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Found 10 results

  1. Want to connect with local Extra Lifers? On the fence about volunteering or committing to anything? Join us at our local social to meet other local (and not so local) gamers who play for SickKids in Toronto! Where: Track & Field Bar - 860 College St, Toronto When: Wednesday July 24th at 7:30pm EDT Who: YOU! Anyone and everyone is invited! Guild members, non guild members, friends and family.. social is a great way to chat about your own Extra Life experience!
  2. Next Meeting: Monday April 8th 2019 at 7:00PM Location: SickKids Foundations, 525 University Ave, Toronto RSVP: Here and/or Facebook Can't make it to the meeting? That's okay we got you covered! We will be posting notes here and in our discord. We will also be hosting an online meeting on Thursday April 11th at 7:30 PM EDT for those of you who want to swing by and catch up. Join our local discord to keep up the conversations and check out the meeting! Next Guild Social: Monday May 13th 2019 at 7:30PM Location: Ministry of Gaming, 1860 Wilson Ave, North York RSVP: Here and/or Facebook
  3. Date: Monday May 13th 2019 at 7:30PM EDT Location: Ministry of Gaming, 1860 Wilson Ave, North York The wonderful people at Ministry of Gaming as donated space for us to use for our social! Bring some board games or rent a PC!
  4. Date: Monday April 8th 2019 at 7:00PM EDT Location: SickKids Foundations, 525 University Ave, Toronto Come chat about upcoming event and do a bit of brainstorming!
  5. This Month's Meeting: September 10 2018 - 7:30pm Location: Snakes and Lattes - 49 St Clair Ave W, Toronto ON Recap Twitch Meetup August 18th Thank you to volunteers Raise $840 Next one should be some time after game day in Nov. Tabletop Appreciation Weekend August 25 - 26 Had guild members fundraising out of country for our hospital! Few members played and chatted with friends about their love of gaming Fan Expo August 30 - September 2 Raised over $540 Buttons seem to be a good talking point and take away UnConventional Gaming Con September 8 Handing out postcards for us Volunteer Opportunities / Upcoming Events [Please contact @Descrier / for more details about volunteering!] Game On Sep 22 - Barrie @Descrier & @Shaeden are taking the lead for this event. Get Loud Sep 29 SickKids March to hype up their fundraising for the VS campaign. If you plan on marching please let us know so we can tell our hospital rep! KimiKon Oct 19 - 21 Willing to give us free booth space and passes for volunteers Enercare Centre We are looking for Volunteers! EGLX October 26-28 Kenny was able to get us a booth spot We are looking for Volunteers! Group Questions/ Discussion We will keep everyone update with the CND $$$ updates as we get them! For the latest updates please join us on our discord! Next Month's Meeting: October 1st 7:30pm Location: The Hive Esports [Formally Raiders Esports Centre] RSVP: Here Discord Meeting: October 6th Noon
  6. [July's meeting was a more social meeting there were very few highlights to it.] This Month's Meeting: August 13 2018 - 7:30pm Location: The Hive Esports [formally known as Raiders] - 49 St Clair Ave W, Toronto ON Recap Pink City Pop Up Market Thank you to @GravenTheRed for taking charge of our presence at the event. It's more a good way to keep in contact with existing connections/ less about recruitment Volunteer Opportunities [Please contact @Descrier / for more details about volunteering!] Twitch Meetup August 18th Possible all day event Brought up the idea of a charity streaming panel Tabletop Appreciation Weekend August 25 - 26 Fan Expo August 30 - September 2 Looking for volunteers UnConventional Gaming Con September 8 Handing out postcards for us KimiKon Oct 19 - 21 Willing to give us free booth space and passes for volunteers Enercare Centre EGLX October 26-28 Kenny was able to get us a booth spot Group Questions/ Discussion Pokemon Walk for July's Social & Milkshakes! Brief discussion about future guild socials at the August meeting. Next Month's Meeting: September 10 7:30pm Location: Snakes and Lattes RSVP: Here Discord Meeting: September 15th Noon
  7. This Month's Meeting: February 12 2018 - 7:30pm Location: Raiders Esports Center - 49 St Clair Ave W, Toronto ON RSVP: here / Facebook Can't make it to the meeting? We are hosting an online time to discuss what happened/ gather any other input on Saturday February 17 on our discord server! Announcements Tara leaving Janet and Melissa are taking over We are hoping to sit down and go over things with them in the near future Maria has stepped down Her new project Gamers Galaxy Still apart of the guild and going to continue volunteering Update on number from last year $24,924 / ELTO Team: $258,550 USD **Still need final numbers but waiting until SickKids rep can get us those Guild Direction We want to be a hub for local/ SickKids fundraisers We want to empower others to start their own projects/teams/incentives Reaching out to local businesses and groups to get them to help Amylyn reached out the some people at Telus in Barrie. Make packages/ templates to make it easy for people to reach out and connect with people. Ways for people to get involved. Volunteer Opportunities Breakout March 16 - 18 Please send Justin a message (Social Media/ Discord or Email) We need to decide if we are doing other cons like Anime North Fan Expo Atomic Lollipop International Tabletop Day April 28th 401 Games expressed interest in doing another one [vaughan location] Group Questions/ Discussion Social event - Non meeting related (how frequent) Discord thread for local events Concern about them being during the week if they are longer things Want to do every other meeting to be partnered with something a bit more social Community forms /Discord We are going to get some stuff updated on there Feel free to post anything that you find of interest Swag There is interest in another Sweater/ T-shirt order (onesies) Volunteer sign off We will double check to make sure we can sign off on hours. High school we can sign off for community service hours Canadian funds are being accepted this year through Extra Life Should be in the spring. For sure will happen before Game Day 2018 Old Connections Some concern about maintaining connections we have made in the past. We are going to approach them with some ideas of what they can do on their own and we can assist versus running things for them. Next Month's Meeting: Will be discussed at meeting Location: Raiders Esport Center RSVP: ?
  8. FoxRacingGurl

