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Found 11 results

  1. Rather than continue to hijack the thread where I was calling for features and coders, I'm starting this new thread for new releases. Of course, you can always subscribe to the releases on github. Github page: What does this software do? Well, on either Windows or Linux (wherever you choose to game) you can run this program with a GUI or on the commandline to generate text files from the Extra Life data. You can then use these text files in OBS or XSplit to update as donations come in as you play. Current release: v2.2.3 - See below for v3.2!!! I'm about to release v2.5, but it doesn't add any extra functionality. It adds in unit tests for people who want to help with development and for me as I refactor the code for better maintenance. If you have issues and need a bug fix, the best and fastest way to contact me is by making an issue on Github. (That's basically a bug report, but you can also use it for a feature request) Second best would be in this thread. I've got a bunch of instructions on the github page on how to use the software. See 3.0 release for the latest instructions on how to use the software.
  2. Who? If you've signed up for Extra Life or have made a donation, then you've interacted with DonorDrive! A leader in cloud based peer-to-peer donations DonorDrive|Global Cloud helps us do what we do #ForTheKids by providing a digital means to collect donations online for Extra Life, Dance Marathon and Children's Miracle Network Hospitals across the US and Canada. What? We want to talk about using JSON information! More specifically, we want to talk about HOW you are using it to improve your fundraising. JSON data is used to capture information about Extra Life participants, that then can be output in applications for live stream alerts or display team member rankings. As our donation platform, DonorDrive is looking to improve upon the use of this data and they want to hear from you, the Extra Life Community! Next steps: Questions from you, our community: Are you a developer? Have you created an application to interact with your Extra Life fundraising efforts? Now is the time to fill this forum with your questions about the DonorDrive platform and how you can better access Extra Life participant data for your projects. The DonorDrive team will field your questions here, explain some of the upcoming enhancements. This is a great time to find out more and be a part of enhancing the streaming experience when fundraising for Extra Life. AMA on Monday, October 30th! It's happening, right here! 10/30/17 @ 8pm EST, the fine folks at Donor Drive will be hopping in the forums and answering as many of your questions as possible for ~ 1 hour. Feel free to post your question ahead of time or set your calendar to come back on October 30th! DonorDrive Who's Who: @Nik [DonorDrive] Stephens: Chief Technology Officer, wears the towering pillar of hats @Tim [DonorDrive] Mixell: Senior Application Architect, Captain of Team DonorDrive 7 years running! @Ben [DonorDrive] Clayton: Product Integration Developer, resident Twitch enthusiast @Matt [DonorDrive] Clark: Senior Account Manager, CMNH's point guy at DonorDrive
  3. I'd announced this last year (, but realized that it should work just fine with Mac and Windows as it does with Linux. A few days ago I got my first feature request on github: (Aw! I've got big-boy project now!) Planed for this year: I'll be closing out that issue by adding in Team support. Fixing the formatting so that money has 2 decimal places instead of just one. I'll be switching to functional programming (vs the current script-like) to prepare for a GUI I don't know if I'll get to a GUI this year, but I'm willing to merge code to do so. Why a GUI? I'd like to model it after @bfinleyui's utility where he has a main window that shows what's in the text files so that you don't need to open them all up to do a sanity check that it's pulling the correct data. He also has a second window he can spawn that's all black (for chroma key) that will update with a "DONATION Person's name - AMOUNT" that can be used in OBS or XSplit to let people know there are donations as they come in.He also allows you to use a JPEG or PNG along with it a la SteamAlerts. If I make a GUI it'll most likely be QTQuick for Linux as I have experience with that. I know both QT and GTK+ can also work on Windows, but if someone wanted to write a native WIndows client, that would work as well. It'd be nice if it worked with Python bindings so that the user doesn't have to compile anything to use the GUI. I know I can do that in Linux. Not sure about Windows. Anything else you'd like to see? Feel free to file issues. Able to code GUIs? Feel free to join the project!
