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Found 99 results

  1. aradiadarling

    Fall SuperMegaFest

    Super MegaFest Saturday 9-2 9-2 David DiMare-Messier 1-6 Greg Harris-Jones 1-6 Amelia Ott Sunday 9-2 Danielle Standring 9-2 David DiMare-Messier 1-6 Angela DiMare-Messier 1-6
  2. until
    Place holder for Walker Stalker We'll have 4 badges. 2 Shifts per day 10-2 PM 2 People 1-6 PM 2 People SAT 9-2 Greg Harris-Jones @Serolis SAT 9-2 Danielle Standring @DMo2TheMax SAT 1-6 Merissa Johnson @Merissa SAT 1-6 Shawn Todd SUN 9-2 Angela DiMare @aradiadarling SUN 9-2 Shawn Fickett SUN 1-6 David DiMare Messier SUN 1-6 Greg Harris-Jones @Serolis
  3. until
    Boston SouthCoast Comic Con (Schedule is still tentative based on volunteer sign ups) SATURDAY 9-2 Jason St Jean 9-2 Elizabeth Park 1-6 Jason St Jean 1-6 Elizabeth Park SUNDAY 9-2 Greg Harris-Jones 9-2 Amelia Ott 1-5 Greg Harris-Jones 1-5 Amelia Ott
  4. Walker Stalker Con Calendar Event Schedule is up and ready for volunteers for Walker Stalker Aug 19th and 20th. 2 shifts per day 9 AM - 2 PM 1 PM - 6 PM
  5. Hey Guys We had these reports in the June Meeting, however wantred to post them up here for your viewing pleasure. What these reports show are our trend over the past few years. We'll try to update these monthly. ExtraLifeFundraisingTotalsByYear.xlsx ExtraLifeYearOverYear.xlsx
  6. until
    International Tabletop Day at Midgard Comics
  7. until
    DAY/TIME POSITION NAME FRI 3-9 LEADER Angela DiMare @aradiadarling SAT 9-2 LEADER Angela DiMare @aradiadarling SAT 9-2 SUPPORT David DiMare SAT 1-6 LEADER Greg Harris-Jones@Serolis SAT 1-6 SUPPORT Amelia Ott @Oporotheca SUN 9-2 LEADER Danielle Standring @DMo2TheMax SUN 9-2 SUPPORT Angela DiMare @aradiadarling SUN 2-6 LEADER Greg Harris-Jones @Serolis SUN 2-6 SUPPORT Amelia Ott @Oporotheca
  8. stodd.ELBoston

    Anime Boston

    DAY TIME POSITION NAME ROLE FRI 12-6 LEADER Shawn Todd LEAD/PITCH FRI 12-6 VOLUNTEER Angela -DiMare Messier GREET FRI 12-6 VOLUNTEER Gregory Harris- Jones @Serolis PITCH FRI 12-6 VOLUNTEER CONSOLE SUPPORT SAT 9-2 LEADER Danielle Standring @DMo2TheMax LEAD/PITCH SAT 9-2 VOLUNTEER Rebecca Ash GREET SAT 9-2 VOLUNTEER Javier Para @Javier PITCH SAT 9-2 VOLUNTEER Sam @quitecrazy PITCH SAT 9-2 VOLUNTEER CONSOLE SUPPORT SAT 1-6 LEADER Angela DiMare-Messier @aradiadarling LEAD/PITCH SAT 1-6 VOLUNTEER Gregory Harris- Jones @Serolis GREET SAT 1-6 VOLUNTEER Kris Waterman PITCH SAT 1-6 VOLUNTEER David Kinghorn @Robop1g PITCH SAT 1-6 VOLUNTEER David DiMare-Messier CONSOLE SUPPORT SUN 9-2 LEADER Eric Richburg @PotatoTaco LEAD/PITCH SUN 9-2 VOLUNTEER Ana Richburg GREET SUN 9-2 VOLUNTEER John Gillis (Precision Gaming) PITCH SUN 9-2 VOLUNTEER Gregory Harris-Jones @Serolis PITCH SUN 9-2 VOLUNTEER Allen Chamberland @alleenc CONSOLE SUPPORT SUN 1-6 LEADER Angela DiMare @aradiadarling LEAD/PITCH SUN 1-6 VOLUNTEER Rebecca Strauss @BeccaCora GREET SUN 1-6 VOLUNTEER Simon Strauss @kineticmedic PITCH SUN 1-6 VOLUNTEER Christine Reale-Strauss PITCH SUN 1-6 VOLUNTEER David DiMare CONSOLE SUPPORT
  9. stodd.ELBoston

