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Found 27 results

  1. Join us for our next two meeting dates: Both events will have social and game time, so come out and chat and share your passion for Extra Life!
  2. until
    Join us to chat about fundraising efforts for Extra Life in the Richmond area and play some games with other Extra Lifers! Our September meeting will be held at Bobby's house in Henrico.
  3. Hello all, check out the meeting this Saturday to talk about Extra Life efforts in Richmond! Please let us know if you can make it, so we know how many to expect. If you can only make 30 minutes of the meeting, we'd still love to see you! PM either Bobby or me for his address so we don't post it all over the internet. We look forward to seeing you there.
  4. until
    Join us to chat about fundraising efforts for Extra Life in the Richmond area and play some games with other Extra Lifers! Monday night is board game night at Garden Grove. We hope you can join us!
  5. until
    Join us to chat about fundraising efforts for Extra Life in the Richmond area. Come share your plans for the marathon this fall and maybe play a board game or two! We'll be meeting at Bobby's house at 2 p.m. Bring a snack to share, if you like. Please send either Bobby or me a PM for his address. It's out in the Henrico area in the West End.
  6. until
    Join us for a cookout to chat about Extra Life and enjoy some time with your fellow philanthropic geeks! Location is TBD, but we're looking for an outdoor venu with a grill. We'll update the posting when we have the location locked down.
  7. Please join us for a tour of the CHoR Children's Pavilion on May 17th at 4 p.m.! Space is limited, so make sure you RSVP via the calendar:
  8. Join us at Garden Grove on Monday May 15 for a quick meeting and then games! RSVP for the event here.
  9. until
    Join us at Garden Grove brewery in Carytown to discuss what's going on for Richmond Extra Lifers. After our short discssuion of business we'll play some board games and (maybe) have a beer or two! Support a local brewery and join us! Click here for more information about the venue.
  10. until
    Join us in touring the Children's Hospital of Richmond at VCU Children's Pavilion. See where CHoR at VCU provides outpatient pediatric care and find out how funds donated to the Children's Hospital benefit peds patients in central Virginia! Sign up here to guarantee a spot on the tour. We have space for ten people total. We look forward to seeing you!
  11. Extra Life Guild meeting minutes 10-23-16 Meeting and pizza celebration at Ardent brewery started at 3:30 pm Members present Jillian R Keith W Bobby F Justin Joey Ryan Pres 1. Updates on numbers from 2015 at this time: $17,072 raised; 264 players 2016 $16,728 raised; 228 players We’re pretty much on point! Get the word out and post to social media! 2. Bobby hosted a stream with a CHoR patient, Ali on Oct 14. She was born 13 weeks premature, but is now eight years old. She’s been a patient at CHoR since birth and she participated with Bobby on stream on Oct. 14. In only 30 minutes she raised $140 dollars and has pledged to participate in Extra Life this year! 3. Jill and Keith will be at two years on the Guild leadership team, and Bobby will be entering into his second year. We need some fresh volunteers for the leadership team. Be considering who may be a good fit to participate for 2017, as Jill and Keith will be stepping down. Bobby may consider stepping into role as president, so we will have a VP and secretary position available. 4. Good luck on your Extra Life marathon this year. Wherever you may be gaming, please have fun and be safe! Be sure to send pics to the group so we can keep track of what everyone is up to this year!
  12. Extra Life Guild meeting 8/21/16 Meeting started at 3:15 p.m. at Bobby’s house. Played Spyfall after our meeting. Members present: Bobby - VP Keith - Secretary Andrew Kat Vinny Myles Pres Jackie Tesha Five events are coming up in the next month! Please respond to postings in the forums, on facebook, or leave a comment on these minutes and we’ll put you down. As we hear more from interested folks, we’ll keep you posted! OmegaCon (Charlottesville, VA) Aug 26-28 - We have two badges that will be shared among all volunteers at the event and passed to the next shift after completing. Wizard World Comic Con (Richmond, VA) Sept 9-11 - This will be at the Richmond Convention Center. Still awaiting confirmation on a volunteer table. Will update you when we know more! LEGO Brickfest Live (Richmond, VA) Sept 17-18 - A convention dedicated to LEGO enthusiasts with a focus on a slightly younger audience. There will be contests, exhibitions and things for sale. Should be a great crowd! Battlecon (Midlothian, VA) Sept 17-18 - A Pathfinder Society store convention at Battlegrounds in Midlothian. There will be a variety of Pathfinder games offered to both veterans and beginners. We’ll have volunteers around to talk to players about Extra Life. Chesterfield yard sale Sept 24 - Will benefit the Clover Hill math and science program. Interested parties can pay 25 dollars to rent a 2 parking space area to sell their own items. Kat and Andrew will be participating. Meet ups could be a good place to engage with the community! Volunteering expectations/information: Be passionate, engaged, and presentable. Stand up around the volunteer table and don’t bury your face in a book, DS or other distraction--you’re there to speak to people about something you enjoy! Share your Extra Life passion with them. Share our success! Gamers raised over $49,000 last year for CHoR at VCU! Know your elevator speech; have a 30-60 sec speech in mind to talk about what Extra Life is to you and what we’re working on accomplishing. Do you best to ask folks who are interested to sign up at the convention. Check out the two apps we have available to us to promote Extra Life, including the registration app.We have access to brochures and other promotional materials. Just ask us and we can help get you those items. People often lead with what information interests them when the conversation gets started. Appeal to their interests and connect those back to Extra Life We are behind in both participants (only slightly) and money raised (thinking someone had done a big fundraising event last year by now, so it could make sense) by this point last year. With just over two months to go, it's time to refocus and get RVA involved! Goals for next month: 200 participants $4,500 raised Considering Tues 9/20 at 6:30 p.m. as our next meeting! Will get information out to you when we have an exact date.
  13. until
    Join us to discuss upcoming events and plans for your Extra Life game day marathon! Also just come to geek out! Our meeting will be at Keith's apartment in Church Hill! Send a PM for the address if you're able to come.
  14. Jillian Ryan

