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Found 26 results

  1. As part of our annual induction ceremony, Extra Life Baltimore Guild members and volunteers take the following pledge upon receiving their volunteer badge for the year: "Upon accepting this badge, I pledge to dedicate myself to supporting the mission of Extra Life. I promise to serve as a role model to the gaming community, and as a friend to my fellow Guild Members. I promise to conduct myself in a manner that honors the sick and injured children we help and the memory of those we couldn’t." Our Officers, in all their glory and sacrifice, take an additional oath before taking office: "As a steward of the Extra Life Baltimore Guild, I pledge to support my guild members to the best of my ability. I promise to conduct myself with professionalism and respect when I am representing the guild." I'm so moved by the dedication of our volunteer team, and I'm excited that we're able to continue to build new traditions as we grow each year. Thank you to everyone who took our Guild Pledge in the February Elections, Awards, and Induction Ceremony. We couldn't do this without you! If you would like to join the Extra Life Baltimore Guild, please complete our Guild Application.
  2. Drum roll please....we're offer more opportunities in 2018 for YOU to get involved and share your talents to further grow our ATL Extra Life program. To top it off we're hoping to host an inaugural game day event in ATL this fall. To do this, we've created a few more guild committee positions----which greatly lessens the responsibilities per committee member, but ultimately boosts our extra life community and the kids we support! Lou, Liz, Mike, and the amazing Extra Life team at CMNH are also rolling out a few new national leadership structures in spring that we'll merge into our 2018 committee plan as well----making a more awesome---AND manageable--- way for more people to get involved in Extra Life without getting overwhelmed. The best part about this is: we have the opportunity to make it our own and create a committee that best serves the needs and interests of our ATL Extra Life community! This means if you're not 100% sold on all the aspects of one of the roles listed problem! Share your interests in the application---and once we see where everyone's interests are, we'll adjust the outline below to best fit our community. We are still seeking passionate committee members to join our team and support local Extra Life efforts. We just need YOU to take a few minutes to complete the application below and email it to The committee position descriptions are listed on page 2 and 3 of the attached 2018 committee document. Both of the docs below are also available on google docs. The committee hosts a monthly call while working together to save kids’ lives through rallying and connecting local gaming communities in support of CMN Hospitals. Please reach out to me via or 404.785.7366 with any questions. I'm looking forward to another incredible year with the Extra Life Atlanta community---and making an even bigger impact on our kids at Children's! Beth Agee Documents below also available here: 2018 Extra Life Committee Description.pdf Edited February 9 by Beth UPDATE DATE 2018 Extra Life ATL_Leadership Committee Application_CHOA.pdf
  3. Hey everybody! My name is Drew, and I'm with the Baltimore Guild. We have a table confirmed for Otakon and since it's in DC this year, I thought I would reach out and see if anyone would be able to help us staff the table. Otakon is one of the busiest recruitment events of the year for us, so any help you can give would be greatly appreciated! If you're able to help at all, please let us know on our official calendar event: Thanks! ~ Drew
  4. Hey everybody! Otakon is a little over a week away and we're in need of volunteers. Otakon is one of our busiest events of the year, so it would be great if we could get a lot of table coverage without burning people out. If you're going to be there and would like to help out (or if you don't already have a badge and want to see what all the fuss is about) please head over to the forums and respond to our calendar event: Even if you can only help out for a couple hours, every little bit helps! Thanks guys, and keep up the great work.
  5. We need volunteers to help us man (or woman?) the table for the weekend. We will need Friday volunteers to come early to help set up the table and Sunday volunteers to stay late to break it down.This one is a little special as the more people we have to work, the more of the convention you get to see.Please volunteer by clicking the link below to sign up for a day. I'll go in and assign slots if we have enough people!
  6. until
    We need volunteers to help us man (or woman?) the table for the weekend. We will need Friday volunteers to come early to help set up the table and Sunday volunteers to stay late to break it down. This one is a little special as the more people we have to work, the more of the convention you get to see. Please volunteer by clicking the link below to sign up for a day. I'll go in and assign slots if we have enough people!
  7. Beth

    MomoCon Kudos!

    Huge congratulations to everyone who participated in MomoCon this weekend #FTK. Thanks to your hard work and coordination 110 people registered for Extra Life with over 70 supporting Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. We look forward to seeing a few new faces at upcoming Extra Life events!
