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Found 80 results

  1. Hey ABQ Extra Lifers! Welcome to 2019 and a new exciting year of helping out NM kids in need! We are looking to set meetings up for Wednesday evenings with the potential for hosting our monthly meetings. Current events that I am working to secure space at include: State Fair, Balloon Fiesta, Conjikan, Sabakucon, New Mexico Comic Expo. If you have any contacts, please send them my way and feel free to preface a conversation from the Albuquerque Extra Life Guild President for donated space at such events. Also, I am the founding Advisor for UNM Esports, slowly I have been building towards the idea of an SGDQ type 24 hour marathon at UNM someplace for Game Day 2019. More to come on that! Thanks all, let's make this the best year yet. P.S. Join the Extra Life Discord --> We are in the #western-us-extra-lifers channel
  2. In order to better organize, improve communication with Guild Members, and streamline scheduling and staffing for events, we will be using as a volunteer coordination tool. If you would like to participate with the Extra Life Baltimore Guild as a volunteer, or would like priority consideration for limited social events and convention access, please fill out the 2019 Extra Life Baltimore Guild Application. FAQ I already filled out a paper application at a recent Guild Meeting. Do I also need to complete the digital application? No. If you indicated you were interested in becoming part of Guild Leadership or serving on a committee, you may be asked to answer some additional questions via a separate application. Otherwise, the information you provided on your paper application has been entered by a Guild Leader, and you will receive an e-mail with instructions. Do I need to sign up for a account? It is suggested, but not required. If you do, you'll have a better experience signing up for specific opportunities and events. Ok, I created an account. How do I review and sign up for upcoming meetings, social events, and request a volunteer shift at a convention/event? There will be a brief training on how to use the site at our upcoming March Guild Meeting, and we may create some additional walkthrough materials that will be updated to this post as attachments in the future. In the meantime, feel free to message @Sarah here or in Discord and she will be happy to walk you through it.
  3. Just a Quick Question , As i was Wondering if people stream or what going on.
  4. CON SEASON 2018 HAS BEGUN! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧ As with last year, Washington D.C. Extra Lifers are welcome (and encouraged) to volunteer at our events. I will be updating this thread throughout the 2018 fundraising season. For general information about upcoming events, this is your one-stop-shop. You can also follow the Calendar for our guild. Most event-specific details will be on the individual pages, which I'll be linking here. I will update the status of various conventions and events on this thread, and will be notifying you when additional events have been added. You should click on the Follow button at the top of this post to make sure you get updates. THIS THREAD WILL BE LOCKED TO REPLIES UNTIL AFTER GAME DAY, NOV. 3RD. Please address any questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding specific events on their page. If you'd like to suggest an event that we're not already working with, please send a PM to the following: @Sarah @NodnarbDude @Ceraph1216 CONFIRMED EVENTS UNCONFIRMED EVENTS CecilCon Prattcon Artscape/Gamescape BlerdCon Washingcon Baltimore Comic Con WISHLIST Katsucon StarCity Games Event (any) MAGFest BitGen Music Festival College Club Recruitment Fairs Smithsonian Arcade
  5. Going to start this topic as well, really just a place for us to post about upcoming events so we can all be on the same page and know who's going to be where so we can plan meetups and such :-) Currently the only thing on my radar as of posting this is the following: Magic City Con: June 30th - July 2nd Weekend adult pass is currently $26.25 (Don't know if that includes tax or not). I plan on being there, already have my weekend pass. Not sure if I will be there on the 30th as I am flying back into bham that day from training and I don't land until 7pm, depends on how tired I am when I get back. I will be there the 1st and 2nd though with my podcast people, we are planning on having a table setup. If the guild/extra life gets a table/booth, I will alternate days so I can help out or something :-)
  6. Hey everybody! I'm a 4th year Extra Lifer, and I am trying to rally the troops this year in Miami! I have participated for the past 3 years in Tampa, and I love being able to meet people from all around Florida, as well as the United States, doing something charitable and fun. I know Miami is deserving of a Guild this year. We have so many people in the community, this should be easy peasy! We are so spread out it is hard to organize things without knowing how many people are actually out there, so please feel free to reach out and make it easier to map where we really are! So please, use this space to introduce yourselves and get to know each other. I'll start us off! 1. What do you go by? Alex or Dino. People love calling me Dino, especially kids, and I always respond with a Rawr! 2. What are some of your favorite games? Anything from old school to new school. Mainly FPS now. I play on both Xbox One and PC. Console: Call of Duty, Halo, party games | PC: CS:GO, Call of Duty, Overwatch, arcade games. I dig card games and board games too! Love the DC deck builder game! And Poker, Go Fish! Monopoly, and lots more! 3. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? Japan, Germany and India. Japan because I love the culture and I spent 7 years learning the language. Germany because I also learned the language and seems like an amazing place to go, and India because I want to do a spiritual tour of the land and find my Zen. 4. What hobbies do you have, outside of gaming? I LOVE working on my car! She's my baby and I treat her like royalty! Also rock climbing takes up a lot of my time. I am a photographer as well as work at a software company, so I have quite a few things to take up my time outside of gaming. 5. When you're not recruiting for Extra-Life, we can most likely find you...? Probably being a hermit at the house. I love streaming and competing. I also try and commentate on FGC events! Every now and then under the hood of my car, and if you really wanna so a dinosaur liftin' some iron, find me at the gym! 6. Post a picture that best represents you -- you, a meme, your pets, or all of the above! This definitely describes me when asked who I relate to in a video game. DVA IS THE BEST TANK!