    May Meeting!

    Hey Guys! Time for our May Meeting, brainstorming session and gaming time!! We're meeting at the Center of the Universe Brewing Co. Located here: 11293 Air Park Rd, Ashland, VA 23005 Thanks to Mike for securing the location for us!
  15. Meeting began at 1:00 p.m. at Deeprun Park in Henrico. Cookout with all sorts of goodies and snacks on a blustery spring (but somehow felt like fall?) day Members present: Jill Mike Keith Rigby Jim Bobby Jackie Kat Ben Ashley Danny Nick Dallon Eduardo Andrew Kyle Brian Collin Vinny 1. Welcome and introductions 2. Role of the guild We help organize volunteers to attend events in the region to sign up people to play in the Extra Life marathon. We do not recruit to specific teams (though if new participants would like to join your team, that’s okay!), and we don’t even necessarily recruit for people to play for CHoR at VCU (though obviously we’d like them to!). We want to get gamers passionate about raising money for kids. We don’t go to events to raise funds. We go to get people excited. Please let Jill, Mike, or Keith know if you have questions about how the guild functions. 3. Review of events We got 16 sign-ups at the Zelda Symphony of the Goddess. Great job! RavenCon charges 80 dollars for a vendor table, so we will not be able to attend formally this year. We’ll have many members in attendance, however, so we’ll still have a presence there. We have a 3:00 p.m. panel on Saturday to talk about Extra Life. Show up and lend us your support! In talks with WizardWorld (9/9-9/11) to have a table there. Set your 3DS to street pass with information about Extra Life when you go to a con! OmegaCon (Aug 26-28) will have an Extra Life table. There’s a 24-hour game room this year and Ben is looking for console games/donations of working consoles to stock the game room. Please let us know if you have anything you’d like to donate! Battlegrounds store game day is in the works! We’ll have a date and more details forthcoming when the information becomes available. Will likely be held late Sept/early Oct. Buffalo Wild Wings on West Broad trivia May 18. Bobby’s team is hosting a trivia night starting at 6 p.m. with kids events (Wed is normally kid’s night). Trivia will start at 8 p.m. and 15% of proceeds go to Extra Life. National Tabletop Day - April 30th! Get out there and game! (and advertise for Extra Life!) Let us know. Slide the City is coming to RVA. Let us know if you have any ideas about hosting a table there. Free Comic Book Day - First Saturday in May - let’s think of ways we can meet up with local comic book geeks! Gamestop midnight releases - Uncharted, Overwatch, Mirror’s Edge, etc this upcoming month. Great month to canvass releases! Clover Hill high school yard sale - Usually in fall (October-ish) and usually big! We should consider getting a table as a guild and selling goods to donate sales proceeds to Extra Life. Misc. Ben works for Verizon and stated his company does charitable donations and other work. Maybe we could do some sort of collaboration with them. Sign up for the forums! They’re how we communicate as a guild and as an organization!
  16. Head here for information about April's meeting! We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible!
  17. until
    Join us for our April Extra Life Guild meeting at Deeprun park! We've reserved shelter #1, which is right next to the parking lot on the right just as you enter the park. Look for all the geeks! We'll be chatting about upcoming events, our goals, and recapping our launch meeting if you weren't able to make it. Bring your favorite game to play after the business is done! Please bring a dish to share. We have access to a grill so we can cook burgers, hot dogs, etc, for those of us inclined to do so. Please let us know if you have any food allergies!
