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Found 12 results

  1. 2016 Gen Con volunteer sign up sheet! Opening Meeting called to order at 6:30PM Old Business Pop Con recap Grabbed about 75 sign-ups Made about $100 in donations (does not include arcade) Our spot was near the entrance and everyone agrees that was a great location Room for improvement: There needs to be a push to have people sign up with the Surface and/or laptop vs using the off-line forms. Business Riley News Numbers as of June 25th $12,523 raised 234 sign ups (does not include recent conventions) Gift-In-Kind forms - Make sure we get the following: Vendors/Donors need to be as detailed as possible with description Mention that the donation is for Extra Life Take a picture of the item(s) being donated Turn into Donna at guild meetings Gen Con: CMN will have a booth in the vendor hall Donna will be working with Mike Kinney at CMN SalesForce has stepped up and filled all of the volunteer spots Looking for things to give away for sign ups (dice, ribbons, pins, etc) Will be reaching out to Mike Kinney about this Tecmo Bowl update: Waiting on Chad to follow-up Other ideas: Check out Tappers Arcade and Books and Brews and see if we can do events with either of them. Dip Jar (tip jar, but you can use your debit/credit card) Donna will be reaching out to Mike Kinney about this Donna is going to review the budget to see if there is any way to order more guild t-shirts If you currently have a guild t-shirt, please return it! We want to look unified when we are out talking to people Donna is willing and happy to take off-line forms and get them in the system Please be mindful that these need to be entered in a timely fashion Gen Con: Since SalesForce has the CMN booth pretty covered, focus will be on working with eBash eBash will be located in the convention center with five rooms of floor space Layout is still being finalized but the aim is to have the Extra Life table at the entrance eBash will work on getting a training video out so those who are volunteering can learn the system You can also show up the Wednesday before Gen Con and someone should be around to give a hands on experience There will be an EL meeting the weekend before Gen Con and more details will be revealed/finalized Direct Link
  2. Pizza and cookies thanks to Donna and Chad Brackets for good Miracle ride foundation – direct support for Riley Extra Life United Riley won 3 awards Events March 4th IUPUI event Bucket and swag Pokémon tournament, Pokémon trivia, cos play, table and video games IT Building, 1st floor 10am to 8pm March 7th Microsoft Division launch midnight we will have a table April 1-3 Who’s Yer Con We will have a table Board games event April 29th – May 1st ComicCon Need lots of volunteers Partnering with eBash June 17-19 PopCon Need lots of volunteering Partnering with eBash Aug 3rd TheStink Pre-GenCon-Con Extra Life table Aug 4th-7th GenCon Partnering with eBash Riley will look to help us boost volunteering numbers Ideas Play simple board games at the table to hook passersby, depending on volunteering numbers. SWOT S Game Day was awesome Varity of cons and events Our passion Partnership with eBash + VGP Eric our storage partner Community/Gamers Direct relationship with Riley: Donna Fischer Volunteer attraction thanks to free convention passes W No exposure at GenCon due table location Recognition Transfer of leadership Elections earlier New officers shadow current officers Better communications Arcade repairs when staffing a VGP event Core group not growing as quick as our membership Stationary/supplies at table/events O Slides/presentation at events Reach out to groups T Mothership communication Guild communication Unstaffed tables Don’t leave valuables at the table over night Meeting etiquette Direct Link - Minutes composed by Stuart Williamson
  3. Opening Welcome and introductions @ 6:35pm Member sign-in sheet Business Review minutes from December - approved Riley News Numbers $102,288 17th out of 162 985 gamers. 10th of 162 Newsletter will go out later this month Encourage early sign up to keep people in the communication loop Incentives are past due - contact Donna ASAP Email screenshot of fundraising page Austin will be heading to Extra Life United Riley is willing to help one more person attend if there is interest Goals for 2016 Keeping 1000 member sign-ups Funding goal is now $115,000 Extra Life News New mobile app for sign-ups - should be much easier Both for Android and iOS Data is stored offline until it has access to network 2016 Events Preview Feb 7 - Microsoft Store Madden event @ Keystone Mall From 1p - 6p Looking for 1 or 2 people (more are welcome) Feb 19 - 21: Anime Crossroads Feb 20: U of I is hosting a board game event. From 8pm to ? Looking for at least 2 volunteers Feb 24-26: Extra Life United If still interested - visit EL website 200 some spaces open April 1 - 3: Hoosier Con April 29 - May 1: Comic Con June 17 - 19: Pop Con June: Tecmo Indy (NES and SNES Tecmo Bowl Tournament) Aug 4 - 7: Gen Con! Will be working with eBash again Oct: Riley Family interested in hosting an EL event ** Would like to stick to one event per month so suggestions are welcome Incentive program is in the works To encourage people to get more involved in volunteering for smaller events Point based system on number of hours volunteering which can be spent in various ways Still open to ideas on how the system works and prizes Meeting Calendar 2016 Feb 28 - SWOT March 20 April 24 May 22 June 26 July 24 Aug 28 Sept 25 Oct 23 Nov - No meeting; GAME DAY IS NOV 5! Dec 11 ** Other meetings to be scheduled as needed Other News IUPUI and All-Mid EL event moved to March of 2017 Will be in the entire campus center More details to come Closing and Dismissal Direct Link
