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  1. Here's the notes from the meeting this past Saturday! Attendance: - Sarah - Drew - Ashley - Aaron - Brandon - Damon - Gary - Mike - Dustin - going to talk to Cindy about getting resources from Hank / Children's National to help support table efforts in the DC area - CN is getting good results and it would be great if we could get more help running tables in the DC Metro area. - event channels for next year have been added to Discord - holiday party on 12/14 - laser tag social on 1/18 - paypal pool set up - 2 games - $15 - MAGFest - 1/2 - 1/6 - getting us a marketplace table - MAGFest is selling some dice and hot pants and donating some proceeds (maybe?) - we have free reign over table - silent auction, paid raffle, and donations all okayed - Katsucon - 2/14-16 - Farpoint - 2/21-23 - Johncon - 4/10-12 JHU event - same day as Saturday meeting - very small event, small staff coverage (maybe just set out some fliers) - Awesomecon - 5/1-3 - applications are now open - will probably not hear back until closer - Blerdcon - 7/17-19 - not contacted yet - Otakon - 7/31-8/2 - Cecil Con, Gamescape, and Prattcon don't have dates yet - BGSO will be doing an event next November and will donate all proceeds to Extra Life - expected $3-5k donation - need to run new signage through the marketing committee in time for MAGFest - going to try and arrange more events between the guild and the BGSO and WMGSO organizations - would like to get an insert or have someone speak before the performance to let pople know who we are before they come to the table - more specific signage at the table to start the conversation and we just have to close the signup - very limited time to interact with people - invite them to tour the hospital and have events specifically tailored to networking with these organizations instead of just inviting them to a guild meeting - Goals for 2020: 2020 Leadership Projects ‣ Timecounts Training Video ‣ Discord Training Video ‣ Pitch Video/Training ‣ Overcoming Objections Video/Training ‣ Extra Life Overview & Talking Points Video/Training ‣ Facilitate Committees until they're running on their own ‣ Write Organizational Plan and local Guidelines/Bylaws 2020 Social Committee Goals ‣ Plan and host at least 4 social events ‣ Help with planning of fun meetings - i.e. Holiday Meeting, Year End Celebration, and "Summer Break" ‣ Engage with our local Extra Lifers via monthly hospital/CMN communications and the Extra Life Baltimore Facebook page ‣ Help with planning of pre-Game Day meeting open to the whole community 2020 Marketing Committee Goals ‣ Establish a social media posting schedule with shared responsibility content ‣ Design and order new booth kit ‣ Design signage for raffles and silent auctions ‣ Design and order updated business cards ‣ Design and order updated paper marketing materials ‣ Improve quality of links page ‣ Maintain up to date calendar of Events on Facebook, promote and measure success where applicable ‣ Design storefront for volunteers to order branded gear 2020 Outreach Committee Goals ‣ Facilitate 3 fundraising events with local businesses and organizations ‣ Wingman ‣ Baltimore Gamer Symphony Orchestra Benefit Concert ‣ TBD ‣ Recruit 3 student organizations to do Extra Life fundraising ‣ Connect with Game Stop locations and thank them for their fundraising efforts ‣ Evaluate and develop low-effort opportunities from events, hand-off high-effort/high-reward opportunities to hospital rep - Holiday Meeting - stupid gift exchange - eat food - do some business stuff, but then hang out and play games / do holiday related stuff - white elephant / yankee swap gift exchange - severna park library - 12/14 - some food will be provided but we will assign a potluck style food for each person to bring - bring possibly but not necessarily holiday themed games - Ashley will buy lots of decorations for the room - Extra Life medals are a good draw to the table - if possible get some extras from Extra Life - if not people who are willing to bring theirs to the table would help - April 24th - BGSO concert - May 30th Baltimore War Memorial - BGSO concert - May 16th - WMGSO concert - please remember to RSVP to events on timecounts. It helps us keep track of who worked how many hours and get people the recognition they deserve - on your timecounts hub: - you can check your volunteer hours - bar at the top when you're logged in -> opportunities - left menu -> assignments - committee applications are open all the time - If you are interested in an officer position, applications are open from now until 11:59pm the day before the kickoff - please apply before Feb 1st - marketing committee social post are available to sign up for in week long shifts
