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Found 13 results

  1. Every year a few folks ask me why I'm always all over Extra Life. I mean, besides playing games for 24+ hours in a row. This little essay I penned a few years ago is why. It was a few days after my youngest daughter's 5th surgery at Boston Children's hospital. This April, she'll be going in for (at the same time) her 6th, 7th and 8th surgeries. The Healing Power of Games This is a an essay on gaming. Really it is! But to get to the relevant part, we need to start with some background information. So bear with me and I promise I’ll deliver you safe and sound into a chair, at a table, with a nice, fun game spread out before you.My youngest daughter was born with a unilateral (right) cleft lip. Because of circumstances beyond nearly everyone’s control, she wouldn't be able to get the first of her (so far) four surgeries to correct this cleft until she was nearly two and three quarter years old. As this set back the timetable for all of her surgeries, it wasn't until two weeks ago that she had her fourth of five, possibly six surgeries.As far as her surgeries go, this one wasn’t a biggie. I mean, they were only putting her under for two hours to completely alter the shape of her upper lip and nose. At least, that’s how our surgeon handled it. This is wonderful because he’s the best in the world and to him this was a walk in the park.For us it was a biggie and for her eight-year-old self, it was a stupendously huge deal. The bottom line? She wasn't happy with this, but understood the need and the surgery happened and was quite successful.This left her slightly bewildered parents (trust me, that surgery thing never becomes ‘no biggie’ for anyone but the surgeons) and a very tired little girl at home on a Wednesday evening. All of four hours had passed since she’d woken up and had her first tentative sips of apple juice.“Dad?” she asked.“Yeah hon,” I anxiously replied, expecting a request for some pain medicine, or another ice pack.“Can we play a game?”I told you I’d bring this back around, right? While she was confined to the couch (Doctor's orders) we wrangled up a breakfast tray and my copy of Love Letter (I prefer the factory edition myself) and something pretty amazing happened.I lost, but that’s normal for our gaming relationship, my 8 year old is a shark. The amazing thing was that for the fifteen minutes we played this simple little sixteen card game, pushing a few red cubes around a precariously perched breakfast tray, she forgot she was just hours out of surgery.There was laughter as she got the first three points before I scored even one, and she concentrated on the game and the enjoyment it offered to the point where her mind was off of her face and what had been done to it.Over the next several days, I would see this again and again. Despite being tired to the point of actually forgetting how to spell my three letter first name, we would keep on playing games.The next day it was more simple games. We tackled Zombie Dice (she won 4 of our 6 rounds) more Love Letter (I won 2 of the 3 rounds) and my squirrel game prototype (she kicked my furry little tail all over the board).While sleeping was an issue for her, and she would spend some time zoned out into a movie, her best avenue of escape was gaming. I think she started to realize this as well. Towards the end of any pain medicine cycle, she’d make a point of asking to play a game.There’s something very amazing about the mind’s ability to focus on a task that’s enjoyable and literally exclude the stuff that’s not. How often have you played a game and managed to push off that unpleasant task looming at work? A night’s gaming for me is an escape just as total as a wonderful movie or an enthralling book.On her second full day of recovery, she put her hands on her hips and insisted on something a little stronger than a ten-minute game. She was also at the point in her recover where swelling was going down and noticing the pain was taking a front seat.No one likes to watch their kid suffer through a painful experience, and that kid wasn't to keen on it either. So we distracted each other with Castle Panic and Forbidden Desert.We upped the difficulty on Forbidden Desert for the first time and managed to construct our air ship and get out of that parched landscape just before we ran out of water! Next, we defended our castle as it was besieged by wave after wave of nasty monsters and giant boulders. We managed to pull off another victory, even the at the end we had to sacrifice the Wizard’s tower to do so. That was several hours mixed in with some smaller games as well that passed so quickly for her.It was great to see, greater to be a part of it. It also did amazing things for my peace of mind as well, distracting me just as thoroughly as it distracted her.After that, her body was exhausted and her mind tired from a good mental workout. She did something she hasn't done in years – she took a nap. A lengthy one at that.Consider what happened here – pain medicine would take the edge off but wouldn't make her forget the experience. TV was distracting but that distraction faded fast.Games though, well there was something else entirely going on here. We’d strategize together. She’d laugh over her wins and has begun to take her defeats with grace and good sportsmanship. We’d discuss what happened afterwards and allow the game to make a story that she’d bring up throughout the day. Using her mind to focus on something so completely, she forgot – sometimes literally, entirely forgot what she was going through.Every day since that day has been better for her and today is the day that things start returning to normal. I’m back at work, she’s back at school and life’s going on. No more pain medicine is needed in her case, and when she smiles, she can do so without it turning into a grimace.She did make me promise though that tonight we’d play another game. Who am I to say no?
  2. DMo2TheMax

    Wachusett KidsFest

    So, this is a different type of event for us, which is exciting! New faces and a different crowd and it is all about the kids!! This is the 27th Kidsfest event at Wachusett Mountain and it brings in a A LOT of people, over the weekend. This is a two day event, Saturday and Sunday, both days 10am-5pm. They gave us two vendor passes and two admissions tickets.
  3. until
    Well everyone, it's that time of the month again! Time for our monthly meeting to discuss upcoming events and ideas. This month, we'll also be covering our results from our Game-A-thon, and discuss future ideas and plans for 2017!! Since this was our first official year as a guild, we have no where to go but up! Next year will be even better! December will be a slow month as far as events go, more than likely, with the holidays coming, and having just completed our Game-A-Thon, but nonetheless, we will have our usual meeting to enjoy each other's company
  4. Kardde

    Game Day with the kids

    Our monthly Game Day with the Kids is on December 7th this month. As usual, it will be hosted on site at the hospital, on the Children's Stage. The event will be from 2-4 PM, and followed up later that night with our monthly meeting at 7 PM. Come and hang with us and play some games with the kids! The more the merrier!
  5. Kardde

    Game Day with the Kids!