  7. Hey everybody! My name is Drew, and I'm with the Baltimore Guild. We have a table confirmed for Otakon and since it's in DC this year, I thought I would reach out and see if anyone would be able to help us staff the table. Otakon is one of the busiest recruitment events of the year for us, so any help you can give would be greatly appreciated! If you're able to help at all, please let us know on our official calendar event: Thanks! ~ Drew
  8. Walker Stalker Con Calendar Event Schedule is up and ready for volunteers for Walker Stalker Aug 19th and 20th. 2 shifts per day 9 AM - 2 PM 1 PM - 6 PM
  9. Fragforce's Second Annual Arcade Night was a hit! Thanks to the generosity, Banyan Street Capital, they were able to use the building's conference room for the arcade night. Guests brought food to share and they mixed things up with drinks and milkshakes. They had over 30 attendees, raised over $400, and had fun doing it. Gamers from Salesforce, Year Up, and friends came together to have fun and help the kids through games ranging from Jeopardy, to Rock Band, and Smash Brothers, to Evolution.....all #FTK. Thank you #Fragforce for coordinating this fun night for your employees and continuing to support our local miracles.
  10. Hey there everyone! In efforts to take part in more fun events, since its the San Diego Guild's first month in our respective Leadership roles, we haven't been able to get everything together quick enough to host our own event. In lieu of this, some of us are going to be attending the SD Twitch Meetup event on May 27th at At Ease Games. If you are interested in going, RSVP on their event page (linked below). Hope to see y'all there! It'll be fun - Noah / Galliant
  11. It's that time of year again!! MomoCon 2016 was one of the best recruitment events we've had in the history of the Atlanta Guild, and this year is going to be even better!! For the first time not only will we be recruiting new members at the event, but we will also be actively taking donations at the event, a much requested change from last year. As before, those who volunteer to work a shift (no more than 5 hours max per shift), will receive a free full 4-day badge to the event so that you can experience all the Con has to offer when you are not manning the Extra Life booth. That includes access to all areas of the event including: Gaming Hall, Expo Hall, Main and sub stages, panels, classes and much more!! The only extra cost is for lodging, meals, souvenirs, and the Final Fantasy Orchestra concert. Another big change for this year, rather than just a table in the general organizations area, we are now part of the official MomoCon Charity Row section, complete with our own 10' x 10' booth!! We've got some great plans for the space, and I will be sharing those as we get closer to the event. If you are interest in volunteering, please click the link below to access the sign up sheet. Please fill in as much info as possible so we have a way to contact you during the event. Also, this is a first come first served event, and we have a limited number of passes available (16), so if you are interested you should sign up sooner rather than later! I will be onsite again throughout the event, and I look forward to working with everyone. Let's make this year's event the best yet!!! Volunteer Sign Up Page:
  12. Hello Bay Area! Our chapter here has been hard at work developing a Game Jam and 24-Hour Game Fest coming up in the first two weekends of May. Please read the following press release for more details: We're looking for sponsors, volunteers, and RSVPs for the both events. If you need more details, please email me at RSVP for Game Jam: RSVP for Game Fest:
  13. Hey all - I've been working on a little handout that can act as a quick start guide for anyone who has just signed up for Extra Life. It's a compact little guide with great input from some of our most active and dedicated members. It can be printed as a one-sided full page, or front and back of a page to create two long-ways half sheet that can be folded in half for a quarter sheet size. Feel free to use it whenever you recruit! @DJThunderstix @LeaveIt2Beaver, feel free to review and offer suggestions. Special thanks to everyone who provided quotes! EL Players Guide - Print front&back for 2copies.pdf