  4. 11/3/2016 Update (Version 0.6.9): Fixed strange behavior where new donations weren't alerting. 10/31/2016 Update (Version 0.6.8): Fixed the names not displaying correctly on the team totals, after they changed the API slightly. 11/4/2015 Update (Version 0.6.5): There is now a (rudimentary) progress bar that you can pop open and capture. You can set colors under the settings window, and key out the background. It updates whenever your totals are updated. If I get time, I may work on a circular progress indicator, but it's getting close to gameday, and I'm not sure I'll have time. 10/30/2015 Update (Version 0.6.1): Fixed bug: When servers were slow, personal totals would display as $0 while waiting for server responses. Fixed bug: last 5 donations were always hiding titles, except for the first, introduced in 0.6.0 10/28/2015 Update (Version 0.6.0): Donation amounts that are hidden, for whatever reason, are handled a little more gracefully. Omitted at times, displayed as (hidden) in others, and wording changed in some spots. If all donations are hidden, then your top donation will always be $0, but there's not much I can do about that. Your total is now pulled from your user page, rather than the sum of your public donations. This piece of data may not be as current (I think they only update that page every 15 minutes) but it will always be accurate to the moment it was last updated by the EL servers. 10/16/2015 Update (Version 0.5.2): When you change user ID, all previous donations in the queue are cleared. Prevents my donations from alerting before all yours when you first change the ID. 10/14/2015 Update (Version 0.5.1): Fixed bugs preventing sounds from loading when first selected Added "clear" buttons for both image and sound to deselect your setting. --------------- Alright, finally ready to release this thing out into the public. It's still in Beta, and there are likely still bugs hiding that I haven't ironed out. My email is in the application to submit bug reports to. Download Link So you download it, and install it. You'll need Adobe Air, which you can get at Here's the quick rundown: It will fill in my ID as a default. To change it, head over to Settings and fill in your ID from your URL (the numeric one, not your screen name). Set any other defaults you want, things like background color of the alert window, currency sign, etc. Then be sure you click Save After you save, it should refresh the display with your information, not mine. If for some reason it doesn't, hit the 'Force refresh' button. Click Tracker to bring up the window where New Donation alerts will be displayed. It should be flashing all donations you have already received. I'll explain this more later. You should be good go to. How it works Once you've set up your ID/settings the program checks your donation list every 30 seconds. Every 15 minutes, it also checks for team information (if you're on a team). It updates the display inside the app window, but also sends information in various formats out to text files in a folder on your Desktop titled "extra-life-output". The titles should be pretty self-explanatory. Every time it detects a donation that it hasn't seen before, it adds that to a locally-stored database. Simultaneously to all that, every 10 seconds, it is checking that database for any donations that have yet to be displayed in the alert window. If it finds one, it displays the image and plays the sound you've selected, along with the name and amount of the donator. If you don't have the tracker window open, that check simply exits out. This means if you have the application open, but not the alert window open, any donations received during that time are queued up for the next time the tracker is opened. It will play the alert once for every donation. So the first time you open the app (or open it after not having opened it for a while) you're going to get to hear your donation alert a few times (hopefully a lot of times, which means you've raised a ton of money for CMN). There are a couple buttons up in the top right corner for utility, one to force a refresh of all data (Both individual and Team), as well as a 'Test Alert' button to trigger an alert to see what it looks like. It'll check to see if there's a new version available and give you a button pointing to the new version. There's also a button to donate to my EL page if you like it *HINTCOUGHCOUGHHINT*. Alert Files So the box for the alerts is approximately (may vary based on your OS) 685px wide by 215 px tall. That's what you're aiming for when creating images to use on your alert. The alert sound must be in MP3 format. You can use something like this to convert it to MP3 format if it isn't already. Text Files The text files this thing spits out can be used in OBS (via the "Text" source") and X-Split (using the "Title" source) pretty easily. Using those tools, you can set the size, font, outlines, scroll speed, etc, of any of that information. It behaves in the same was as most of the "Now Playing" type plugins out there. If you're confused, YouTube and google have plenty of tutorials on both tools and how to place text files in your stream stage. What's next I'm going to leave it out in the wild for a few days and hope some folks have bug reports/suggestions. Otherwise a few things I'm looking to add: Manually set the delay between alerts (for folks who have longer alert sounds) Add more font choices for alert text (what fonts?) Squash whatever bugs people find Refactor the code so it's not too embarrassing to put on GitHub. ???? I think I've covered everything it does, but if I forgot, let me know and I'll update this thread. I'm planning on using this thread as the 'home' for future updates, since it seems to have evolved from what I'd mentioned in other threads. I apologize if I'm cluttering the front page of the forum with this. I'll update the title as well as the in-app notification when I release new versions, and you can come back here to find out what's new. If you have any questions, please let me know here or via the e-mail listed in the app. If you enjoy the tool, please consider donating to my Extra Life Fundraiser. My niece was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart syndrome, basically meaning she had only one half of her heart. Three open heart surgeries during her first year of life at the hospital I'm raising money for, the University of Iowa Children's Hospital, and she's now a super energetic, sassy, awesome 2nd grader. She'll likely need a heart transplant as she nears her adult life, but even 20 years ago, these children didn't survive, so I'm extremely grateful to CMN hospitals, the UI Children's Hospital, and everyone who's ever thought about maybe helping a sick child get better. Edit: Fixed the actual download link. I'm an idiot.