    We will be having our monthly Game Day with the kids on October 5th. As usual, it will be at the Children's Hospital, on the performance stage. Parking is free, in the South Garage, which is attached to the Children's Hospital. It will be from 2-4 PM. Come and game with us, and help put some fun back in the day for these children!
  6. Kardde

    Game Day with the Kids

    We will be having our monthly Game Day with the kids on October 5th. As usual, it will be at the Children's Hospital, on the performance stage. Parking is free, in the South Garage, which is attached to the Children's Hospital. It will be from 2-4 PM. Come and game with us, and help put some fun back in the day of these children!
  7. Kardde

    Game Day with the Kids!

    Nashville Gamers, we have exciting news! September 7th (and once a month after that) we will be having an on-site game day with the kids at the Children's Hospital. Our first date is September 7th! SIGN UP FOR GAME DAY HERE!!!!! Use the link above if you're able to come help! We have a group that will be coming to visit that day, who is potentially looking to sponsor our Guild and Extra-Life. They will have people on site, reviewing the event, and potentially sponsoring our guild! They could potentially help in two ways: First: There is a possibility they could give us a fairly sizeable financial contribution to our Extra-Life Fundraising. Second: If they like what they see, they may begin assisting with hosting our events! They have a great employee base that could potentially just us alongside with Extra-Life! We could definitely use the additional member base and participation! Let's make this September game day great, and do something great for the kids!
  8. Kardde


  9. LifeSalubrity

    Kids Are #1 Run

    The Akron Extra Life Guild is hosting a recruitment booth for the Kids Are #1 Run, located at the Akron Children's Hospital, One Perkins Square, Akron 44308. This event is outdoors, so plan accordingly. Parking is available on site. Volunteers will man the booth, register interested gamers, pass out flyers & answer questions about Extra Life. For details about Kids Run:
  10. So I just met with Desiree at Mythical Mountain about Superhero Day. We have an entire room within the shop to turn into an Extra Life lounge! Free range to decorate and come dressed as any kid friendly superhero (sorry guys no DeadPool cosplay this time around). It is an all day event, (April 28th) so we can hang out at early as we would like. The target window for the kids activities would be 3pm to 7pm. Volunteers would need to be at the shop by 2pm to set up. It is imperative for us to be able to commit to being on time for this, to help maintain a great partnership with this local business. We have agreed on these activities/have the space for: Marketing table Face Painting/temporary tattoos Set up Coloring pages station This will help keep the kids engaged while waiting for each station to come available for their turn. We will need confirmed volunteers for the entirety of the event, and one each broken up into the following time slots (2-5, 2-8, 5-8): 2pm-5pm (Bryan is good for this time slot, needing one more please) 2pm-8pm (Casper!) 3pm-? (Monty Keegan) 4pm-?(Nicole Zaunbrecher) 5pm-8pm (Matt Blocker) Anyone else available for any time in between is amazing and we would love to have you! From there we can assign superheroes to each station! Wednesday night prior, we will be setting up the decorations to make it less stressful day of. We can just show up to our stations and have fun
  11. Hello Extra Life Community, We are addressing the community at this time by writing this Unofficial Announcement, the Official announcement will be launched in the coming months as of now we are working to build our community to make this event as successful as possible. My name is Filipe i am a passionate gamer have been for most of my life and today i am here to announce that with the help of my team we have created an Event called 'Project 1470' a Twenty-four hours Or 1470 Minute Gaming Charity event that will be streamed on Twitch in the Summer of 2016. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ??_For More Information comment down below your questions_?? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow the Offical Project 1470 Social Media Pages for updates and news: Twitter: Twitch: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We want to know how many people are anticipated to attend this summer therefore we created a straw poll which you guys can answer to provide us with a rough estimate of people who will be supporting us and ones who are not willing too. if you want to game with us throughout the event join our Extra Life team using the link below: Answer our Straw poll: Extra Life Join us: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All of our Graphics seen on our Social media and Twitch accounts were provided by the legend Daniel Graveling his website is down below, he provides amazing art work for a low price! Daniel Graveling (Graphics): --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for your support - Project 1470
  12. until
    Join us on Saturday October 24, 2015 for the third annual Southern Maine Family Game Festival supporting The Barbara Bush Children's Hospital! We'll have board games, card games, video games, children's events, and vendors all day long! The event is in the new cafeteria.
  13. Just curious how many people have played DC Deck Building games before. I have been interested in the system for a while and finally purchased the Teen Titans version that was recently released. My question to experienced players is: how old do you recommend people be to play the game? I play almost everything with my oldest son, who is soon to be 6, but the suggested age on this is above that, which is expected considering that is usually the case. I am going to go through all the cards to make a determination on content appropriateness, but from a mechanic perspective, if I help him out can he manage? He is pretty solid at Krosmaster and younger games like Robot Turtles as a point of reference. He has held his own in gateway games like Forbidden Island as well, but that seems less complex than this regardless of age suggestions. Thanks!
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