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Found 64 results

  1. Hey ABQ Extra Lifers! Welcome to 2019 and a new exciting year of helping out NM kids in need! We are looking to set meetings up for Wednesday evenings with the potential for hosting our monthly meetings. Current events that I am working to secure space at include: State Fair, Balloon Fiesta, Conjikan, Sabakucon, New Mexico Comic Expo. If you have any contacts, please send them my way and feel free to preface a conversation from the Albuquerque Extra Life Guild President for donated space at such events. Also, I am the founding Advisor for UNM Esports, slowly I have been building towards the idea of an SGDQ type 24 hour marathon at UNM someplace for Game Day 2019. More to come on that! Thanks all, let's make this the best year yet. P.S. Join the Extra Life Discord --> We are in the #western-us-extra-lifers channel
  2. We have about 17 people getting together under one roof for our marathon (which usually gets extended to around 30 hours because it's amazing!). A private facebook page was set up for those attending with a google.doc to help organize who is bringing what food/tables/games/chairs/etc... This year we are starting the night with a 2 hour fully interactive murder-mystery game for all players! The focus will then switch to board games (if you aren't aware, thinking board games are "Scattegories, Catan, or Monopoly".... that is like thinking video games are "Duck Hunt, Crash Bandicoot, and Pong". Board games have evolved just as much as video games-- check out BLOOD RAGE if you don't know ?). We will have a supply of approximately 130 board games to choose from at our event. We also have downgraded to 1 console for video-gaming system (for a few group video games) because we have found video games reduce sociability, fun, and tend to make you much more tired. Food will include chicken skewers, homemade meatballs, veggie trays, spicy chicken, bratwurst, cereals, various breakfast meats, nutrient bars, pretzels, flavored seltzer waters, juices, water, and various other snacks. We've done this 6 years now and found that eating "meals" is WAY better, energizing, and much more beneficial than just snacking on chips and candy. I, personally, am hoping to get into some games of Blood Rage, Roll Player, 7 Wonders, Terraforming Mars, Kingsburg, Captain Sonar, and many more! What do you guys have planned for game day?
  3. 1. Numbers Money Raised - $13,734 (up $1,350 from last month) Participants - 142 (up 22 from last month) 2. Game Day with Kids Next game day will be November 7th from 12-2. December's will be on the 5th from 1:30 - 3:30. 3. Game Day November 3rd We need EVERYONE to go and fill out the registration form for Game Day ASAP! Setup on Friday is 3 p.m. - 6 p.m., 9 a.m. on Saturday. We're gonna look into possibly getting a Uhaul so we only have to make one trip to Dell and back for loading. Matt won't be able to do the stream this year, but we might still be able to use his equipment. As soon as we know who all will be attending and who wants to stream, we can set up a decent stream schedule and schedule of events. Speaking of schedule we'll put them into 2-2.5hour blocks with breaks and announcements every 4-6 hours or so. Comcast will be providing 2Gig internet!!! So we shouldn't have any internet problems that we've had in the past! We talked a lot about giveaways and donations incentives and pushes. Here's what we have so far: -Whoever raises the MOST throughout the whole event - Two tickets to DreamHack Atlanta -Whoever donates the most (does not have to be at the event) - LG Ultrawide monitor -Donation push with VandyLan -Whoever raises the most after 12 hours (10 a.m. - 10 p.m.) pies whoever has raised the LEAST in the face. Same in the final 12 hours. And wins Discord/DreamHack swag -Night Owls - Whoever raises the most between midnight and 8 a.m. wins a copy of Black Ops 4 -Gift cards from Gamestop, McKays, The Game Cave, The Rabbit Hole, Food gift cards. If anyone has connections with anyone that could donate in-kind for these giveaways please reach out ASAP! We'll have posters printed soon to spread EVERYWHERE! We don't have another guild meeting before Game Day, but we will most likely have a Discord call meeting between now and then so please make sure you're on the channel!