  14. Hey y’all! Your monthly Extra-Life Nashville Guild update coming at ya. At our last meeting, we went through goals and upcoming events. We’re going to start getting more involved with some local organizations and heading to tabletop gaming events. Stay tuned for more on that. Let’s go through the highlights of upcoming events! Wednesday March 1st - Monthly meeting will be at the same time (7pm), same place (Children’s Hospital) and we’ll have a lot to go over! Game Day with the kids will be this same day, 2-4pm as usual if anyone can make it Thursday March 17th & Friday March 18th - TEDx Nashville is a go! At the monthly meeting we will be assigning people to be in charge of scheduling and logistics. The TED people are very excited to have us involved and want to give us plenty of space/bean bag chairs/ table tops for games and possible streaming. Email Mark if you’d like to help work it. Tuesday April 4th - Drink 4 a Cause at Kung Fu Saloon! They’ll be donating 15% of sales from the day to Extra-Life. Email Lydia if you have any specific questions! Wednesday April 5th - This is won’t be our typical monthly meeting, but instead will be a Guild Kickoff meeting at the Children’s Hospital Theater! Food will be provided. Bring friends! Email Mark if you have questions, but hopefully we’ll get people from the night before to join us. See y’all in a few weeks for the next Monthly Meeting! We’ll be broadcasting again on Discord for anyone who can’t make it there. If there are any updates before the meeting, we’ll be sure to let everyone know! But in the meantime, all events are on our Community Calendar here. Laterz! Kristina (Spoety)
  15. Hey Folks, We finished a great year. Thanks agian to all involved. Final totals for the year. 1710 Participants ( 2nd overall) $260K ( 4th Overall) **I think this is a new record total for Boston Children's!!! Guild VP Position From the previous post, we are taking applications for the Guild VP position. So far we've had a few applicants, and we are looking at them. More to come. Meetings We are not having a January meeting. There was no availability at our meeting space, and with the holiday response from Microsoft was too late to get in for the first week. Our next meeting dates are Feb 8th and Mar 8th, with a official 2017 kick off meeting aimed at first week of April. Events/Cons We have table space at Arisia next weekend. With the tables being in the same location as last year we are just going with a flyer table, unmanned. This con was not very prodictive for us with the tables in that space. (I will be at Arisia all weekend and will supply the table with Flyers.) We already have 2 cons for March!!! Northeast Comic Con has moved to Mar 4th/5th in Hanover. It has been added to the calendar, once we have more details, we will update. PAX East!!!! - I know we have a booth, and exhibitor badges. Location will be on the floor again like last year. Once I have final details we will update the calendar. Anime Boston - 3/31-4/2 - We have our normal space in the gaming room. More details to come. Spring Supermegafest - Will know more in a couple weeks if we will have a space at Spring Megafest, stand by. Looking forward to another amazing year with all of you amazing folks.
  16. Hey DC!! Hows it going in the capital? Do you guys have any meetings scheduled? Any good gaming events/cons going on there? Have you guys decieded on who your guild leaders are? @Jordan if you need any assitance or advice on anything Please reach out to myself and/or @Rosie_Boston.
  17. timay

    Game Day 2016

    Yes it's almost here. 22 days to be exact. I was hoping to put a list together of public events going on around Portland and possible coordinating some game time between us (Overwatch. cough) Event name:Extra-life Maine Location: Double Tree by the mall 24 hours: Yes 7am Saturday to 7am Sunday I will update this list as we get more data. We talked to Hud about an overnight but haven't ironed out the details yet. If anyone is on pc and wants to hook up with my group at home let me know. We are mostly pc gamers but do have rocket league which is cross platform.
  18. There are two game day events coming up in the Vermont area that I think our guild members would enjoy attending! On October 22nd and 23rd, Champlain College eSports is hosting a 24 hour Game Day for Burlington at Champlain College. Check out all the details at their event here! Carnage Con is also holding their own 24 hour Game Day event on November 4th and 5th at Killington Grand Resort. Check out info on their event here and here. Both events are looking for volunteers so reach out to me if you are interested and I can direct you to the right people. The Champlain College eSports event actually has a form you can fill out here if you want to volunteer:
  19. RedZot


    Hey guys! I mentioned at the last meeting that I would create a Discord server for you guys. Here it is - Feel free to jump on. I will give admin/mod status to the guild leadership for full control. I have added a moderator Bot to manage news posts and some of the more fun features. Thanks! So great meeting yall!