  2. Hey guys, sorry this is so late going up but I wanted to post the notes I took during the 10/12/2019 meeting: attendance: Sarah Drew Cindy Mike Gary James Aaron Antonie Melissa Cindy Matt Christian Miracle Family: LJ (3 yrs old), Alena, and Wes Fuhrman - shared their story of LJ - was on his own chemo regiment until May 2019 - was able to finally get vaccinated last week! - Extra Life funds let LJ play and feel like a normal kid while getting his 2-3 hour chemo therapy 5 days a week. - everyone's schedule revolves around Bingo on Wednesdays (families don't want to get discharged until after Bingo on Wednesday!) - 2 new people came out - Guy and Sarah - Sarah went through her presentation (get slides) - handouts were given out with various statistics and information that Extra Lifers can use when fundraising and talking about Extra Life on game day (get infographics) - Child Life specialists are able to explain what is going to happen to the kids and the parents in a way that everyone can understand. - Antonie, Mike, James, Sarah, Gary, and Drew shared their experiences raising money and doing game days for Extra Life - urgent fundraising - people are more likely to donate when there's a sense of urgency. If you post the same content very frequently it can get ignored by people and social media algorithms. - put your money where your mouth is. People are much more likely to donate if your campaign isn't sitting at $0 - go outside of just game day - talk to businesses or earn money in other ways (James sold lunches for donations) - use the Extra Life marketing kit videos in your game day - let your viewers connect to the kids and the hospital - update your goal if you hit your initial goal - utilize multiple channels - make FB, etc posts and videos while your break videos are playing - be aware of restream restrictions if you are a Twitch Affiliate or partner. If you are, your Twitch content must remain exclusive for 24 hours before being uploaded to other sites. If you make posts or videos for other sites, make sure it's unique content. - send emails! Social media is great but email is personal and guaranteed to reach people who have donated in the past. - asking for donations on your birthday instead of gifts gets a good response. - talk to your family at Thanksgiving! It's the perfect opportunity to catch people who missed your game day. You can even do donations through the mobile app - Drew donates 10% of all of his channel's Patreon revenue to Extra Life. - Gimmicks and rewards for raising certain dollar amounts help drive donations. Mike gets pied in the face for every $25 donation. Drew donates $1 per death over the 24 hours. This kind of thing needs to be planned ahead but challenging viewers to match you can get great results - Smash Bingo is in the works - Drew and Ashley would be heading as Otakon reps - would need some additional volunteers - would be supplemental to Game Room - Bingo World trip October 24th 7:00 - At least $20 to play - just shy of $26k raised (50% higher than last year) - 443 gamers recruited (below last year 631) - in the middle of the Gamestop campaign until Nov 4th - if you're near or at a Gamestop introduce yourself and say thank you for all the money they've raised. - guild leads will get official thank you letters to hand out - 2019 Guild shirts will be covered by the budget. Optional Bingo shirts may happen depnding on interest. - Skyline is hosting a huge event on Game Day - $60 tickets at town hall in westminster
