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Found 3 results

  1. Artscape is a huge festival in Baltimore City. The Baltimore Office of Promotion & Arts hosts a smaller event within the festival called Gamescape, in which indie developers promote their games as a form of artwork. This is a moderately high traffic event with good recruiting, however our audience will not be as targeted as it is at other events. This event can be very busy at times, and will require a minimum of two to three volunteers during high traffic times in order to gain maximum benefit from our presence. There is no limit to the number of volunteers that can attend this event. If you are not scheduled, please feel free to stop by and man the table for a while! It can get very crowded, but we got lucky this year and are at the end of a row (and near the bathrooms). This is a great location and will make it easier to move in and out of the booth. SCHEDULE Friday 9 AM to 11 AM @Sarah 10 AM to 2 PM includes partial table setup @Aaron 1 PM to 7 PM @Shojin 3 PM to 9 PM includes booth breakdown and lockup @NodnarbDude Saturday 10 AM to 3 PM @Shojin @Emokidcries 3 PM to 9 PM includes booth breakdown and lockup @jbooth117 @Ceraph1216 Sunday 10 AM to 7 PM includes booth breakdown and lockup @Sarah 11:30 AM to 3 PM or later @NodnarbDude Please wear your issued badges to this event. PARKING Please plan on parking 30 minutes to 1 hour prior to your volunteering shift. Traffic in the city gets heavy in the late morning, particularly on Friday and Saturday and Artscape causes many road closures. It may become harder to find a garage that is not full on Saturday or Sunday. If at all possible, park at the Fitzgerald parking garage. The Fitzgerald Garage 1201 West Mt. Royal Avenue (Note: the garage is located on Oliver Street - between Maryland and Mt. Royal) Hours: 24/7; Contact: 410.837.6573; Height Restriction: 6’10” Penn Station Lot 21 East Lanvale Street Hours: 24/7; Contact: 410.685.2700 Penn Station Garage 1511 N. Charles Street (No Access from Charles Street during Festival) Hours: 24/7; Contact: 410.783.0213; Height Restriction: 7’ Reservations for Parking Volunteers who will be driving to the convention will incur parking expenses. These parking expenses will not be reimbursed, however they can be written off at your end-of-year tax return as volunteer expenses. Please be sure to request a receipt if you use cash-paid event parking. Retain a copy of your receipts for your tax records. PUBLIC TRANSIT Artscape has a guilde to using public transit here: Volunteers who take public transit to the convention will incur transit expenses. These transit expenses will not be reimbursed, however they can be written off at your end-of-year tax return as volunteer expenses. Retain a copy of your receipts for your tax records. EXPLORING THE EVENT During your volunteer shift (especially since coverage is going to be minimal), you are not permitted to attend performances, however short breaks to explore nearby vendors will be allowed if there is adequate coverage. You are expected to be present at the table and actively recruiting future Extra Life participants. Before or after your volunteer shift, you are welcome to explore the event. Please feel free to roam the event before or after your volunteer shift. There will be live music, vendors, and artists. This is a fairly typical, though large, street festival. If you attend the event, please be sure to remove/conceal your Extra Life name badge. Before, during, and after your shift — especially every minute that you wear your badge — you are representing Extra Life, Johns Hopkins Children's Center, and the Extra Life Baltimore Guild. Artscape has generously waived their fees for us in order to make it possible for us to attend and volunteer at this event, and this event is often a significant contribution to our total recruitment. It is very important that we maintain a great relationship with the staff at Artscape, Gamescape, BOPA, and University of Baltimore so that we can continue to attend. Remember, you are representing a children's charity. Use common sense, and check with @Sarah if you aren't sure if the performance or event you'd like to attend is appropriate. It doesn't appear that they have an app or a Guidebook this year, but you can find the schedule at LUNCHES AND POTTY BREAKS If you need to take a quick bathroom break and you do not have backup coverage at the table, please take any loose valuable items with you (i.e. laptops, tablets, cell phones). There will be a small lock box available in our booth as well. There are bathrooms located in the building very near to our table. If you have backup coverage at the booth and need to leave to get food or take a bathroom break, please be courteous and let the other volunteer know that you are leaving the table. There are food vendors outside the UB building but they are outrageously expensive. It is strongly suggested to pack a lunch if possible. SIGNING UP TO VOLUNTEER Please let us know when you can volunteer. I will update the event with confirmed volunteer names below the shifts they have agreed to work. We need one volunteer minimum per shift to start off with, however extra coverage during periods that there is a badge free would be appreciated! For additional details, please message @Sarah, @NodnarbDude or @Ceraph1216. Volunteers will receive ongoing updates and instructions throughout the week and during the festival. Thanks so very much for donating your time and energy for the kids!
  2. First, I'd like to give big thanks to @NodnarbDude, @Aaron and @KJCoin (and a golf clap for myself) for volunteering to cover this long weekend. It was a lot of hours, and in several cases we did not have extra coverage for lunches and potty breaks. You guys made some big sacrifices to make it happen this weekend! Thanks again, so very much, for all your hard work. Our final results for the weekend as tallied is a grand total of 81 unique new Extra-Life sign-ups! Unfortunately, I know of at least one person who chose a Virginia hospital, but in general we made some big progress for our local hospital, Johns Hopkins Children's Center! That's approximately 3 sign-ups per hour for each hour our table/booth was open at the event. Since on average for each sign up results in $100 raised, we can approximate that our efforts this weekend raised $8000 for our local hospital. Great job, guys! The best practice for events, as published in the Guild Handbook, is to seek events that would average 10 sign-ups per hour. I personally am not confident that potential exists at Gamescape; Artscape is a very, very large event but the total visitors through the Gamescape space were a small percentage of the total turnout, and were not limited to our target demographic. We could also potentially improve our sign-ups per hour by reducing our total staffing/"open" hours at the event and concentrating them for the times with the highest foot traffic. That said, for our first time tabling the event I think we did a lot of things right and we clearly still made an impact! If you volunteered this weekend, please fill out the post-event survey I created at the link below. We want to ensure you are having the best possible volunteer experience, and that we are getting the most out of every event that we ask you to participate in. Please feel free to reply to this post to further discuss the event, our results, and what we should focus on for next time. Thanks again, everyone!
  3. until
    Gamescape is part of the larger Artscape Festival in Baltimore, MD. Gamescape is a showcase of video games and the creative people behind them. Learn more here: We will be staffing a table/booth at Gamescape in hopes of recruiting new Extra Lifers to participate in this year's Game Day. Details of booth setup will be ironed out at this week's guild meeting. We are in need of volunteer coverage for the following windows: Friday 11 am - 6 pm includes booth setup @NodnarbDude 4 pm - 11 pm @KJCoin Saturday 10:30 am - 3 pm @NodnarbDude 10:30 am - 5 pm @Aaron 12 pm - 7 pm @Sarah 4 pm - 11 pm @KJCoin Sunday 10:30 am - 5 pm @Sarah 2 pm - 9 pm includes booth breakdown @NodnarbDude Please let us know when you can volunteer. I will update the event with confirmed volunteer names below the shifts they have agreed to work. We need one volunteer minimum per shift, however extra coverage would be appreciated! For additional details, please message @Sarah, @NodnarbDude or @Ceraph1216. You can also visit the related forum post here: Gamescape Schedule
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