  5. Hello! We've been working on a dashboard for our team to have up on projectors, TVs, share with donors and sponsors, etc. In doing so, we decided to make it available to any team. All you have to do is go to this page and enter your Extra Life team ID: I've attached a screenshot of a random team that I pulled from Extra Life's homepage. The DNS is still propagating, so you may see some weird errors from, but I expect that to be resolved in 24 hours. We are trying to be respectful of refresh rates to avoid slamming EL servers too bad, but let us know if this causes any issues and we can discuss further. Let us know how it goes!
  6. I wrote a Python script which will pull the json data from the Extra-Life website at regular intervals and generate two text files: one with donors names and donation amounts; the other with the total amount raised and fundraising goal. I read the text files into OBS using the "Text" source. In the attached example image you can see the the total donation amount below the webcam image, and the donors + donations to the right of the Extra-Life logo (I have it scrolling vertically). This is meant for people who have some familiarity with Python. Feel free to use it "as is" or as a template for your own script, and no need to give me any credit anywhere. I hope this helps, and good luck with your fundraising efforts! Download Link:
  7. until
    Swing on by and join the AMA with DonorDrive as the answer your questions about all things JSON! Post check the post for an existing question or post a new one!
  8. Get ready with your questions for DonorDrive!
  9. Hi guys, This year was my first Extra Life and it was an incredible experience. Once the stream was over, I decided I would make some edits and release the stream overlay code I had wrote for keeping track of donations and donors. Everything is up now over at my Github page and it is all free to use under the MIT license. All of the information on how to setup the overlay is on the Github link but at the very least, you will need Node.js and NodeCG in order to run it. From there, it is only some very simple edits to the HTML (and two JS files) to get going. Feel free to mess around and change whatever you like, all I ask is that you link back to the original Github project if you use it. And if you really like it, feel free to donate to my Extra Life. See the stream in action here: UPDATE 9/6/17: The update is out. The bundle will work for NodeCG 0.9!
  10. Hello everyone. I am getting the following errors after an amount of time. That time can vary, it usually takes a few good minutes to come up. sorry i accidentally hit the quote button twice & couldn't figure out how to remove it. What i've read on the internet is that it's an addition that Extra life would have to make on their end. Something similar to this, if you're using apache: Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin "*" AllowOverride all Order allow,deny Allow from all My site is & all my code can be seen by looking at the source code. I don't have anything hidden. Decided to post my code. I two .html files that it happens to, both are almost exact mirrors of each other when it comes to grabbing the json data. I am assuming if i can fix it in one then i can fix it in the other, assuming this error is a problem on my end. <html> <head> <title>Extra-Life Alerts</title> <meta charset="utf-8"> <link href="controller_blue.ico" rel="shortcut icon" type="image/x-icon"> <link href="teamAlert.css" rel="stylesheet"> </head> <body> <?php header('Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *'); ?> <script type="text/javascript" src="./javascript/jQuery/jquery-2.1.4.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="./javascript/jQuery-url-parser/2.3.1/purl.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="./javascript/dropzone/dropzone.js"></script> <!--<script type="text/javascript" src="./javascript/feedback/"></script>--> <script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script> <!--<script type="text/javascript" src="./javascript/json-parse/json_parse.js"></script>--> <script> var currentDonation; var priorDonation = "0"; var getText; function init() { $.ajaxPrefilter(function( options ) { options.async = true; options.cache = false; options.crossDomain = true; }); // Parse setup parameters. var id = $.url().param('id'); var audio = $.url().param('audio'); var playAudio = document.createElement('audio'); var marquee = $.url().param('marquee'); var xmlhttp = new XMLHttpRequest(); //var url = ""; var url = ""+id+"&format=json"; function startXMLHTTP() {"GET", url, true); /*xmlhttp.onreadystatechange = function () { getText = xmlhttp.responseText };*/ /*$.ajax({ url: url, type: "GET", async: true, dataType: "json", }).done(function(data){ //console.log("IN AJAX Data is "+data); currentDonation = data; });*/ $.ajax({ url: url, type: "GET", async: true, dataType: "json", jsonp: true, crossDomain: true, success: function (data) { //console.log("IN AJAX Data is "+data); currentDonation = data; } }); //currentDonation = JSON.parse(getText); //console.log("after function currentDonation: " + currentDonation); xmlhttp.onreadystatechange = function () { if ((xmlhttp.readyState == '4' && ( xmlhttp.status == '200' || xmlhttp.status == '204' ) ) && ( ( currentDonation.totalRaisedAmount != "0" || currentDonation.totalRaisedAmount >= priorDonation ) )) { if(currentDonation.totalRaisedAmount == priorDonation) { return true; } else { extraLifeAlert(xmlhttp.responseText); //console.log("Executing the extralifealert function"); } } }; xmlhttp.send(); /* Debugging steps*/ //console.log(xmlhttp.onreadystatechange); //console.log("TEST BEGINNING Amount: Current: " + currentDonation + " | Prior: " + priorDonation); } setInterval(startXMLHTTP,5000); function extraLifeAlert(response) { var teamName = JSON.parse(response); var teamGoal = JSON.parse(response); var raisedAmount = JSON.parse(response); = 'hidden'; // firefox, chrome document.body.scroll = "no"; // ie only if ( { $('#posts').find('.teamName').text(; } if (teamGoal.fundraisingGoal) { $('#posts').find('.fundraisingGoal').text(teamGoal.fundraisingGoal); } if (raisedAmount.totalRaisedAmount) { $('#posts').find('.totalRaisedAmount').text("$" + raisedAmount.totalRaisedAmount); } if(priorDonation == "0"){ setTimeout(function () { $(document.getElementById('posts')).fadeIn(1000); }, 1000); } if (currentDonation.totalRaisedAmount > priorDonation) { setTimeout( function() { $('#posts').find('.totalRaisedAmount').fadeOut(1000); }, 0); setTimeout(function() { $('#posts').find('.totalRaisedAmount').fadeIn(1000); }, 2000); setTimeout(function(){ if (audio) { playAudio.setAttribute('src', './audio/'+ audio); playAudio.loop = false; playAudio.load();; } }, 1000); } priorDonation = currentDonation.totalRaisedAmount; /** Debugging steps */ //console.log("TEST END Amount: Current: " + currentDonation.totalRaisedAmount + " | Prior: " + priorDonation); } } setInterval(init, 5000); </script> <div id="posts" class="entireMessage" style="display:none"> <div id="teamGoal"> <span class="teamName"></span><br> Goal: $<span class="fundraisingGoal"></span><br> Total Raised: <span class="totalRaisedAmount"></span> </div> </div> <script> /*$('.entireMessage').marquee({ duration: 8000, gap: 50, delayBeforeStart: 8000, direction: 'left', duplicated: true });*/ </script> <script> var effect = $.url().param('effect'); var font = $.url().param('font'); var headID = document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0]; var link = document.createElement('link'); link.rel = 'stylesheet'; link.type = 'text/css'; link.href = ''+font+'&effect='+effect; headID.appendChild(link); document.getElementById('teamGoal').className = 'font-effect-'+effect; document.getElementById('teamGoal').style.fontFamily = font; </script> </body> </html>
  11. * DonorDrive has made their public API more developer and end-user friendly. The previous JSON integration will be sunset by July 16th, 2018! Please adjust your applications with the following changes! This information can also be seen here and further documentation on GitHub. DonorDrive Public API The DonorDrive Public API makes it easy to build lightweight integrations using public event, participant, and team data. The Public API is RESTful and read-only. Data is retrieved via GET requests and successful responses are returned in JSON format. The API is completely open to integrations using the interface in a responsible manner. Please limit requests to one every 15 seconds. Please don't abuse the API, or we may be forced to rate-limit requests. For general inquiries and requests for larger volume integrations, please email for assistance. Getting Started Visit the DonorDrive instance you wish to integrate with. Make note of the domain. For example: if you visited you would access the api by appending one of the Entity endpoints catalogued below: Status Codes A 200 Status Code will return for successful API calls. Meaningful codes + messaging will be furnished in the event of an error. Here are some other responses you may encounter. Status Code Description 204 No Content - The pagination offset is out of range. 304 Not Modified - If If-None-Match was furnished, and the response is unmodified, a 304 will be returned instead of a payload. 400 Bad Request - The request could not be interpreted. 404 Not Found - The request could not be found for the ID or URL provided. 412 Precondition Failed - The version furnished is unsupported. 500 Internal Server Error - Technical support has been notified. 