  8. Hey Albany, Last meeting was pretty productive and we have a lot of events coming up that we could use some volunteers for. May 6 - 7. Saratoga Comic Con (used to be Chase Con) June Albany ComicCon Spring Edition July Electric City Comic Con (Schenectady) July 2nd Annual Pokemon Go Walk (Washington Park Albany) May or June Epic Guild Game Day... Details will be coming soon. The dates of all the Comic Cons are currently up in our calendar if you need exact dates. Please note that the Pokemon Go Wlak and the Game day still don't have dates just yet. If you want to volunteer to help recruit people at these events, please let us know here! Cheers,
  9. RavenCon 12 is April 28-30th at the DoubleTree in Williamsburg, VA. This year we have 3 badges available to those willing to offer some time to work the Extra-Life table. This is a great recruitment opportunity. There's lots of gamers in the community that attend this convention and need to hear about Extra-Life. The badges will go to the first 3 people who offer to work the table for at least 4 hours during the convention. They can be split into two chunks of two hours if preferred. More would be greatly appreciated but make sure to enjoy yourself at the convention as well. The hours that need coverage are listed below, so claim whatever time you can. First come, first serve. Friday: 5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. Saturday: 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Sunday: 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. We're looking to maximize coverage so please try to minimize overlap when scheduling time. Already headed to RavenCon and can't do 4 hours? You're still welcome to spend some time at the table and help out. Reply to this thread (or to the e-mail coming soon) if you're looking to cover any table time so we can give you the details you need about materials and badges. Lastly, thanks to Jillian for helping us get this table.
  10. We need your help!!! We are looking for volunteers to work the Extra Life booth at MaloogaCon (details here: ) Saturday April 1st from 10am to 8pm Sunday April 2nd from Noon to 6pm Please tell us which times and days you are available. We're going to ask for a minimum of 2 hours (you can volunteer for more). Ideally we'd like to have 4 people at all times, so volunteer for as much or as little as you can please. Thank you in advance For The Kids! #FTK
  11. until
    This is a 21+ event for volunteers! You must bring a valid ID in order to volunteer! Thanks! Albuquerque Hopfest will showcase local breweries from around our state. Let's show them what a great opportunity to give back Extra Life can be to support our local Children's Miracle Network Hospital UNM-CH! This will be a longer volunteer time need as each volunteer beyond our 3rd will require a $10 entry fee to the event. When: 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM Saturday August 27th Where: Isleta Resort and Casino 11000 Broadway Blvd SE, Albuquerque, NM 87105 Get in touch with @GeneraLedger @omni_prime or @islander if you are interested in this event or for more information! Thanks again guys!
  12. Happy Monday! I know many of you whisked your little ones off to the first day of school today. I hope everything went well and was all smiles I've attached notes from last night's meeting--THERE'S A TON OF INFORMATION AND LOTS OF FOLLOW-UP EVENT POSTS/CHALLENGES heading your way, so be on the lookout for these on the forum this week. We're less than 100 days from Game Day and we have high hopes for this to be the best year yet! Keep up the great work and please don't hesitate to reach out. Thank you for your continued commitment to gaming #ForTheKids! 7.31.2016JulyExtraLifeGuildMeetingAgenda_with notes.docx
  13. Hey Newark Guild! So I'm very excited to announce that the Newark Guild has a booth secured for Walker Stalker Con New Jersey at the New Jersey Convention & Expo Center in Edison! We will be there both days, July 9th and 10th! Is anyone available to help man the booth? We have a few people who may be available, including myself, but I've suffered a bit of an injury, so I could use some help getting equipment in and out of the con! Any help would be greatly appreciated! -Brian Remite Newark Guild President
  14. until
    We have a booth at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival! We'll need volunteers. Volunteers MUST have a costume!
  15. until
    Kansas City Comicon is August 12 to 14 at Bartle Hall. We will have a booth and need volunteers to work the booth and recruit for EL! One of the founders of CMN is coming and we want to impress!
  16. until
    Nashville Zoovie Night - June 24th from 6pm - 10pm. We'll need to have an interactive booth, meaning we'll have to have the same set up as the Telethon to play games with kids - to waive the fee. Still not sure if we're doing this one either, as we are still looking for volunteers! Once again, please let us know if anyone can attend.
  17. Kardde

    Nashville Flea Market

    Nashville Flea Market - June 25th - 26th. Times are Saturday 7am - 6pm and Sunday 7am - 4pm. Covers two days. We still need volunteers for this!!! Please let us know if you can attend!