  3. Guild Meeting June 6, 2018 1) Numbers: Money Raised - $11,320 Registered - 68 An obvious big jump in money from last month. This is because we got our donation from Dell late so it had to be applied to this year, not last. Besides the Dell money it's still about a $300 increase. Great job guys! Registration jumped around 20 people! This does not include the number of people that signed up at the Dell recruitment event. They still need to figured out how to transfer that to So there are definitely still more coming 2) Game Day Got a good amount of people today. Casey and Marcus came by! Met a great family that actually has two kids in the hospital. Both of our TV's are "broken" aka jacked up a little bit. Jarrad is going to work on getting them fixed, or possibly getting new TV's donated via Microsoft, Dell, or Best Buy. Due to the 4th of July, the next Game day will be July 18th 2 p.m. - 4 p.m. 3) Volunteer Opportunity We're holding this on SUNDAY, June 24th at the hospital from 3 p.m. - 5 p.m. This will be kind of an introductory to the hospital and showing volunteer opportunities for the hospital. We'll also be teaching people "what's next" after they have signed up for Extra Life. This is something we want to heavily promote at Checkpoint as well. 4) Telethon The Telethon was this past Sunday. Big thanks to Brandon for staying the whole time. Setting everything up and even bringing one of his own TV's to use. He even got some air time and promoted Checkpoint! Lydia and Zot presented the check to the hospital and we had a couple of patients come and play some games throughout the day. 5) Checkpoint Tennessee THIS Saturday, June 9th 10 a.m. - 10 p.m. at Tech Hill Commons a. Friday Setup Lydia, Zot, Casey and Matt will be getting equipment from Dell at 1 p.m. and immediately setting up at Tech Hill. Rick will be coming around 2:30 to setup the boardgame room. Everyone please come and funnel in as you get off work on Friday. We'd like to have as many people help setup as possible and be as efficient as possible so we don't have to stay until well into the night (again.) b. Saturday Setup Setup on Saturday will start at 8 a.m. Please be there at 8 if you can for last minute things and just overall to make sure we're ready by the time people show up at 10 c. Registration Casey is handling registration. Since this is free we won't have to deal with Eventbrite again so the registration process should be pretty smooth. If anyone is able to help her with registration that'd be much appreciated. She'll have a checklist for anyone that mans the table while she's gone. We'll also be using the yellow wristbands again after people checkin d. Schedule/Stream We're on the national Extra Life page from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. If you're streaming during that time no profanity, no vulgarity, no games rated about Teen....yes that includes PUBG. We still have a lot of openings for people to stream so if you're interested, even a little bit, please sign up to stream, the schedule is on the discord channel. We'll be doing announcements and family stories every two hours. Because this isn't necessarily a fundraiser push we're not going to be focusing as much on money. We'll be talking about getting more involved in Extra Life and recruitment. e. Equipment If you have "spare" consoles or games that can be setup to play please bring them. We'll have 20 TV's so let's try to have a console on each of them so kids and just pick them up and play. f. Giveaways Giveaways will be done by social media interactions. They'll be done at registration. 1 like = 1 ticket, 1 share = 1 ticket, etc. etc. Giveaways are a little slim this year, but that's okay because we want to overload in November. g. Food Lunch from Panera at 1. Dinner from O'Charley's at 6:15. Big shoutouts to Brandon for coordinating all the food stuff. If you have any questions concerning Checkpoint this weekend please feel free to post it in the discord channel or email Lydia at! 6) Next Meeting - June 11th Time and Location TBA Don't forget to join the discord channel! Like us on facebook:
  4. Guild Meeting May 2, 2018 1) Numbers: Money Raised - $1,065 Registered - 43 -If you haven't registered for 2018 go do it now! You don't have to be a member of the guild team, but make sure you're registered! 2) Extra Life Social Media/Community Page We have a Facebook "Like" page and now we have a Facebook "Group" page. Extra Life - National has created groups for all guilds. Make sure you join it! We're going to try to utilize the community page more for things like updates and meeting notes. We have a guild email!! If you need to communicate with Lydia, Marcus, or Casey it's best to contact this email so we can all see it! 3) Game Day with Kids Game Day with Kids is the first Wednesday of every month from 12 p.m. - 2 p.m. at the hospital. Most of the time it's on the stage next to Seacrest Studios, but at times it's in the game room near the patient rooms. 