  4. Opening Welcome and introductions @ 5:40pm Member sign-in sheet Business Review minutes from October - edited and approved Riley News Numbers 964 gamers - 1000 is the goal $98,100 raised - $100,000 is the goal One more newsletter going out for Dec Push to raise just a little bit more! Colleagues went to Colts Bleed Blue and had EL info there Extra Life United is in Feb 24-26th 2016 Extra Life News 2016 - Adding 15 - 25 new guilds in the country and Canada Removing some guilds Will be rolled out by March and April This will make around 80 guilds Guild elections will only elect the positions listed in Handbook See New Business Old Business EL rocked this year! Our Game Day was great! 128 signed up through eBash Had several people who just donated We raised about $3000 - Money and Sign ups are triple from last year There will be no other events hosted on game day at eBash Number of hours volunteered at Gen Con is what you have at eBash for playtime Guild team goal was to raise $15,000 - we raised over $17,000! New Business Next meeting layout Fourth Sunday of the month @ 6:30p for 1 hour @ eBash Event meetings will be adjusted to 90 minutes Ad hoc still added as needed Leadership updates President, Vice President, Secretary PR is now divided among the three positions President is now Riley main contact Vice President is now in charge of planning events Secretary is now responsible for newsletter Newsletter is once a month There is a suggested format Then sent to Donna to be uploaded to CMN Donna is always around to help - being timely is important Elections Only those who have been with the organization for 1 year may apply Exception being, they can be nominated by current leadership President - Kevin Trehan Vice President - Chad Scott Secretary - Stuart Williamson Other News Microsoft would like to do events with them every month 24-hour stream every month - video games, promote EL Looking for community events and would like EL to headline However they make per hour, MS will match They have a place at Colts game - VIP area Donna says go for it, but as EL not Riley IUPUI interested in hosting a Game Day - separate event Tournaments - goal to have 750 people In Nov or Dec of 2016 Events with Salesforce Throughout the year Could be a great way to reach new people Closing and Dismissal Direct Link
  5. until
    What's up, everyone! We are back for the 6th year and looking to make this one the best game day yet! Like last year, we will be hosting our party at eBash in Castleton. When: Saturday Nov 7th - 8th 9a-9a Where: 6609 East 82nd Street Indianapolis, Indiana 46250 (317) 815-6635 How Much: a $25 donation Why? P-A-R-T-why? Because we gotta! <-------------- RSVP NOW!!! Your donation grants you the following: 24-hours of gaming - Console, PC, Board games, etcFood and drink - See belowOne ticket to win a door prize (more tickets can be received by donating cash to Riley at the event)We currently have food being provided by the follow (will be updated as details are finalized): OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE!YATS!PAPA ROOUUUXX!BravoHot Box Pizza Longhorn SteakhouseParadise BakeryStarbucksIf you would like to bring your own computer (BYOC) then please reply below so we can get a headcount.
  6. until
    Join us for our monthly Indy Guild meeting. Discussion: New guild handbook! How to reach out to the community and planning for game day.
  7. Direct link to doc Opening Meeting called to order at 6:40pm Introductions - Went around the room and stated name Business Riley News Current team totals 401 Members $ 18,000 Gencon Recap - eBash did great overall and it is estimated that a $1100 donation would be made to EL Who is our target audience for Extra-Life? Try to shy away from the hardcore gamers Try to at least donate a dollar to their page Try to reach others who would play games on a casual level Between now and the next meeting take two stacks of flyers - one current partner and one new potential partner Wal-mart Dairy Queen Speedway Meijer eBash news - Zack They were very happy with our turnout and couldn’t have done it without us. SWOT Succeses The extra life dice eBash - organization Eric Normington Volunteers Layout - socializing in the hall Gatekeeper speech - 30 second Creed!! Weakness Layout - turned into information center Information breakdown Shyness - work on approaching people Customer service Opportunities Training 30 second elevator Connections with vendors Get potential volunteer contact info Extra Life promotion time Threats Other game room Badge police Gencon employees Low volunteers Communication Receptive to changes in volunteer jobs Knowing point people Next meeting Sept 27th, 2015
  8. until
    Join us for the inaugural 48 Straight event benefiting Extra Life! Our partner, eBash, is being super ultra cool and donating HALF of the admission but ONLY if you are or become an Extra Lifer on the spot! Come one, come all and experience an event like you've never experienced before. Your Indy Guild will be having fun the entire weekend playing all sorts of games both in 2 and 3 dimensions. Check out the games list and add your own interests here. Bring everyone you know to this preview to our big Gameday event in November. You pay one fee ($40-45) and play the entire weekend and get pizza and a drink at 8pm Friday. Can't wait to see you there! Here's the Facebook event! What: 48 Straight Preview to GameDay Where: eBash - 6609 East 82nd Street Indianapolis, Indiana 46250 When: September 4th @ 12:00 - September 6th @ 22:00 (48 hours from when you start to finish) Who: YOU, YOUR friends, Indy Guild Why: This is purely rhetorical...ok...FTK!
  9. until
    This month's meeting will recap our experience at Gen Con. Think of things that worked well and things we can improve! Call-in Number: 1-641-715-3580 Access Code: 517638251 See you there! - For The Kids!
  10. Omegaman

    Indy Guild Meeting

    Greetings Fellow Heroes for Riley, Your Indianapolis Guild will be having its monthly meeting to discuss and act upon opportunities in the community. The Guild was tasked with canvassing the community from Aug-Sep with our official flyers and smiling faces. Please contact us if you'd like to jump in. We'll get you flyers, business cards and anything else you need to get your local business establishments behind our cause! Our goal is to have the official CMN partners (complete list here) post flyers in their electronics departments or or other prominent place. It is all about recruitment on the way to 1000! Join us at 18:30 on Sept 28 at our favorite video game center, eBash, for the monthly meeting. If you can't be there in person, by all mean call in! Dial-in number: (641) 715-3580 Meeting ID: 517-638-251 See you there!
  11. until
    Meeting will be centered around our event at Gencon! See you there! eBash Directions
  12. The Indy Guild will be meeting on July 26th, 2015 at 6:30pm at eBash in Castleton. Main discussion is about our upcoming GenCon event.Event page
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