  4. 1. Numbers Money Raised - $12,384 (up $85 from last month) Registered - 120 (up 20 from last month) 2. Game Day with Kids Today's was great! Microsoft came and brought volunteers. Microsoft also donates per volunteers so we got $200 from that alone. They brought the portable Xbox's with small displays. This would be something really great for us to have permanently if we could get funds or donations for. They'd be more practical than having the big monitors and consoles. We've also been talking with Child Life about portable equipment that can be used in patient rooms. 3. Grand Ole Gameroom - November 9 - 11 So the event this year is going to have some esports tournaments and gaming outside of arcade games. We've been asked if we'd like to participate somehow so we're going to be the "official" partner for the Fortnite tournament. We need to figure out exactly how we want to utilize this and be present in it. We could charge a couple extra dollars which would go to Extra Life. We're probably not going to actually TO the event but we need to have as much presence there as possible. This IS the weekend after Game Day but please try to sign up to come if you're available that weekend. 4. Mid-Week Jam with Platforms - Every Wednesday Platforms is doing a "Mid-Week Jam" tournament every wednesday. Typically it includes Rocket League and Mario Kart and possibly some others in the future. One of the owners, Luke, said he would be willing to get us involved in it somehow. Typically they charge $5 for entries so we discussed possibly charging $7 and the extra $2 goes to Extra Life. Luke said they've had upwards of $20 every week. This might not be a lot of money coming in but it's at least something and it's exposure and recruitment as well. Right now we're going to partner for the Oct. 10th Mid-Week Jam and see how it goes, possibly do this once a month or maybe more in the future. We'll have advertising details and more about this soon. 5. Maker Faire - The Wondr'y October 6th-7th. Setup October 5th 5 p.m. - 7 p.m. We've secured a booth at the Maker Faire again this year. We'll have a table and we'd like to have some monitors and games setup. We need as many volunteers as possible, this will be a great opportunity to advertise Game Day for streamers and recruitment for signups. Please signup if you're available to volunteer. 6. Game Day - Tech Hill Commons November 3rd As we've discussed previously, we're making this years Game Day exclusive to streamers, guild members and sponsors. Essentially the main goal of Game Day is to raise money, how do we do that? Primarily by live streaming. Now we need to figure out the best way to execute it and publicize it to streamers in Nashville and Tennessee. We've had issues in the past where we're having to "babysit" our equipment because the event has been opened to the public so we're also doing this to limit any of those issues. While everyone should be fundraising throughout the year anyway, we'll be using this as a celebration, along with a big fundraising push. Marcus has put together a *short* "application" that we will use to vet people that are interested in coming and streaming for the event. We'll set a fundraising goal that every member will have to raise by Game Day (something like $5 or $10). We'll also set a streaming requirement, like you must stream for at least 2 hours or something. Everyone must bring their own equipment, we'll still try to have monitors from Dell so if you're bringing consoles you won't have to bring your own. We'll be utilizing the Extra Life Nashville live stream again and we'll still have Miracle Families come and speak, it just won't but fully opened to the public. We're having a planning meeting TONIGHT September 17th at 7 p.m. on the Discord channel. I apologize that this is such a late notice but if you're interested in helping with planning and logistics please try to be present. I'll be sending out notes from tonight and we'll probably have another meeting in a week or so. 7. Game Stop Initiative As you've probably seen Game Stop is doing a push with Children's Miracle Network right now. If you have the chance please go by your local store and thank them for their support! 8. Next Meeting - October 3rd at Tech Hill Commons at 6 p.m. Don't forget to join our discord channel and like us on facebook !!
  5. until
    Extra Life unites thousands of gamers around the world to play games in support of their local Children's Miracle Network Hospital. Since its inception in 2008, Extra Life has raised more than $40 million for sick and injured kids. Sign up today and dedicate a day of play for kids in your community! Be a hero. Sign Up today!
  6. I am STILL dragging from nearly a week ago. Need. More. Coffee. But every minute was worth it. Extra Life weekend (Nov 4-5) brought in over $1.8 million for CMN Hospitals, bringing the overall fundraising total of Extra Life close to $7.8 million as of 11-9-17. We are stunned! Amazed! Honored! That is what we like to call, a success! The donations are STILL coming in too! We know that many of you are playing in the coming weeks, so we have a good feeling about 2017. If you came up short of your goal, no problem! There's still time to collect donations until 12/31/2017. Grab that loot too! Extra Lifers still have time to raise more funds and unlock some cool incentives! The end of Game Day weekend also brought forth the winners of the ESA Foundation Challenge . Congratulations to Seattle Children's Hospital for winning top fundraising hospital, and Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation for winning top hospital per capita! We are so proud of this community. You have really come through once again for the kids at Children's Miracle Network Hospitals across the US and Canada. Keep up the good work, we still have plenty of time to play games and heal kids! View full article
  7. I am STILL dragging from nearly a week ago. Need. More. Coffee. But every minute was worth it. Extra Life weekend (Nov 4-5) brought in over $1.8 million for CMN Hospitals, bringing the overall fundraising total of Extra Life close to $7.8 million as of 11-9-17. We are stunned! Amazed! Honored! That is what we like to call, a success! The donations are STILL coming in too! We know that many of you are playing in the coming weeks, so we have a good feeling about 2017. If you came up short of your goal, no problem! There's still time to collect donations until 12/31/2017. Grab that loot too! Extra Lifers still have time to raise more funds and unlock some cool incentives! The end of Game Day weekend also brought forth the winners of the ESA Foundation Challenge . Congratulations to Seattle Children's Hospital for winning top fundraising hospital, and Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation for winning top hospital per capita! We are so proud of this community. You have really come through once again for the kids at Children's Miracle Network Hospitals across the US and Canada. Keep up the good work, we still have plenty of time to play games and heal kids!