6 kids today!! We need more participation from the guild. Having more kids than volunteers is a GOOD problem to have. We understand this is in the middle of the day, but check with your employer as some companies provide time off for volunteer hours, match donations, etc.. Next game day will be June 6th. The date in July will most likely change because of the 4th of July. We may look into changing the time frame for this to make better availability for volunteers. 4) Open Secretary position We currently have a leadership position open for Secretary. If you're interested please let Lydia, Marcus, or Casey know! 5) Microsoft Events The Microsoft store in Green Hills has regular tournaments and events every weekend. They've expressed they would allow us to come to a couple of tournaments and talk about Extra Life, promote Checkpoint. We have a spreadsheet of opportunities. You don't have to stay for the whole event. 6) Checkpoint Tennessee June 9th 10 a.m. - 10 p.m. at Tech Hill Setup Friday evening time is TBA, and Saturday morning at 8 a.m. We have to be out by midnight. Everything will be very similar to Game Day in November. We're working on an event schedule. Gabe, Jonathan, and Matt will be working on the broadcast/logistics. If you want to be featured on the live steam, let Jonathan know. We still need sponsors, so if you know of any company, national or local, that might be interested please reach out to them! If they seem interested send them to us! We're putting together a folder on the GoogleDrive with some items you can utilize to help. Sponsorship packs, one pagers, etc. If you have any questions on how to reach out to your connections please let us know!!! 7) Volunteer Opportunity We're working on a communication plan for new Extra Life members. The second people register we want to have a plan of action for them to get involved. We got an idea from the Atlanta guild to do an "open house" twice a year for volunteers. We'd probably have it at the hospital and discuss how to get involved in the guild. We need to bring back sub-committees and if people don't want to be in them they can be general volunteers/recruiters for Extra Life. We want to try to do one soon after Checkpoint so we can advertise it AT Checkpoint. 8.) Next Meeting - June 6th at Tech Hill - Week of Checkpoint Tennessee Don't forget to join the discord channel!
  5. May Meeting IMPORTANT: we regret to inform that George will be stepping down as Guild President. For the time being TJ and Dean will be taking responsibility until a new President is appointed. Ideas: -We are looking into working with other guilds to split costs at cons -We plan to speak with extra life about making the guild pages easier to navigate -TJ is reaching out to the Boston guild about setting up an event at Boston Comic Con -we will be communicating with Baystate and extra life to discuss our resources -we want to look into the topaticon event, look for volunteers to man a table -we need to find an event to attend in december Community Planning: -we’ve made a facebook group on facebook called extra life springfield guild. We want to use that to send updates to everyone -until the guilds presence grows larger we felt it would be good to continue to have meetings through hangouts for the time being. We will plan an in person meeting every few months.
  6. April Extra Life Guild Meeting Agenda Sunday, April 24, 2016 7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Scottish Rite Boardroom 1001 Johnson Ferry Road Atlanta, GA 30342 Attendees: Beth, Kent, Todd, John, Melissa, and James Actions Items Welcome/New Attendee Introductions All About You pages completed Roll (see attendees above) Month in review 79 members month to date Raised $2300 month to date Participants/Fundraising Goals 660 members $86,000 total funds raised 2016 Goals and Initiatives Restate Guild Purpose April - Month in review Treklanta [04/15 - 04/17] - No response. JordanCon [04/22 - 04/26] - Full, no table available. Next year must contact at lease 2 months in advance. Big Shanty Festival [04/16 - 04/17] - No response. Zelda Concert Update [9/10/2016] (Cobb Galleria - Contact 