503 Service Unavailable - The API is unavailable or undergoing maintenance. Please try again later. Response Headers Some custom Response Headers are included to facilitate the handling of data. Header Description API-Version The version of the API used to fulfill the request. Cache-Control See: for usage ETag See: for usage Last-Modified Can be used to compare when a record was last updated. Useful when comparing if your data is still valid. Link (For Array-based responses, see: First, Prev, Next, and Last values will be present, if applicable. Num-Records (For Array-based responses) The length of the entire result set. Query Parameters All Query Parameters need to be URL encoded. For example &where=displayName = 'bob individual1' would become &where=displayName%20%3D%20'bob%20individual1'. All Endpoints Query Parameter Description callback The value provided will wrap the payload as a JSONP-formatted response. select The list of fields provided will be returned as the payload. If not provided, all fields are assumed. version The version of the API desired. If no version parameter is provided, the API will default to the oldest supported version. Array-based Endpoints Query Parameter Description limit The result set will be restricted by the value defined. Default and max is set to 100. Any value above 100 will return a 400 error. where Value provided will follow the rules of a SQL Where clause. offset The result set returned will start at the index furnished by offset (i.e. when working with a working set larger than the limit of 100, offset may be furnished to paginate through results). orderBy The specified fields will be used to create the sort-order of the response payload. Entities Participants/Personal Campaigns Individual fundraisers participating in an active Participant Event or Personal Campaign. Fields Field Description avatarImageURL The URL associated with the Participant campaignDate (Personal Campaigns only) The date of the Personal Campaign campaignName (Personal Campaigns only) The name of the Personal Campaign createdDateUTC The ISO-8601-formatted date (in UTC) this Participant was created displayName The Participant's name eventID The ID of the Event this Participant is associated with eventName The name of the Event this Participant is associated with fundraisingGoal The Participant's individual goal isTeamCaptain (Team Members only) If (true), this Participant is the captain of the team numDonations The number of donations this Participant has received participantID The unique ID of the Participant sumDonations The total sum of donations this Participant has received teamID (Team Participants only) The ID of the Team this Participant is associated with teamName (Team Participants only) The name of the Team this Participant is associated with Endpoints Path Description /api/participants An Array of Participants /api/participants/{participantID} A Participant Object (To find {participantID}, visit your Participant's Fundraising Page. Look for the &participantID= URL parameter.) /api/events/{eventID}/participants An Array of Participants associated to the Event (To find {eventID}, visit your Event's Fundraising Page. Look for the &eventID= URL parameter.) /api/teams/{teamID}/participants An Array of Participants associated to the Team (To find {teamID}, visit your Team's Fundraising Page. Look for the &teamID= URL parameter.) Teams Teams participating in an active Participant Event Fields Field Description avatarImageURL The URL associated with the Team createdDateUTC The ISO-8601-formatted date (in UTC) this Team was created eventID The ID of the Event this Team is associated with eventName The name of the Event this Team is associated with fundraisingGoal The Team's goal name The Team's name numDonations The number of donations this Team has received sumDonations The total sum of donations this Team has received teamID The unique ID of the Team Endpoints Path Description /api/teams An Array of Teams /api/teams/{teamID} A Team Object (To find {teamID}, visit your Team's Fundraising Page. Look for the &teamID= URL parameter.) /api/events/{eventID}/teams An Array of Teams associated to the Event (To find {eventID}, visit your Event's Fundraising Page. Look for the &eventID= URL parameter.) Donors Donors supporting Participants or Teams Fields Field Description amount The amount donated by this Donor avatarImageURL The URL associated with the Donor createdDateUTC The ISO-8601-formatted date (in UTC) this Donor was created displayName The Donor's name donorID The unique ID of the Donor message A message from the Donor participantID (Team Participant Donors only) The ID of the Participant this Donor is associated with teamID (Team and Team-Participant Donors only) The ID of the Team this Donor is associated with Endpoints Path Description /api/participants/{participantID}/donations An Array of Donors associated to the Participant (To find {participantID}, visit your Participant's Fundraising Page. Look for the &participantID= URL parameter.) /api/teams/{teamID}/donations An Array of Donors associated to the Team (To find {teamID}, visit your Team's Fundraising Page. Look for the &teamID= URL parameter.)
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