  18. Posting in case you don't get the emails - _________________________________________ Hello all, Anime St. Louis is fast-approaching! It'll be next weekend, starting at 5:00 pm on Friday (5/13) and going until 5:00 pm on Sunday (5/15). It's going to be an awesome time, but we're still looking for more volunteers to help us run the table that we'll have there for Extra Life. I've heard back from a few folks already who are interested in helping out, but we definitely need more! If you're interested in volunteering at all for next weekend (even if you're only available for an hour) and will have the means to get to the St. Charles Convention Center, then let me know the time(s) that you have available. I hope to have a volunteer schedule ready within the next few days. Our table will be located on the second floor of the convention area, and we'll be placed in an area that will not require badges for entry, so there's no restrictions on how many volunteers we can have throughout the weekend. As an added bonus, our table will include 2 guest passes that we can rotate out amongst our volunteers. This means that if you don't have your own badge but would like to check out the merch hall or one of the events/panels while you're there, you could certainly borrow one of our guest passes and return it after you're done. That's all I've got for now! Let me know if you're interested in volunteering this weekend and we'll go from there! _________________________________________ If you are able to help please email Alex at
  19. Every year, a 24-hour fundraising event is held to raise money to help sick kids and their families who utilize the services at CHEO. This event is the CHEO Telethon, broadcast each year on CTV - hold up, did you think I was talking about Extra Life? Well, this year, Extra Life is joining up with the CHEO Telethon and we're getting our game on early at the EY Centre! That's right, the Ottawa Extra Life guild is looking for dedicated gamers of all persuasions to join us for 24 hours of gaming fun at the EY Centre during the CHEO Telethon! Consider it a practice run for Game Day, if you will! Have you got what it takes to game for 24 hours, knowing that your Hour 20 mugshot might end up on live television? We're still working out some of the logistics of our event, but we're anticipating room for approximately 20-25 people to help show Ottawa what Extra Life is all about. We'll have couches and consoles, computer stations waiting for your beast of a PC, the most perfect tabletops for intense Carcassonne sessions or pen and paper campaigns... If you want to play, we'll do what we can to help! Let's turn this into a discussion about what kinds of games you would want to do during the telethon, and what you would need to be comfortable for a marathon of Extra Life proportions! So when exactly is the Telethon? Gaming Setup - Saturday, June 4th: 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM Telethon - Saturday, June 4th to Sunday, June 5th: 7:00 PM - 7:00 PM Clean up - Sunday, June 5th: 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM So, with that all out of the way - will you join us? Are you a veteran Extra Lifer that wants to join us in gaming up a storm? Are you new to Extra Life and want to game with a group just as enthusiastic as you are? A word of warning - Though our area is not anticipated to be directly filmed, participants may be involved in the 2015 Extra Life cheque presentation or interviews, which will be shown on LIVE TELEVISON. We are also planning on streaming our side of the event live on Twitch.TV. This event is not for the camera-shy among us. Please respond to this post, or send me a message, and let us know if you want to participate. At this time, everybody who participates is expected to stay for the duration of the event - barring unforeseen circumstances, of course. There will be food available (more information to come later), and we will confirm shortly regarding personal snacks/drinks. All participants must be already registered for Extra Life 2016 - as Community accounts are not directly linked to your fundraising page, I will be contacting everybody who is confirmed to be attending to find their account. This is so that we can accurately track the fundraising of participants during the telethon while we discuss our initiative live on TV! Come on! Get your game on! TL;DR : 24 Hour CHEO Telethon = 24 Hour Extra Life event! What do you want to play? What do you need to make this a fun, successful weekend?