  20. Hey everyone! As some of you know I started a list of events that I shared at the last meeting. If you guys could post any events that you know of in here then we can try and keep an updated list of opportunities for us to look into! Anything from big events to local festivals to anything you guys think would be interesting to check out and possibly be apart of!
  21. Link to Calendar Event Hello everyone! We will once again be hosting a table at the Granite State ComicCon on September 17th and 18th. Microsoft will be supplying devices to get sign ups as well as GAEM units again this year! We don't HAVE to put Xbox Ones in the GAEMS units either. I will be bringing Xbox Ones but if anyone has other systems that you would like to hook up, I'm am totally down for that. It may be good for the table to have things other than just Xbox games. Also, if you have any Xbox games you would like to play, bring them! We should have plenty of passes for everyone, but if you are planning to be there all weekend, please buy a pass to help support the Cons that support us! Volunteers needed: Sat. 9am-2pm 3 Volunteers Needed (2 Volunteers/1 Senior Volunteer/Leader) Sat. 1pm-6pm 3 Volunteers Needed (2 Volunteers/1 Senior Volunteer/Leader) Sun. 9am-2pm 3 Volunteers Needed (2 Volunteers/1 Senior Volunteer/Leader) Sun. 1pm-5pm 3 Volunteers Needed (2 Volunteers/1 Senior Volunteer/Leader)
  22. BattleCon will be held at Battlegrounds in Richmond, VA on September 17th and 18th. We'll be holding regular Pathfinder Society slots as well as learn-to-play quests and adventure card game events! In addition, Battlegrounds is partnering with artists for on-side commissions of character artwork and RVA's Pathfinder Society Lodge will be holding a silent auction for Pathfinder Society and other items. All proceeds to benefit Extra Life. Learn to Play Pathfinder Quests - open walk-ins from 8-5 on Saturdays and 12-5 on Sundays. Sign up for all other slots here: are as follows:Saturday, Sept 17th 8 AM - 1 PM - Early Bird Scenarios, Open ACG PlaySaturday, Sept 17th 1 PM - 6 PM - Season 8 Kickoff, Open ACG Play Saturday, Sept 17th 7 PM - 12 AM - Blood Under Absalom Multi-Table Special Sunday 12 PM - Completion - Modules, Bonekeep, Serpents' Ire, Open ACG Play and More! We request players bring $1 per hour of play as a donation ($5 per 5-hour game or $1 per 1-hour ACG game or quest). All funds raised will be donated to the Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCU via Extra Life. Find out more about Extra Life at I am also looking for people to talk about Extra Life on Saturday. Please let me know if you'll be able to do so!
  23. until
    Come check out Las Cruces Comic Con with Extra Life Albuquerque! We have been graciously donated a booth from Las Cruces Comic Con as an opportunity for recruitment. Let's come up with some great ideas and start filling some time for Extra Life Albuquerque guild members and players to come out and represent and recruit new players for our cause! For more info comment on the post or message @omni_prime, @GeneraLedger, or @islander from Albuquerque Extra Life! Time slots will be in 3 hour shifts We have two passes that must be maintained and given to the next person covering the event Be courteous of the Cosplayers and respect the artists Have fun growing a great cause
  24. Hello Southern NH members! We will be holding the Southern NH Satellite guild meeting at the Salem Microsoft store at The Mall at Rockingham Park on Wednesday, September 7th. We will have a social gaming hour starting at 6pm. Come down to the store and try out our HTC Vive experience or play Hearthstone, League of Legends, Minecraft, or some Xbox One games. We will also have noms and refreshments! Actual meeting starts at 7pm when we will Skype into the Boston Guild!
  25. Hey all, I am putting together a Pokemon Go Hunt at Prescott Park in Portsmouth, NH on September 10th. The event is all day, 12pm-8pm, and I need volunteers all day. Volunteers will be gathering sign ups via the Extra Life app, handing out water and snacks, making sure trash isn't left behind by attendees, and just generally being fun and full of info! I could use at least 2-4 volunteers at any given time. 12pm-4pm 4pm-8pm Let me know if you are interested! If you could also RSVP to the Facebook event and share to your news feeds, that would be amazing!
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