with the Extra Life Stream Team Other Tax Receipts are clean cut, person donates they get on in return Gift Confirmation we are allowed to thank the person who donated, and possibly co-brand, social media promote, etc. Raiders Front section a bar, back section gaming area Looking into it for Game Day Charge to come in / donation Possible meeting area for the guild in the future Currently an employee is looking into logistics (being open 24hrs) Events September 11 - Guild Appreciation Day Waiting for Tara to come back for more information, will post about it once we find out Most people are interested in coming to the event September 17 - Tabletop Games Day Extra Life Event Link Meetup Link 10% of the drink sales and board game auction will be donated to our team Custom drink for our event Looking for some volunteers to help out with donations, talking to people, etc. TIFF is happening during the same weekend/week September 25 - Barrie Gaming Convention (Justin) Noon - 6pm Organizers will keep us in the loop about other events they do Coordinate with Tara to get Justin the Heart Block booth September 18 - Prep for game day Sounds like an Online event Stefanie will look into it and get back to us. September 1-4 - Fan Expo (Last thing we talk about) Make sure IPads are charged Binders Maria is making two binders that will be at each of the main events for the year. It will serve as a quick reference for all volunteers. Recruitment goals for that event, 30 second pitch, place to put business cards, notes section, schedule, contact list, etc. Any suggestions are welcome! Cosplay First Aid This will be at our booth, Jess has extras of most things if anything runs out please notify her. Depending if it’s helping the booth then we might invest more into it. We are looking into getting a custom sticker on it. We might get someone to dress up in lab coat and be Dr. Cosplay
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