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Found 24 results

  1. until Don't have a Valentine this year? Come hang with like-minded people to play tabletop games and video games all day at the brewery!If you do have a special someone in your life, what better way to show your love than to dominate them in a game of King of Tokyo, Catan, Ticket to Ride, or your favorite classic video game?For the Love of Gaming is a FREE event, taking place on Sunday, February 10th from 12PM to 7:00PM at Buried Acorn Brewery at 881 Van Rensselaer St. We'll have board game free play with hundreds of games to choose from, plus classic video games to enjoy and Smash Ultimate on Nintendo Switch. Not to mention, delicious craft brews from our host, Buried Acorn Brewing!Heart-shaped cookies and other refreshments will be available for a donation to Extra Life.We'll have a huge charity raffle at the event as well ($1 tickets, winners drawn at 6PM).Plus, a Love Letter card game tournament!100% of the proceeds from any donations go to Extra Life, which benefits the Upstate Golisano Children's Hospital here in Syracuse!This event is brought to you by RetroGameCon, the Syracuse Society of Geeks, The Syracuse Extra Life Guild, and Buried Acorn Brewery.This is a family-friendly event, but you must be 21 to drink! Under 18 allowed only with a parent or guardian.
  2. RetroGameCon and Buried Acorn have put together a Holiday Event! December 15th! 2pm-8pm! Let's go spread some more Extra Life cheer! "We can think of no better way to get into the holiday spirit than gathering with like-minded gamers and fundraising for sick kids in Syracuse, all while partaking in some of Buried Acorn's finest brews!"
  3. until
    Remember to RSVP on Meetup, helps us out a lot to plan out what we are providing throughout the event!
  4. Hi everyone! It has been a little while since we have been active on here but now it is time to announce our next Guild Meeting in Fresno. We have a full agenda of things that have happened and things that will happen. New members, new groups that will help us create great things and lots of ideas.. It all comes down to, how can we help the Kids in the Central Valley! The meeting will take place at Club One Casino in Downtown Fresno on May 31st at 6.30 pm. Here is the Address, please comment below if you are able to make it. 1033 Van Ness Ave Fresno, CA 93721 We are looking forward to seeing everyone! ~Patrick
  5. With Extra Life Game Day right around the corner…what better way to support our kids than through a cape! Children's Healthcare of Atlanta's annual tradition of Cape Day is back on Friday, October 20. While some superheroes battle scary villains, at Children’s, our superheroes fight something much scarier—illnesses and injuries that many of us could never imagine. But when they wear a cape, nothing is impossible. Please join us as we celebrate all of our superhero patients by wearing a cape during streams and gaming events on October 20 using #CapeDayATL. Capes supporting Extra Life: $15 Order: Email by October 10 with quantity and preferred shipping address With your capes, let your followers know that you’re gaming..#ForTheKids at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Invite employees or coworkers to wear a cape and jeans on Cape Day with a $5 donation to your Extra Life page. Beth Agee Program Coordinator, Children's Miracle Network Hospitals Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Foundation P: 404.785.7366 | E:
  6. ¿Qué es #100DaysOfGaming? Es un reto a beneficio de Extra Life y de Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. El reto consiste en jugar por 100 días consecutivos, culminando con el Maratón Extra Life, maratón de juegos de 24 horas que se celebrará el sábado 4 de noviembre de 2017. ¿Te animas a aceptar el reto? Este año, #100DaysOfGaming comienza el 26 de julio. ¡Prepara tus consolas, juegos móviles, PC, y huegos de mesa, que vamos a jugar para sanar niños! ¿CÓMO PUEDO PARTICIPAR? ¡JUEGA! Un juego al día, por 100 días. Juegos de mesa, vídeo juegos, deportes, cartas, lo que sea; si tiene reglas y puedes jugarlo, vale. Trata de jugar una hora cada día. ¡COMPARTE! Deja saber en tus redes sociales que estás participando de este reto para ayudar a los niños. Recuerda usar los hashtags: #100DaysOfGaming, #ExtraLife, y #PorLosNiños. Etiqueta (taguea) a otros participantes en tus posts, para que sean parte de tu progreso. ¡DIRECTOS (STREAMS)! Si acostumbras a hacer directos (streams), usa, Mixer, YouTube, o Facebook para compartir tu reto. Si no eres "streamer", no hay problema. No es obligatorio. Solo comparte fotos, o vídeos de tus días de juego. Recuerda que mientras mas personas vean y hablen sobre lo que haces, mas se interesarán en ayudarte a alcanzar tu meta de recaudos de Extra Life.
  7. until
    Come join us Tuesday July 11th from 6pm to 8pm at Gods & Monsters for our monthly Extra Life guild meeting. Snacks will be provided! Topics that will be discussed include: 1. Upcoming Recruitment events 2. October Extra Life Marathon at Arnold Palmer Hospital 3. Fundraising ideas 4. Recap of last month's meeting and events 5. Social media promotion 6. Potential recruitment ideas and events. Hope to see you all there!