2 months out) Email Gaetano Fazio 4 weeks before the show start for arrangements We have a table Will get projexted numbers of attendance New activities on the way Microsoft Stores Guild meeting at Parimeter for June meeting [06/26] at 7PM Employment engagement - Get them signed up for Extra Life Discuss Twitch with their employees and network with them Bring Pizza and soda Biggest interest Events at store Promote Extra Life outside the store Videos played in store (Tori's or Dominic's Story, along with CHOA's stories) On site advertising [05/21] Corporate Sponsorship Contact Beth for an outline of the different Levels rewarded for corporate sponsors. Reddit Thoughts on this? Most agree that Reddit is not a particular tool that we should focus on for recruitment and/or advertising. Prospect List upcoming events MomoCon [05/26 - 05/29] Table has been secured, awaiting info on power/internet. (We discussed that the possibility of internet may be too expensive and not worth it for us.) Badges are being provided by MomoCon for all Extra Life volunteers Volunteer post is up on forums, slots are almost full (first come, first served) Ideas for new member recruitment on site: Whiteboard to write names of signups Shouting "Huzzah for new hero!" Cowbells Free giveaway to new signups Southern Fried Gaming Expo June 10th, 2016 Free tickets and table (reaching out to Shane) DragonCon No new info to share this month (focus was on MomoCon) September meeting will take place at The Zone [09/25] from 1PM - 4PM We will host a gaming tournament Meetings Dates/Locations (Please note the schedule change!) Review current meeting dates May 22nd - Battle and Brew: 5920 Roswell Rd, Sandy Springs, GA 30328 June 26th - Microsoft Store (Perimeter): 4400 Ashford Dunwoody Rd, Atlanta, GA 30346 July 31st - Dave & Buster’s: 4000 Venture Dr, Duluth, GA 30096 August 28th - Starbucks: 10800 Alpharetta Highway, Roswell, GA 30076 September 25th (1PM - 4PM) - The Zone at Scottish Rite: 1001 Johnson Ferry Road, Atlanta GA 30342 October 30th - Gigabytes Café: 1803 Roswell Rd, Marietta, GA 30062 November TBD - Brunswick Zone XL: 775 Cobb Pl Blvd NW, Kennesaw, GA 30144 Upcoming Twitch events Dethos – Once a month 12 hour stream (date to be posted on forums/Facebook) Zyaldar – Event every Friday
  7. May Extra Life Guild Meeting Agenda Sunday, May 22, 2016 7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Battle and Brew 5920 Roswell Rd A120, Sandy Springs, GA 30328 Welcome/New Attendee introductions All About You pages completed Roll Call / Take attendance – Christopher New members Matthew Earnest 2016 Goals and Initiatives Restate Guild Purpose – Kent Donation goal for 2016 - $86,000 Member goal for 2016 - 660 Updated numbers for Atlanta Guild – Kent Current members - 88 Current donations raised - $3,999 MomoCon 05/26-29/2016 – Christopher Goal is 300 registrations Chris Carter will be onsite throughout the event. If you have any issues, please contact him. Beth will email Chris twice daily with updates 5/23 – Extra Life dashboard available for updates Volunteer Responsibilities Review volunteer tip sheet Event purpose Like all Extra Life events, we are there to raise awareness for Extra Life and for recruitment only, not to solicit donations. The only exception is the BrainScratchComms event that we are being positioned as the official charity for. Arrival time/Booth location Event starts at 2pm EDT on Thursday May 26th. Setup will be in the morning of the 26th, to be coordinated with Chris Booth location is detailed in the event layout attached Supplies We have a limited amount of supplies so please use discretion when giving away swag, etc. We have the CMN balloons at our disposal. These should be filled out by everyone who signs up and we will display them on our backdrop throughout the event. We also have the CMN cowbell, use it at your discretion. Extra Life App/Registration overview Since we have no internet access during the event, we will be utilizing the Extra Life App to sign up new members. The app is designed to work offline, and will automatically upload the data once you connect to the internet. We will also be using the paper sign-up sheets, just in case the app doesn’t work. At the end of the day Chris will collect the sign-up sheets and upload the data manually. Talking points See talking points handout Badges