  18. Extra Life Guild kick-off meeting 3/15/16 - CHoR at VCU conference room Brook Rd. campus Leadership present Jillian Ryan Keith Wick Amy Dickstein Members in attendance Bobby Collin Terry Zach Megan Kyle Eduardo Ashley Tesha Dalvon Vinny Chris Rigby Ernest Logan Kate Andrew Meeting started at 6:15 p.m. Follow the presentation by clicking the attached presentation file below. 1. Began with member introductions and free pizza to celebrate reaching last year’s recruitment challenge. For many present on Jill’s team, this is their 5th year in the marathon! Lots of veterans present, but several new folks, too. 2. Extra Life raised 8.3 million raised last year! The financial impact of EL gamers is far-reaching for children’s hospitals across the US and Canada! 2012: $12,405 86 players 2013: $18,281 213 players 2014: $29,820 245 players 2015: $48,416 373 players - Amazing growth! 3. Who is CHoR at VCU? Peds services at VCU Health encompassing all services and clinics across central Virginia. Downtown at the MCV campus is where critical care services are located. This year, the new Children’s Pavilion is opening next Monday (3/21) for services, which offers centralized pediatric outpatient services. We plan on offering hospital tours will this fall for both inpatient and outpatient services. CHoR at VCU sees over 66,000 children a year. The focus is on preserving and improving the health and lives of children while letting kids be kids! Virginia Treatment Center for Children (VTCC), CHoR’s mental health campus, opens Fall 2017. In 2014, VTCC had 950 inpatient admissions & 7,600 outpatient visits. Construction is currently underway next to the Brook Rd. campus. 4. Shared patient story about Audrey. 5. Discussed how funds raised by Extra Life are put to good use! Some hospital funding is provided by state funding, but a substantial portion of care is supplemented by charitable donations. Pediatric care, on average, is five times more expensive than adult care. Funds raised by programs like Extra Life go into an unrestricted fund and the Children’s Hospital meets every year to determine where the greatest hospital needs are to provide financial assistance. Equipment can make up a huge portion of that expense. Funds are supplied to critical needs or vital hospital initiatives. Amy is happy to answer any other questions about how funds are allocated. 6. What is an Extra Life Guild? We are a collection of the people who participate in the Extra Life marathon every year. We have a shared common interest in gaming and helping local kids, and our guild allows us to network with other gamers who share our passion by meeting monthly! Our guild focuses on sharing that passion with others. We focus on recruitment by attending local events to get the word out about how Extra Life improves the lives of local kids. Our guild is comprised of a President, Vice President, Secretary, and hospital support from the Children’s Hospital Foundation. Please feel free to ask any of us questions about anything! Last year was RVA’s first year as a guild and it make a demonstrable increase in our visibility, funds raised, and gamers registered to participate. This year, several more guild markets are launching. We're excited to have more guilds coming on board! 7. Extra Life United Keith discussed the gaming competition hosted in Orlando, FL at the Coronado Springs Resort Feb 23-26. Over 100 gamers attended to compete for funds for their local hospitals in console, PC, and tabletop game tracks. As a part of the Momentum conference, attendees were able to interact with CMN Champions and their families, corporate partners and other CMN employees. Twitch broadcast the competition live. It was a blast! Amy brought home an award for being the best hospital rep for Extra Life in the country! We're so proud to have her supporting our kids. Next year’s Extra Life United will be hosted March 21-24, 2017 at Walt Disney World. We need more gamers from RVA to compete and bring home the money for CHoR! 8. What next? Register to participate. Each year you must re-register to indicate your interest in participation. Register for the forums! This is where we send updates to you and discuss upcoming events. The group calendar has updates on conventions and other volunteer opportunities as well. NOTE: this is a separate login from your event registration. We'll be moving away from Facebook for sharing information in the future, so this will be your one-stop-shop for info. Next meeting: A vast majority of people in attendance agree that Sunday's are ideal for meetings. We will post the date for the next meeting this week! 9. Ended with a video about Dominic and his family. Watch that video here, but be prepared for some tears! This is a good example of why we do what we do. Meeting ended at 7:30 pm If you want an uplifting video, watch VCU Health's "Roar" video here! Guild Kick Off 2016.pptx
  19. Jillian Ryan