  8. until
    Hey everyone! Ever wanted to know how to stream a video game you're playing to a captive internet audience? How about that plus helping to healing sick kids at the Arnold Palmer Hospital? Whether you play games on PC, Xbox, PS4 or tabletop, I will show you how to capture and broadcast your game play footage to the internet at large while at the same time helping to raise money for Extra Life on behalf of Arnold Palmer Hospital.Here's what you need:1. Bring your Xbox, PS4, PC2. Bring a compatible web camera.Not only will I show you how to capture and broadcast your game sessions, I'll also show you how to setup a personalized twitch/facebook broadcast with overlays, donation widgets, and more! I'm hoping we can also play some video games together. Who remembers LAN parties?
  9. until
    Hey Guys, We're mixing things up and having our monthly meeting for June at the Cool Stuff Games location over by Waterford Lakes. Please RSPV as soon as you can. Activities will include: 1. Review of last month's meeting. 2. Upcoming events 3. Review of Megacon Event 4. Board Games/Card Games 5. Cupcakes!!! 6. And more!!! If you have any questions, please email
  10. Hey everyone, As discussed at May's monthly meeting, we are trying to have at least one social event outside of our Monthly meeting. This can be anything from playing Mario Kart at Safehouse, gaming at DnB, a lan-a-thon, or just a overall get together. If you have any fun ideas or events that we should get into, post here! Thanks
  11. until
    Hey Folks! It's time for our yearly Orlando Guild Extra Life Kickoff Event!! We are striving to get a jump on recruiting and spreading the word about Extra Life. Please join us Saturday May 6th at 10am at the Winnie Palmer Hospital in Orlando. Note: Driving directions are attached to this event page. Come out, learn about Extra Life, and have some fun meeting fellow gamers. Below is an idea of what you should expect. • Tour of Winnie Palmer Hospital for Children • Extra Life Presentation• Miracle Story!• Gaming• Lunch will be provided! Please Note: Guild members may be asked to help navigate folks from the parking lot to the classroom where we will be having our presentation. If you have any questions, please email Driving and Parking Directions to Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children.docx
  12. To my fellow Extra Lifers. (Especially the ones in Los Angeles) Me and my wife will be going to E3 this year and I was wanting to offer up some of our time if you guys do end up getting a booth this year like we did last year the get people signed up. I know it is months away, but I just wanted to offer it up if you needed it.
  13. Hello everyone! I put it to vote and the community had me change my habits. On Dec. 24th and 25th, I'll be doing a switch up of my Christmas 24 hour show to standard, but long (10 or so hours) shows. These shows will be just as myself. On Dec. 30-31st, I'll be doing yet another marathon. This time for 31 hours. This is my last hurrah for the Extra-Life campaign for this year, and since I've missed out on doing shows like this, it's time to do a few. Planning details, show breakdown and other things will come later. Due to the length of the show, I will not be Pandish. It's just too much to maintain for that many hours. My current total for the year is $1337.00 (Isn't that awesome of my community?). New Year Charity-thon As usual, I will require additional moderators and other support. If you have anything you'd like to drop in for ideas for the day, I'd love it! This show will be mainly for the General Audience, and will not contain any questionable language from me. The games I pick for the days will be multi-player or audience based. Things to keep the show energized, and myself awake. If you can participate in the show as multi-player participant, throw a PM/shout at the channel Discord. More news to come as I update.
  14. Here we are, getting ready for Extra-Life Game Day on November 5th! Could it be possible that you would be in need of extra saucy graphics to give some much needed flavor to your broadcast? Well if that is the case, I'm very happy to offer anybody in the Extra-Life community an opportunity to have quality graphics for their streams FOR FREE! Simply contact me as a reply to this thread with your Twitch channel URL and any preferred means of communication. (Now don't go putting your phone number or e-mail address in here you silly-bun; Twitter, Curse, Skype or Discord is more what I'm thinking of. You can also send your communication ID as a separate private message. STAY SAFE!!) I can do about any extend of regular twitch channel graphics : Banners, Panel art, Overlays, Camera Frame, etc. The only thing I cannot do in a timely manner is any form of animated graphics, video intros, or anything of the like. Still images are easy enough for me to produce to be able to deliver within a few days at most. Also; please note that if the response to this gesture of good will is unbelievably large, I'll have to resort to putting people on "Wait Lists" and I'll do as much as can until Game Day so that as many of you as possible have their new graphics elements ready for the great day and have you look dapper as you collect these handy donations that you wonderful people work so hard for! So Kudos to every single one of you Miracle-cakes for being part of a wonderful initiative, and make it quick, November 5th is here REAL SOON! Game on bros! -VinceInTheNorth
  15. I will be holding a 24-hour Extra-Life Marathon the weekend of November 11th, alongside Veterans' Day. This will be my Game day. The stream to start Friday the 11th at 4PM and go on to Saturday the 12th, 4PM. Scheduled breaks will occur (some unscheduled, depending on my own ability to stay hyper). Games on the menu are up in the air at this point, but I'm gathering them. I do need interactive chat members and temporary moderators. I will also have a drawing segment to commemorate the stream towards the last 4 hours. This stream will be kids friendly, with myself dressed up as Pandish, my mascot. The games will also be kid friendly so there is a needs list. If you can fulfill any of these roles and are available on Friday - Saturday, let me know. Moderators - Can be taken in shifts. Must monitor chats. Clear lines of text that may be offensive, provide warnings to the poster via PM, and if they continue, ban. Two chances, and you're out is the rule. No external links outside of what's programmed with the bot. I will talk about your local or online events related to Children's if you give me a heads up. 4 PM - 10 PM 10 PM - 4 AM 4 AM - 10 AM 10AM - 4 PM (Closing ceremonies may run longer) Casual Chatters and those who can keep the ( channel open for the duration of the show. More -concurrent- viewers and chatters mean more exposure to the cause on Twitch search. Discord buddies - On and off, Discord events will start up where you can come in to chat. I did send an email to Jane and Alyssa at Children's about possible interviews. If you would like to be interviewed, throw me a PM via Discord and tell me the 5 W's. (Discord Link - feel free to join the community shenanigans) The interview slots will be based on availability. I am searching for Miracle families to interview and share their stories over Skype, or other. I will update this thread as necessary. Thanks!