  8. So, despite all the personal stuff that caused me to be away for most of the summer/fall, I want to say how amazed and proud I am of all of you. We did some amazing things this game day, and here's the proof: City State Hospital Fundraising Participants October 30th 3pm CST: MILWAUKEE WI Children's Hospital of Wisconsin $47,268.00 529 November 6th 3pm CST: MILWAUKEE WI Children's Hospital of Wisconsin $106,413.00 724 But we aren't done yet. We have until December 31st to get donations in. Cash donations, check donations, or real-time through the site. Take your rest from game day, but let's all commit to one more push #ForTheKids this holiday season. I'm open to planning a meetup, or simply gaming online; but let's give it one final shot to see how far we can go. -Joshua
  9. ExtraLifeTO is on Twitch! This channel has been created to allow streamers within our guild and community to showcase their passion for gaming as well as spread the word about Extra-Life, SickKids and our guild. We're looking for people who would be interested in participating by streaming their content on a scheduled basis. If you're interested in helping out with either streaming, moderating or help out in any other way, comment below! There's also been discussion about streaming during our 24-hour game day marathon. If you're also interested in that, speak up. We'll discuss details at a later guild meeting, closer to the event. Can also join our Discord channel for further discussion on streaming: (link never expires)
  10. Hey everybody, it's less than 24 hours until game day and I just wanted to wish you all the best of luck! Make sure to send reminders to friends / family today and tomorrow, but most of all, HAVE FUN! Feel free to message me here or on Discord if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you all, and keep being awesome. ~ Drew
  11. until
    Join us for our Annual 25hr Gaming Marathon in support of SickKids Foundation!This year, we will be having our gaming marathon at Raiders E-Sports Centre. Join us and other gamers as we have fun fundraising in support of SickKids Hospital. There is a $5 suggested donation at the door (or pay what you can), which will grant you access to all the action inside. You can also regiester ( to raise funds or donate! Food & beverages available on site and 5% of food & beverage sales will be donated to SickKids!Special Guests:- SickKids Champion - Sharing their story about SickKids- Kate Drummond - Actress & Voice Actress (Wynonna Earp, The Division, Splinter Cell: Blacklist..) - Q&A/Mini Panel, Autograph signings, Photo-ops Bring your own board games to play or check out what else we will have on Game Day: - 50/50 Draw - Raffle Prizes (boardgames, exclusive artwork, video games, and more!) - Hourly giveaways - Xbox Ones on site FREE to play - Play Cuphead on Xbox One at the Cuphead Corner - VR Vision is letting guests play VR Consoles for a donation to SickKids - Gaming PCs available on site equipped with popular games (Raiders prices TBA) - League of Legends World Championships viewing (Nov 5 @ 2am) - Device charging station on site! ------------------------------------ Hourly Giveaways All attendees will receive 3 Tickets for every $5 entry donation. 50/50 Draw Enter to win half the jackpot! * 1 Ticket = $2 * 3 Tickets = $5 * Arm Length = $20 Raffle Giveaways Enter to win a variety of prizes! Exclusive collectibles, video games, boardgames and more! * 1 Ticket = $2 * 3 Tickets = $5 * 7 Tickets = $10 * 15 Tickets = $20 VR Vision Play the HTC Vive for a donation to SickKids! Games such as Fruit Ninja, VR Fun house, Google Tilt Brush and many more! - Hours: 5:00pm - 9:00pm * $25 = 30 minutes (Includes 2-3 games) * $45 = 1 hour (Includes 4-5 games) ALL donations raised will go to support SickKids Hospital
  12. Lets raise money for Sparrow Children's Center! I see there hasn't been much going on this guild for a little while, but I would like to change that for this event. If anyone is interested in forming a Lansing-based team post here so we can coordinate.