All volunteers should now have either registered for their badge, or have a code to register for their badge. If you are volunteering (and have already announced intention to do so), and you have not heard from Chris, please email him or send him a PM through the forums ASAP. Prospect List upcoming events Southern Fried Gaming Expo - Kent June 10th, 2016 Need volunteers for this event Sat & Sun 10 am - 2 pm & 2 pm - 6 pm 1 or 2 people for each time slot 2 badges per shift, 2 shifts per day. Volunteer post will be going up on the forums/Facebook Guest speaker for a Sunday panel Need Bio and Pic 1 or 2 people for panel Microsoft Store and Corporate Sponsorship updates – Beth Kent setup at Perimeter Microsoft store on Saturday May 21st Kent was onsite for 2 hours Not a lot of foot traffic during the assigned times (will need to address that with the Microsoft contact) No Extra Life Windows App to use Had access to Microsoft store equipment for support Had access to Xbox LAN Kit (portable Xbox kit) Meeting dates/locations - Todd Review next meeting date June 26 @ 7 pm Microsoft store Perimeter Store
  8. March Extra Life Guild Meeting Agenda Sunday, March 20, 2016 7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Starbucks - 10800 Alpharetta Highway, Suite 312, Roswell, GA 30076-1468 Attendees: Beth, Kent, Todd, Christopher, Brian, John, Nathan Actions Items Welcome/New Attendee Introductions All About You pages completed Roll (see attendees above) 2016 Goals and Initiatives Overall Guild Purpose Active recruitment of new members at local gaming events, conventions, game stores, etc. Month in review 51 members month to date Raised $1027 month to date Participants/Fundraising Goals 660 members $86,000 total funds raised Meetings Dates/Locations Review current meeting dates April 24th - Scottish Rite: 1001Johnson Ferry Rd. NE, Atlanta, GA 30342 Possible hospital tour to be held before meeting, pending interest from members May 22nd - Gigabytes Café: 1803 Roswell Rd, Marietta, GA 30062 June 26th - Battle and Brew: 5920 Roswell Rd, Sandy Springs, GA 30328 July 31st - Dave & Buster’s: 4000 Venture Dr, Duluth, GA 30096 August 28th - Starbucks: 10800 Alpharetta Highway, Roswell, GA 30076 September 25th - TBD October 30th - TBD November TBD - Brunswick Zone XL: 775 Cobb Pl Blvd NW, Kennesaw, GA 30144 AndoCon Review Demo Approx 300 attendees (pending final numbers from AndoCon) Avg age: 22-45 Low children presence Extra Life Supplies Sufficient supplies for the weekend Registration feedback App was used to help register new members Worked well Confirmed that app does register upon submitting info Attendee traffic levels (is it worth it to attend in the future) Good amount of foot traffic on Friday & Saturday. Sunday was lower in the morning. Location of booth was conducive for recruiting activities Will plan to attend again in 2017 Corporate Sponsorship review Current & Prospects Georgia Tech (partnered with CHOA) Beth to look into possible partnership using CHOA connections Microsoft Beth to speak with the Community Manager at the local stores Lenox Perimeter North Point Members can check with employers for matching programs Employee match for 501c3 charitable donations, Extra Life is a 501c3 organization Employee based gaming tournaments and sponsorships Members can check with their employers on possible opportunities Upcoming Guild events April Events (10 festivals and Cons) Treklanta – April 15th – 17th Big Shanty Festival – April 16th – 17th JordonCon – April 22nd – 24th May Events Shaky Knees Music Fest – May 13th Shaky Beats Music Fest – May 20th MomoCon – May 26th – 29th Hospital Gaming Tournament – Tentatively set for June (date TBD) Upcoming Twitch events Dethos – Once a month 12 hour stream (date to be posted on forums/Facebook) Zyaldar – Event every Friday