    Anime North

    Hey lovely people! We are running a booth at Anime North: Friday - Sunday. Going to be at the con? Come stop by and say hi we will be in the Sheraton Hotel all three days. Volunteering? Thank you for reaching out and helping us, You Rock!!! Any any questions on how you can get involved or where we will be located just reach out to us!
  9. until
    Extra Life Toronto has partnered with Pink City!Have you ever seen some really cool stuff online or at a convention, but never got the chance to try it on or see it up close? Introducing the first ever Loot Raiders pop-up event - a collaboration between Pink City and some of the finest local brands/artists! On May 13th, Raiders Esports Centre will become a marketplace for the ultimate shop and play experience! Come meet the lovely people behind all of these awesome companies, and enjoy the various games, food, and drinks available as well! Toronto Esports Club will be in the house organizing all of the gaming, and the music will be curated by BOY RICH and BEN CHIN so you know it’s gonna be dope vibes all day! We’ve got new clothes, we’ve got vintage clothes, we’ve got cosplays, we’ve got prints, we’ve got virtual reality, we’ve got charity, we’ve got it all! Pink City will also be offering convention pricing (discounted + no tax) for all of our products, and this will also be the first chance to grab some new designs debuting at the event! THE MARKET SO FAR: CLOTHING: Pink City Fifty/Fifty GHOST GIRL GOODS MOON.rar Soft Salvage ARTISTS: Zombie Bit Me Violet Love Cosplay Art by Lee Howard DOPE CHIEF Rancid Yogurt Art and Accessories Art of Dudeunderscore MORE FUN STUFF: Atomic District Extra Life Toronto Siege Airsoft Toronto Esports Club Admission is FREE! Stay tuned for details about the after party… 12PM - 6PM Raiders E-Sports Centre 49 St. Clair Avenue West
  10. until
    Few of us are headed up north to Elmvale, Ontario to Jack's On Queen. Come play a few games with us! FB event:
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