  16. until
    First stream fundraising for extra life! This stream is part of my regular schedule, which will be dedicated to raising funds for Extra-Life from October 20th leading up to November 5th's Extra Life Marathon!! Stream is up from 6PM to 10PM Eastern Time, will be playing tons of Path of Exile, Overwatch with viewers and I have a Discord server ready to greet all of you Miracle-cakes for some fun gaming for kids!
  17. Does anyone know what timer this is and how it works? It was used by KindaFunny Games last year. I would love to have something like this on our Marathon coming up and would appreciate the insight and help. This shows an active counter showing how many hours online and donations received. I appreciate the help. See the VOD link below to see it in action. VOD Link:
  18. Hello, Our community is having its first marathon for Extra Life and the Kentucky Children's Hospital on 10-21 and 10-22 for 25 hours. We are wanting to reach out about a few things. #1: Are there new graphics and materials for 2016 or is everything the same from last year? #2: Is there a donation tracker where would could have on during our marathon just what we are raising instead of having our end goal? We use the built-in widget now through StreamPro. #3; Is there any kind of countdown timer to Extra Life to bring in Hype for the marathon we are having? I would appreciate the help and feedback on all the questions we have!
  19. Happy Tuesday! Please see attached the agenda notes from Sunday's Guild meeting. It was great seeing a few new faces and hosting our first live stream meeting! Many thanks to @Vadath and @Dethos for organizing this! The meeting notes are pretty lengthy this time, but please be sure to read it we all have action items to follow-up on! I will post the guild meeting location chart to the forum in a few days. ***Please keep in mind that we are still seeking a you don't have to wait on my delayed posting of meeting notes Please send applications to me as soon as possible and do not hesitate to reach out with any Have a great week!! 1.31.16_Extra Life ATL Guild Meeting Agenda_Notes.docx
  20. Join 907G for another epic year of fund raising for the kids. Team Join Link: Past events: 2015: $56,000 Raised + $50,000 from GCI @ The Alaska Airlines Center 2014: $11,508 Raised @ The AnchoragE Makerspace
  21. It's my birthday and I wanted to challenge everyone. I made this birthday wish video, and I hope you can watch it! I know there are many gamers who can relate to me and I hope you can share the reason why you do what you do! Take the challenge!
  22. Extra Life LA will be hosting a 12 Hour Marathon live from CHLA August 15th, 2015! Event details here:
  23. Children's Hospital & Medical Center of Omaha, NE is a 100% Free-Healthcare providing non-profit hospital serving a number of states in the region! Team Omaha is the official team for Extra-Lifers joining in to participate! This wonderful hospital lacks a guild because of a low number of participants every year! Help us build a Guild for this hospital by joining in as a participant! More participants mean more incentives (Top 3 prizes, incentives, etc.) and I would love to support you on your own efforts! The hospital marketing team even created a wonderful logo for us to use, so if you're joining in, feel free to take advantage of the picture! Show your efforts in an official basis! You can contact me if you have any questions or just reply to this thread! I'll do my best to answer them and help you out! Also, don't forget to tell any friends you may have who would be interested in joining in. Remember, participation is not inclusive to video game broadcasting and anyone can just bring the information into a work place or a school and spread the word!
  24. until
    Hello Everyone! With the 24 hour marathon only a few months away, we figured we would have a nice warmup event to get us ready for November 7th. Join us live on our twitch channel where we will be broadcasting live from Children's Hospital Los Angeles on August 15th from 9:00am to 9:00pm. The day will consist of video games and board games, all with the intention to connect with each other and raise awareness/donations for Extra Life Los Angeles Guild, all of which benefits CHLA. Go Extra Life! #FTK Stream Channel: See you all there!
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