    February Meeting

    Hey guys! Our first in-person meeting will be on February 21st! Come out to Battlegrounds in Midlothian for the meeting to hear updates about our goals and plans for Extra Life this year and stay for some games afterward. We look forward to seeing you there!
  20. 1/21/16 - Today's meeting was on Google Hangouts with three separate times to accommodate all members First call started at 8 pm. ELG leadership in attendance: Jillian Ryan Keith Wick Amy Dickstein Members in attendance: Ernest Gerry Kyle Tyquwan Magnus Ashley Mia Rigby Babs Scott Vinny Ryan Frederick Review: Congrats on raising nearly $50,000 for CHoR this year. National team gave us a shout-out for our increased funds raised this year - 67% growth in funds raised, so great job! Members who participated last year should have gotten an email regarding a survey today (1/21). Please provide feedback regarding game day! Will be useful in helping shape future events. Please be sure to give us feedback regarding how we've done in 2015--we want the feedback to do a better job for 2016. This year's events: Sign up for 2016's event -- you must sign up again for this year's event, which will be held on Nov. 5 Mike will be the point person to contact conventions and Mike will oversee sign-ups, which are going to be located on the forums. Include ideas for festivals, conventions, farmers markets and other events. Amy can still help us with securing table space. Rigby has thoughts on a Pathfinder-specific team this year. Sept-Oct may see a local Pathfinder Society convention specifically benefiting Extra Life. Jill will be a vendor at Wizard World in RVA in Sept. Amy is working on getting us a table there. Mike is working to confirm attendance at RavenCon. Talking with CHKD to determine if it’s okay that we recruit in their territory. Monthly meeting feedback: We'd like input on local spaces that would be willing to host a meeting; please shoot an email to us regarding locations. For locations with a pay requirement (like meals, games that cost money, Dave and Busters), we may host a separate monthly meeting. Fedex office in Midlothian Local libraries Valiant Pug Urban Farmhouse Classrooms from Michael's/JoAnns Sundays seem to be the consensus for most availability from guild members in attendance. We want to host a team captain meeting at some point. If you have contact for a team captain who isn't connected, please get them in touch with the leadership team. Misc: Thoughts about including a Franklin Tribute this year; Jill will get in touch with some of his friends/family to determine what we can do. Gerry is looking for guidelines on Twitch streams - will look into getting information from the national team We ended with an internet cat show-down. Final call ended at 9:40 p.m.
  21. Kwickxotic

    December ELG meeting

    Come join us at One Eyed Jacques in Carytown to celebrate our city's incredible fundraising and community-building achievements in 2015! We'll discuss what worked well and how we can improve for 2016 and then wrap up with some games.Come hungry! We'll have pizza.
  22. Meeting began at Dave and Buster's in Short Pump, VA at 7:30 p.m. Members in attendance: Keith Wick (Guild Secretary) Babs Ly Nathan Rigby Jim Collin Fundraising milestones: $16,753 raised 257 participants Goals for next month (post-marathon) $40,000 raised and 300 participants Attend the pancake breakfast on Nov. 8 after the marathon ends from 8:30 a.m.-10:00 a.m. at the CHoR at VCU Brook Rd. campus: 2924 Brook Rd. Richmond VA We'll celebrate our achievements for the year and watch the final totals streamed at the hospital while we eat pancakes! Best of luck to everyone on game day! If you need anything to make your day a success, please contact any member of the leadership team!
  23. Kwickxotic

