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Found 77 results

  1. stodd.ELBoston

    Anime Boston 2018

    Anime Boston ***Schedule Subject to Change*** Schedule for Anime Boston FRI Manager @stodd.ELBoston 11-6 PM @The Guat 11-6 PM @Anino 11-6 PM @alleenc 11-6 PM @Serolis SAT Manager @aradiadarling 9-2 David DiMare Messier 9-2 @alleenc 9-2 @DMo2TheMax 9-2 @Robop1g 1-6 @Serolis 1-6 @SassyJ 1-6 Taylor 1-6 @KriptiKFate 1-6 @FobWatch00 1-6 @JustSkoink SUN Manager @aradiadarling 9-2 @SassyJ 9-2 Taylor 9-2 @Serolis 9-2 @DMo2TheMax 1-6 @KriptiKFate 1-6 @thats_spinach 1-6 @Zander207 1-6 @EdFries
  2. until Schedule for Boston Southcoast Comic Con SAT 9-2 Shawn Todd 9-2 Angela DiMare-Messier @aradiadarling 1-6 David DiMare-Messier 1-6 Greg Harris- Jones @Serolis/Amelia Ott SUN 9-2 Shawn Todd 9-2 Angela DiMare-Messier (Tentative) 1-6 1-6
  3. until
    Place holder for Walker Stalker We'll have 4 badges. 2 Shifts per day 10-2 PM 2 People 1-6 PM 2 People SAT 9-2 Greg Harris-Jones @Serolis SAT 9-2 Danielle Standring @DMo2TheMax SAT 1-6 Merissa Johnson @Merissa SAT 1-6 Shawn Todd SUN 9-2 Angela DiMare @aradiadarling SUN 9-2 Shawn Fickett SUN 1-6 David DiMare Messier SUN 1-6 Greg Harris-Jones @Serolis
  4. aradiadarling

    CAPE 8/5-8/6

    Cosplay And Photography Expo SATURDAY Greg Harris-Jones Amelia Ott David DiMare-Messier Melissa Marie SUNDAY All Day: David DiMare-Messier 9-2 - Greg Harris-Jones 9-2 - Sarah DiMare 1-5 - Dave Kinghorn 1-5 - Sarah DiMare
  5. until
    Boston SouthCoast Comic Con (Schedule is still tentative based on volunteer sign ups) SATURDAY 9-2 Jason St Jean 9-2 Elizabeth Park 1-6 Jason St Jean 1-6 Elizabeth Park SUNDAY 9-2 Greg Harris-Jones 9-2 Amelia Ott 1-5 Greg Harris-Jones 1-5 Amelia Ott
  6. Walker Stalker Con Calendar Event Schedule is up and ready for volunteers for Walker Stalker Aug 19th and 20th. 2 shifts per day 9 AM - 2 PM 1 PM - 6 PM
  7. Tam Tran

    D.Va Online!

    From the album: E3 2017

  8. From the album: E3 2017

  9. until
    DAY/TIME POSITION NAME FRI 3-9 LEADER Angela DiMare @aradiadarling SAT 9-2 LEADER Angela DiMare @aradiadarling SAT 9-2 SUPPORT David DiMare SAT 1-6 LEADER Greg Harris-Jones@Serolis SAT 1-6 SUPPORT Amelia Ott @Oporotheca SUN 9-2 LEADER Danielle Standring @DMo2TheMax SUN 9-2 SUPPORT Angela DiMare @aradiadarling SUN 2-6 LEADER Greg Harris-Jones @Serolis SUN 2-6 SUPPORT Amelia Ott @Oporotheca
  10. stodd.ELBoston

    Anime Boston

    DAY TIME POSITION NAME ROLE FRI 12-6 LEADER Shawn Todd LEAD/PITCH FRI 12-6 VOLUNTEER Angela -DiMare Messier GREET FRI 12-6 VOLUNTEER Gregory Harris- Jones @Serolis PITCH FRI 12-6 VOLUNTEER CONSOLE SUPPORT SAT 9-2 LEADER Danielle Standring @DMo2TheMax LEAD/PITCH SAT 9-2 VOLUNTEER Rebecca Ash GREET SAT 9-2 VOLUNTEER Javier Para @Javier PITCH SAT 9-2 VOLUNTEER Sam @quitecrazy PITCH SAT 9-2 VOLUNTEER CONSOLE SUPPORT SAT 1-6 LEADER Angela DiMare-Messier @aradiadarling LEAD/PITCH SAT 1-6 VOLUNTEER Gregory Harris- Jones @Serolis GREET SAT 1-6 VOLUNTEER Kris Waterman PITCH SAT 1-6 VOLUNTEER David Kinghorn @Robop1g PITCH SAT 1-6 VOLUNTEER David DiMare-Messier CONSOLE SUPPORT SUN 9-2 LEADER Eric Richburg @PotatoTaco LEAD/PITCH SUN 9-2 VOLUNTEER Ana Richburg GREET SUN 9-2 VOLUNTEER John Gillis (Precision Gaming) PITCH SUN 9-2 VOLUNTEER Gregory Harris-Jones @Serolis PITCH SUN 9-2 VOLUNTEER Allen Chamberland @alleenc CONSOLE SUPPORT SUN 1-6 LEADER Angela DiMare @aradiadarling LEAD/PITCH SUN 1-6 VOLUNTEER Rebecca Strauss @BeccaCora GREET SUN 1-6 VOLUNTEER Simon Strauss @kineticmedic PITCH SUN 1-6 VOLUNTEER Christine Reale-Strauss PITCH SUN 1-6 VOLUNTEER David DiMare CONSOLE SUPPORT
  11. stodd.ELBoston