  20. Hello everybody! We're coming up fast on Ottawa Comiccon, the largest Ottawa-area geeky event of the year™. This is going to be our biggest opportunity to do some recruiting for Extra Life! Do you know what that means? We’re looking for volunteers once again! We need a minimum of two more volunteers per day of Ottawa Comiccon to help run our Extra Life booth - this way we have at least 3 people at the booth during our expected peak hours. We have our own booth space this year, Booth 227, and we'll be sitting comfy on a big couch - kicking back, playing games, and spreading the Extra Life word! We have a few transferable passes (daily basis) that our volunteers will be using. Shifts we’re looking to fill: Friday, May 13th: 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM Saturday, May 14th: 11:00 AM to 4:30 PM 12:30 PM to 6:00 PM Sunday, May 15th: 10:30 AM to 3:00 PM 12:30 PM to 5:00 PM 1:00 PM to 5:30 PM Please respond to this post, and let us know if you want to volunteer. In your post, tell us the days and the times you are available. We can provide a daily pass to those who are available to help out, but we have a limited number we can provide. If you're available for most of the day, but you just have to go to [insert celebrity photo session here], tell us that too! Volunteering doesn't mean you'll miss out on everything Comiccon has to offer - It means you'll get to enjoy Comiccon AND help out Extra Life! We can definitely move shifts around to make sure everybody has the best weekend possibleTM. If you have already purchased your tickets and are interested in volunteering, we want your help! If you are able to help out for an hour or two during down times in your schedule, we would love to slot you in. The more people to help out, the more fun everybody gets to have, and the more we are able to engage with the community! Ideally, we will have five people signed up for volunteer shifts on each day. This way, nobody is stuck volunteering for 6+ hours without getting to explore and enjoy Comiccon. What are our goals? As of the beginning of May, CHEO had 52 Extra Lifers signed up in support, with a total of $935.00 raised. As we mentioned at the last meeting, our main goal is to increase our participant numbers - every person we register brings in an average of $100 for CHEO! Leading up to Comiccon, try to focus on the "low hanging fruit" - friends, family members, coworkers, anybody who has shown an interest in participating, but just hasn't registered yet. If every member of the guild can get 2-3 people signed up, we'll have doubled the number of participants with 6 months left to go. Then, add those numbers to the people we hope to recruit at Ottawa Comiccon. Last year, we recruited approximately 200 people during the weekend - this ended up being half of the total people registered for 2015! This year, we have our own booth space and a much larger Extra Life presence. Let's blow last year's numbers out of the water! As with last year, our goal is to engage every single person who comes to the booth, and help them to register right then and there. So what are you waiting for?!
  21. Folks, The Calendar Event is created for PAX East. Please feel free to RSVP there and post you preferred shifts. You may leave comments here on the post, however, only comments/posts on the calendar event will be considered for volunteer shifts. (just to keep all the requests in one place, please) PAX East Event Calendar Link Also the shift structure is subject to change as we get more details finalized for PAX, so stay tuned.
  22. Hello Atlanta Guild members! We're kicking off our recruiting efforts this year with the annual AndoCon Gaming Convention held at the Atlanta Marriott Perimeter Center hotel from March 11th - March 13th. The Atlanta Guild will have a table at this event which we will use to spread the word about Extra Life and to recruit new members. We are looking for 2 volunteers to man the table during 1 (or more) of 6 times slots. If you are interested in volunteering, please post below with your desired time slot (first come, first served). You may also request multi time slots if you so desire. We're looking to have 2 people for each 4 hour shift throughout the weekend. Shift 1: Friday March 11th, 10am - 2pm = Vadath, Irashumase Shift 2: Friday March 11th, 2pm - 6pm = 2 volunteers needed Shift 3: Saturday March 12th, 10am - 2pm = raebucher, 1 volunteer needed Shift 4: Saturday March 12th, 2pm - 6pm = Zyaldar, 1 volunteer needed Shift 5: Sunday March 13th, 10am - 2pm = MrD1sturbed, Chris Sands Shift 6: Sunday March 13th, 2pm - 6pm (or close) = Vadath, Irashumase Thanks in advance for your help and commitment to the cause!
  23. As we draw closer to the start of 2016, we're already hard at work lining up events for the year. Some of the events we know so far are: Arisia (Jan) Boskone (Feb) Anime Boston (Mar) PAX East (Apr) Northeast Comic Con (Jun) I've also reached out the following cons to see if we can get a presence: MASSive Con (Jun) Walker Stalker Boston (Jul) TotalCon (Feb) So with that being out there, we should start looking to strengthen our forces. We need new blood. We have a great core of people working in the guild, however those core people need help. Can everyone take some time and look at your fellow extra life friends, maybe approach them about coming to our meetings, volunteering for some events. You all know your extra life friends, and you probably know which of them would be passionate about EL. Lets start networking those people into the guild. On top of the efforts to strengthen our team, we will be going through some leadership changes this year. More to come on that in the next few weeks. These changes are good, and we hope that some new leadership experience/insight will re-energize the group. Please, take some time, engage on here your thoughts of how we can strengthen and grow this team. Any incentives to keep guildies going, or efforts to retain guildies. Let hear it.. Lastly, THANK YOU again for everything and everyone that made 2015 a success. Let's do it all again in 2016 and do it bigger and better!!
  24. Please go to the Boston FIG Calendar Link and RSVP to volunteer. @Chi will be heading this one up. Boston FIG Calendar Link
  25. Volunteer schedules are up and ready for your volunteering pleasure at the calendar link. Please go there and RSVP and let us know what shifts you would like. Granite State Comic Con Calendar Event
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