  9. February Extra Life Guild Meeting Agenda Sunday, February 28, 2016 7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Scottish Rite Boardroom Attendees: Beth, Kent, Todd, Christopher, Alyssa, Brian, Chris, John, Max Actions Items: Beth to follow up with National on the use of the Extra Life app vs just the online sign up page Beth to check on badges for AndoCon Christopher to confirm location for March meeting (Starbucks) Welcome/New Attendee Introductions/2016 Guild Leadership Introductions All About You pages completed Roll (see attendees above) 2016 Goals and Initiatives Overall Guild Purpose Active recruitment of new members at local gaming events, conventions, game stores, etc. month in review 43 members month to date Raised $702 month to date Participants/Fundraising Goals 660 members $86,000 total funds raised Meetings Dates/Locations Review current meeting dates Next meeting held at the Starbucks in Roswell on March 20th (moved 1 week earlier due to Easter) Subsequent meetings will be held in diverse locations to better accommodate members who live outside the perimeter area. Meetings normally held last Sunday of the month Guild members---utilize social media/gaming avenues to promote meetings Need to make sure that previous members re-sign manually since it doesn’t automatically carry over Use the momentum of the Extra Life United event that occurred last weekend in Orlando in your social media recruitment efforts Hospital Gaming Tournament—pushed to June? Need to decide date by May to get on the calendar with the Hospital Prospect List Review/Upcoming Events 1st Challenge — Bring a new EL participant to the meeting - winners w/Swag handout No winner this month Event Box - What goes with us to planned events Holds all the materials needed for recruiting at events Swag available with sign ups New table cloth for event tables 2016 Extra Life Promotional Item Needs Fliers update Lanyards and badge holders/business card holder Extra Life tablecloth is here Upcoming Guild events AndoCon Gaming Convention Volunteer signup sheet is on the forum Upcoming Twitch events Dethos – March 26th 12 hours Zyaldar – Event every Friday Special Guest Max Rubenstein - Game Givers presentation Not for Profit organization started by Max Partnered with local hospitals to provide new & used games to sick kids Funding raised through gaming tournaments Smash Bros Game drives Looking for synergies between Game Givers and Extra Life More info/contact Extra Life Social media campaigns can include mentions to game givers
  10. Monkey Nest Coffee (Funny thing, they support Extra Life and host game days in support to Extra Life) Austin Comic Con 10/30 - 31stThe convention will allow setup on Thursday. This would be preferred if possible. Otherwise, we will need to setup the day of. Need volunteers on Friday and Saturday. There's a priority for more volunteers on Friday. Please sign up to volunteer at will need to order more buttons for this event. Dan will message to Kip to get them ordered. Halo 5 Release partyTin will be providing updates on the Halo 5 release at the Microsoft Store. The Microsoft Store is in the Domain. Leadership ElectionsAs a FYI, Leadership elections happen at the end of the year. More information will come for those who are interested. SxSW GamingNational has decided to not have a presence at SxSW Gaming. We should determine as a local guild to be involved or not. We are going to start a thread on the forums on how an effort at SxSW would look like. Dreamhack ATXStill waiting on national to see if they would have a presence or not. We are pending on their decision on how we would be involved. Local ConventionsLee is reaching out to Wacon ( in Waco and a convention in College Station to find more Extra Life recruiting opportunities. Please feel free to share with us any conventions that you would like for us to be in. The preference is it for it to be around central Texas. Austin Guild Logo and T-ShirtsOur logo is being finalize and will be getting approval from National. The logo will eventually be used for T-Shirts and local branding. Gaming DayLocal events that are happening:RT SideQuestAustin Local Multiplayer/Microsoft Store/WP Engine Social Media RepresentationIf you are interested in mentioning Extra Life or the Austin Guild. You would want to use #ExtraLifeAustin or @ExtraLife Extra Life UnitedFeb. 23 - 26 @ DisneyWorldYou can sign up to attend or volunteer this national Extra Life event. You can go here for more information. Event suggestions and ideasIf you have any recommendations to other events that we can attend as a guild, please let us know on the forums. The events do not have to be limited to gaming specific. Looking for a GameStop contactWe are looking for a direct contact with GameStop. If you have a contact, please let any Guild officer know.
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