    PAX East

    DAY TIME POSITION NAME ROLE FRI 9-2 Leader Eric Richburg @PotatoTaco LEAD FRI 9-2 Volunteer Luis Cardona @The Guat CONSOLE SUPPORT FRI 9-2 Volunteer Merissa Johnson @Merissa PITCH FRI 9-2 Volunteer David Kinghorn @Robop1g PITCH FRI 1-6 Leader Angela DiMare @aradiadarling LEAD FRI 1-6 Volunteer David DiMare CONSOLE SUPPORT FRI 1-6 Volunteer Emma McGowan PITCH FRI 1-6 Volunteer Patrick McGowan PITCH SAT 9-2 Leader Danielle Standring @DMo2TheMax LEAD SAT 9-2 Volunteer Melissa @thats_spinach PITCH SAT 9-2 Volunteer Jessica Selberg @SassyJ PITCH SAT 9-2 Volunteer Kerry Selberg @KriptiKFate CONSOLE SUPPORT SAT 1-6 Leader Angela DiMare @aradiadarling LEAD SAT 1-6 Volunteer David DiMare CONSOLE SUPPORT SAT 1-6 Volunteer Grace Taverna PITCH SAT 1-6 Volunteer Todd Standring PITCH SUN 9-2 Leader Danielle Standring @DMo2TheMax LEAD SUN 9-2 Volunteer Todd Standring PITCH SUN 9-2 Volunteer Sam MacDonald CONSOLE SUPPORT SUN 9-2 Volunteer Merissa Johnson @Merissa PITCH SUN 1-6 Leader Melissa @thats_spinach LEAD SUN 1-6 Volunteer Greg Harris-Jones @Serolis PITCH SUN 1-6 Volunteer Amelia Ott @Oporotheca CONSOLE SUPPORT SUN 1-6 Volunteer Maya Gagne PITCH
  10. until
    We are offically in for this show. SAT 9-2 Leader Danielle Standring @DMo2TheMax SAT All Leader Angela DiMare-Messier @aradiadarling SAT All Volunteer David DiMare-Messier SUN 9-2 Leader SUN 9-2 Volunteer David Kinghorn @Robop1g SUN 1-6 Leader SUN 1-6 Volunteer Simon Strauss @kineticmedic
  11. Anime Boston Calendar Event Once again, we have space at Anime Boston. We can have all hands on deck, as many badges as we need. So volunteer away. I set only so many shifts, but on Saturday, we can never have too many people. Comes with a weekend badge to AB.
  12. Supermegafest Calendar Event And just like that we have another confirmed event. Supemegafest 4/7-4/9/2017 Shifts and schedule are up for Sat and Sun. I will go out and set up on Friday and man the table that evening if anyone wants to join me. We will be going with the table top/non powered edition, seeing that the area that the comp tables are in are usually not powered and thankfully due to some other outside forces, we we able to finagle power last time, but don't want to push our luck this time. So this con we will highlight the table top/card/dice game possibilities for Extra Life.
  13. On top of our booth there, the Anime Boston staff has asked if we'd be able to lend a few hands to assist with running the Saturday tournament. This is the tournament that our table gets mistaken for every year. So we are putting it out there to see if 2 of you folks woudl like to assist them from approximately 1- 4 PM. This would be totally seprate from any shift at the extra life booth and you are not required to do both. So if you're interested in going to Anime Boston with a free weekend badge, like video game tournaments, and are willing to give them a few hours help in turn for the badge. Let us know.
  14. Hey Folks, We finished a great year. Thanks agian to all involved. Final totals for the year. 1710 Participants ( 2nd overall) $260K ( 4th Overall) **I think this is a new record total for Boston Children's!!! Guild VP Position From the previous post, we are taking applications for the Guild VP position. So far we've had a few applicants, and we are looking at them. More to come. Meetings We are not having a January meeting. There was no availability at our meeting space, and with the holiday response from Microsoft was too late to get in for the first week. Our next meeting dates are Feb 8th and Mar 8th, with a official 2017 kick off meeting aimed at first week of April. Events/Cons We have table space at Arisia next weekend. With the tables being in the same location as last year we are just going with a flyer table, unmanned. This con was not very prodictive for us with the tables in that space. (I will be at Arisia all weekend and will supply the table with Flyers.) We already have 2 cons for March!!! Northeast Comic Con has moved to Mar 4th/5th in Hanover. It has been added to the calendar, once we have more details, we will update. PAX East!!!! - I know we have a booth, and exhibitor badges. Location will be on the floor again like last year. Once I have final details we will update the calendar. Anime Boston - 3/31-4/2 - We have our normal space in the gaming room. More details to come. Spring Supermegafest - Will know more in a couple weeks if we will have a space at Spring Megafest, stand by. Looking forward to another amazing year with all of you amazing folks.
  15. stodd.ELBoston