    PAX East

    DAY TIME POSITION NAME ROLE FRI 9-2 Leader Eric Richburg @PotatoTaco LEAD FRI 9-2 Volunteer Luis Cardona @The Guat CONSOLE SUPPORT FRI 9-2 Volunteer Merissa Johnson @Merissa PITCH FRI 9-2 Volunteer David Kinghorn @Robop1g PITCH FRI 1-6 Leader Angela DiMare @aradiadarling LEAD FRI 1-6 Volunteer David DiMare CONSOLE SUPPORT FRI 1-6 Volunteer Emma McGowan PITCH FRI 1-6 Volunteer Patrick McGowan PITCH SAT 9-2 Leader Danielle Standring @DMo2TheMax LEAD SAT 9-2 Volunteer Melissa @thats_spinach PITCH SAT 9-2 Volunteer Jessica Selberg @SassyJ PITCH SAT 9-2 Volunteer Kerry Selberg @KriptiKFate CONSOLE SUPPORT SAT 1-6 Leader Angela DiMare @aradiadarling LEAD SAT 1-6 Volunteer David DiMare CONSOLE SUPPORT SAT 1-6 Volunteer Grace Taverna PITCH SAT 1-6 Volunteer Todd Standring PITCH SUN 9-2 Leader Danielle Standring @DMo2TheMax LEAD SUN 9-2 Volunteer Todd Standring PITCH SUN 9-2 Volunteer Sam MacDonald CONSOLE SUPPORT SUN 9-2 Volunteer Merissa Johnson @Merissa PITCH SUN 1-6 Leader Melissa @thats_spinach LEAD SUN 1-6 Volunteer Greg Harris-Jones @Serolis PITCH SUN 1-6 Volunteer Amelia Ott @Oporotheca CONSOLE SUPPORT SUN 1-6 Volunteer Maya Gagne PITCH
  12. Anime Boston Calendar Event Once again, we have space at Anime Boston. We can have all hands on deck, as many badges as we need. So volunteer away. I set only so many shifts, but on Saturday, we can never have too many people. Comes with a weekend badge to AB.
  13. stodd.ELBoston


    Fan Table at Arisia. Flyers and promo only
  14. Graydon

    Holiday Matsuri

    Holiday Matsuri 2016 is a festive holiday convention held every year in Orlando, FL! This year, the convention will be at the glorious Orlando World Center Marriot, from December 16-18! Last year, the Orlando Guild was invited to table at Holiday Matsuri, and we were even the benefactors of their benefit ball where we raised over $2,000! This year should be even better as attendance is expected to increase, which will help with sign-ups AND the benefit ball fundraiser. Info: This will be updated as more information arrives, but as of right now, this is what we know. Two tables Vendor Hall Gaming Room Benefit Ball All proceeds donated to Extra Life Orlando Guild We are looking for any and all volunteers, so if you're interested, please let this be know. We can't wait for this event, and we look forward to making a great impact for the kids!
  15. until
    Team, We will once again be hosting a table at the Granite State ComicCon on September 17th and 18th. Microsoft will be providing devices for signups. We should have plenty of passes for everyone, but if you are planning to be there all weekend, please buy a pass to help support the Cons that support us! Volunteers needed: Sat. 9am-2pm 3 Volunteers Needed (2 Volunteers/1 Senior Volunteer/Leader) Sat. 1pm-6pm 3 Volunteers Needed (2 Volunteers/1 Senior Volunteer/Leader) Sun. 9am-2pm 3 Volunteers Needed (2 Volunteers/1 Senior Volunteer/Leader) Sun. 1pm-5pm 3 Volunteers Needed (2 Volunteers/1 Senior Volunteer/Leader)
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