    October ELG meeting

    Hear ye, RVA Extra Lifers! We want to celebrate all of our accomplishments as a guild this year and share what exciting things we'll be doing at our events November 7th. Come out to Dave and Busters, eat a bit, have a drink (if you're 21 or older!) and play games.
  24. September Extra Life Guild meeting 9/27/15 Meeting began at Bobby’s house at 2:00 pm with introduction of board and members ELG board members in attendance: Jillian R. - President Mike C. - Vice President Keith W. - Secretary Amy D. - CMN rep Members in attendance: Bobby Jackie Barbara Ben Mike P. Lisa Collin Kat Kay Myranda Javier Lindsey Vinny Beky Mike Updates on fundraising numbers and team members: As of Friday, 9/25 we had $10,330 raised with 199 players. Great job, everyone! We’ve far exceeded our expectations already, and the momentum is still going. Review of upcoming events in October: Charity board game nights; two area breweries have been kind enough to host board gamers: Center of the Universe brewery ( (Ashland, VA) is in the works on Fridays from 4-9. Garden Grove Brewery (Richmond, VA - in Carytown) Monday nights from 6-10. Team Chrono Hearts will be hosting a charity auction of donated Guitar Hero guitars featuring art by local artists and tattoo artists at Mott Gallery in Carytown Oct 22 6-10 pm. Details to follow; contact Jill for further information about volunteering to help out. Only about one month to go until the marathon! Start planning your event day now to make sure you have enough food, games, and caffeine! Members should take October to ramp up their fundraising publicity efforts. Post weekly to social media to raise awareness about your donation page and the cause. It’s a worthwhile cause--let everyone know about it! Team captains should encourage their teammates to post information. Guild function - we took the opportunity to reiterate the primary purpose of the guild program: recruitment to participate in the Extra Life fundraiser. Our guild’s purpose is not to create new events, but to participate in existing ones and connect gamers in RVA with worthwhile philanthropy. Member-created events that are sponsored in the area should be affiliated with an individual or team. Please notify a board member if you have an interested sponsor or want to host an event. We want to be sure we’re not spamming area partners, and we’ll be happy to get the word out about your event! Please let us know if you meet other teams who aren’t familiar with our guild; we want them to join up and get connected! Booth behavior when repping Extra Life at conventions Cons are a great opportunity to connect with people who aren’t familiar with our cause. Some cons even allow us to be present for free; these spaces don’t come cheap and we want to be sure we’re making it worth their while for taking a chance on us. Be engaged! Don’t text or talk on your phone at the booth. Stand up and chat. This goes along with being engaged Be friendly! No one likes a grump Share your enthusiasm, but don’t ramble. People will be much more interested if they see how much you love it, but they’ll walk away if you don’t get to the point. Add a personal touch - let them know which hospital we game for, and maybe give them the contact info of a board member or a member of your team to talk to if they have questions. National Tabletop Appreciation weekend is coming up October 2-4. This is an opportunity to get the word out about Extra Life to folks who prefer tabletop games. Post pics of yourself playing games that day with hashtag #EXTRALIFEtabletop. Extra Life United will be hosted in Orlando, FL Feb. 22-24. This competition of gamers across the US will bring folks together over our common purpose: helping heal kids! Lots of networking and games together. Details to follow next week. Changing teams: contact Amy or Keith if you have questions about how to make this happen. Next month’s goal prior to the marathon itself is: 400 gamers and $18,000 raised. Keep up the recruitment and be sure get the word out about all the good work we do for the kids! Meeting concluded at 3:40 pm
  25. Welcome to the RVA GUILD!!!! My name is Jillian Ryan and I am the guild president for the Richmond chapter of extra life! I know everybody got an email blast today about joining a guild! Well for all you new folks considering joining a guild I'd like to say, we'd love to have you!!! Our guild does events through the year hoping to raise as much for kids as possible all while having fun! We attend anime and video conventions, do midnight releases at video game stores, do bake sales, attend literacy events, various festivals and all in the name of extra-life! Our guild is full of some of the kindest friendliest people who are always willing to lend a hand. We meet 1-2 times every month to brainstorm and play some games (and of course eat some yummy food!!!). I'd like to officially invite you to our next meeting on September 27th at 2 pm! We are trying to plan a cookout but if that falls through we will have the meeting at the brook road location children's hospital! Here is a link to the event: Our hospital contact Amy also gives tours of the hospital to help show just what we are fighting for! RVA may be a small city but we are FIGHTERS!!! Please feel free to comment below and say hi! If you have any questions you may also email me directly at
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