    Fan Table at Arisia. Flyers and promo only
  16. We've had a wondefull year. Thanks you to Eric Richburg, @PotatoTaco for being a fantastic Vice President. It is unfortunate, but for great reasons Eric is stepping down. With a Family, a house and school, keeping on as Guild VP is a tall task. Eric will still be involved, but will step back into a contributor role. Thanks again for everything!! If you’re interested in serving as the Vice-President of the Extra Life Boston Guild for the 2017 year, apply today! Applications are due by January 9th. Selections will be made based on application and interview conducted by staff from Boston Children’s Hospital and CMN Hospitals. Questions? Contact VP Responsibilities: •Stay informed about local gaming related events and secure 3-5 recruitment opportunities. •Coordinate and schedule members to attend recruitment events. •Maintain a calendar of upcoming recruitment events. •Publish confirmed upcoming Guild events on the Community Calendar located on the Official Extra Life Community Forums. •Provide updates at monthly meetings on upcoming opportunities and ask for Guild member volunteer sign ups. •Communicate volunteer needs on the Guild’s Forum page and use Guild’s Facebook Page to administer and track those needs. •Educate/train members on role and responsibilities as volunteers (hospital can provide speaking points) •Manage the volunteer supplies (posters, flyers, etc.) •Support the president in performance of duties, filling in as necessary.
  17. Hey Everybody. So we've officially had out last event before Game Day. We finished strong with about 40 sign ups at Supermegafest. A great Job to all that volunteered this weekend. @Chi, @Kelsey, @DMo2TheMax, @PotatoTaco,@3dge, @aradiadarling and David!! We still have one more con in Dec (3rd/4th) but being after game day, this is our game with the public con. (Northeast Comic Con) We will be there to keep awareness up and to just have fun with the crowd. This year has seemed challenging. Some shows we had to really push for sign ups, others we had a suprising reponse. All in all, we had great efforts from everyone. Thanks to all. Its you guys that make us so successful every year. With that being said, we're not done by a long shot. Even though we've had our last event that we are recruiting at, we can all still spread the word and try and get participants to sign up in our daily lives. Also, now is the time to switch or put most of your focus on your fundraising. Make sure you're gettign your links out there to family and friends. You can still get your donations in through 12/31 via your pages, but any offline donations have to be in by the end of November , I believe in order to be processed by the end of the year totals. Before the Supermegafest additions were stitting at 1249 participants as oif this morning. 2nd place to WA (1800) and ust above CA (1226) Lets keep up the push to sign people up. We won't be having a meeting prior to game day and we'll most likely take December off to recoup and rest. We'll look to schedule somethign early Jan to celebrate and tout our totals. Until then, push on, keep signing people up, keep psuhing fundraising and then in 2 weeks...... Game on!!! Thank you all for an great hard worked year!!! #FTK!!!!!
  18. until
    SuperMegaFest Site We have a booth at Mega fest!!!! We will have 4 badges available. So if anyone is already buying badges please let us know. Date/Time Position Name Fri 2 PM - 9 PM Leader Shawn Todd @stodd.ELBoston (Set Up and Shift) Sat 9 AM - 2 PM Leader Angela DiMare-Messier @aradiadarling Sat 9 AM - 2 PM Volunteer David DiMare-Messier Sat 1 PM - 6 PM Leader Devon Cote @3dge Sat 1 PM - 6 PM Volunteer Danielle Standring @DMo2TheMax Sun 9 AM - 2 PM Leader Eric Chi @Chi Sun 9 AM - 2 PM Volunteer Kelsey Lamb @Kelsey Sun 1 PM - 5 PM Leader Eric Richburg @PotatoTaco Sun 1 PM - 5 PM Volunteer Danielle Standring @DMo2TheMax ** ** May be releasd from this shift if more volunteers come in. SHOW HOURS: Friday, October 21st: 4:00 pm – 9:00 pm Saturday, October 22nd: 10:30 am – 6:00 pm Sunday, October 23rd: 10:30 am – 5:00 pm
  19. Supermegafest Calendar Event Schedule for Megafest is up. We have limited badges, so if anyone is alreaedy attending and buying a badge, please note that when you volunteer.
  20. CIC in Cambridge is hosting a gaming day on Nov 5th for Extra Life Game Day. If you want to get out of the house and game a portion of your marathon with other passionate gamers. Check out the event link. Game Day at CIC Facebook Event
  21. Be on the lookout in your emails for details for group ordering our guild shirts/apparel. If you did not get an email from me, please let me know and give me an email top send the details to.
  22. Boston FIG Calendar Event Event link is up. Open to everyone to spend some time and come enjoy the show. (Badges are $10)
  23. until
    Boston FIG OK Folks, Boston FIG Sat 9/10 (One day event). Open to as many volunteers as want to be there. ($10 badges) register at the above link or buy a badge day of at the ticket booth. The show is from 9 AM to 6 PM. So we're not going to set shift per se, we want to have a open group of people wandering and manning the booth. So please let us know what works for you, come enjoy the show for the day and spend a couple hours at the booth.
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