  13. Hey peeps, I know we have a ways to go still before game day and I know not everyone will be around on Nov 4th due to BlizCon. However, I was thinking that maybe part of our marathons could be spent in a game as a guild? Maybe something like Minecraft, not sure what games we all have that would support everyone playing together. Just thought I would throw it out there for consideration :-) I remember seeing a thread elsewhere on the forums that there is a Minecraft server setup for Extra Lifers, I will try and track it down :-)
  14. Hey everyone! This year we want to start this process early so we can be sure everything is planned and ready to go for our Guild gameday this year. The location and exact day will remain TBD for now, however we can all start planning what we want this day to look like. Should we have people going 24 hrs? 12 hours? What games do we have there? Should we accept donations and do a raffle? Should we provide food? These and many more are things we can discuss here to plan a fantastic event for the Orlando area. While planning will be happening over the next couple months, please don't hesitate to share your thoughts now. Thank you! EDIT: I should reiterate that this is currently a "just start spitting out ideas" phase and we will all curate them later. Assume the location will have enough room for at least 30 people and will have a solid internet connection.
  15. Hey everyone, I know game day is still months away but I wanted to get a feel for how others will be taking part. For those of you that didn't make it out to the CoverMyMeds office last year, we had a small group playing one of the many games in the space. We've got somewhere around 45 games in the office and I have another 30-40 or so at home. My plan for this year is to do 25 hours of board gaming with anyone that wants to show up. If I can figure out the logistics (our network is being locked down a bit tighter this year), I'd also like to stream it. When we play games at CoverMyMeds, we track them in NemeStats so I was thinking that we'd make a new group in NemeStats and track all of the games for game day. I'm thinking that I can get everyone to chip in to some sort of prize pool, whether that's "Donate what you want" or "$25 per head" or some other system. At the end of the 25 hours, whoever has the most points gets the prize pool money donated to their campaign. If we get enough people (probably more than 8?), we can split the pool and have two (or more) groups with the winner of each group getting their portion of the prize pool. As of right now, I know I could probably play 25 hours of Betrayal at House on the Hill and we'd probably do 20 or so haunts. That being said, I will probably mix it up with other games that can support however many players we have in a given group. Longer games like Scythe, Small World, or Orcs Must Die: The Board Game could go over well. Does anyone else have any ideas, even if they are just in the early stages?
  16. Hey team! Just a reminder we're firing Game Day with the Kids back up tomorrow from 2-4 on the stage next to Seacrest Studios! If anyone available to attend come and play some games with the kids for a couple of hours! Our next guild meeting will be a couple of hours after that from 7-9 p.m. in the theater again. We've got a lot of stuff to talk about so be ready! I'm going to bring a couple of board games we can try to play before the meeting gets kicked off so if anyone's interested come early! See you guys tomorrow!! L
  17. WolfStar76

    Game Day 2017!

    This is what you've been working toward. You've told your friends and family, you've hit up everyone at work, and you've made plans with friends to help keep you awake and alert for 24 hours. Now its time for the main event! LET THE GAMES BEGIN!
  18. Check out details on the calendar posting
  19. until
    Save-the-Date for our Extra Life celebration night! You've worked hard gaming for our kids this year and we want to celebrate your efforts! Date: Sunday, November 20 Time: 7:00 p.m. Location: Stars and Strikes Sandy Springs: 8767 Roswell Road Sandy Springs, GA 30350. Price: It's a special .99 cents per game/per player we can play for .99 cents + $4.19 for shoe rental--talk about a deal! Snacks and soft drinks will be provided.
  20. Kardde

    Game Day with the kids

    Our monthly Game Day with the Kids is on December 7th this month. As usual, it will be hosted on site at the hospital, on the Children's Stage. The event will be from 2-4 PM, and followed up later that night with our monthly meeting at 7 PM. Come and hang with us and play some games with the kids! The more the merrier!
  21. Happy Wednesday! We're 10 days away from Game Day #FTK, and we want to know your plans! I'll be dropping by a few public gaming locations with a goodies to keep everyone energized..but need to know where you are! Please feel free to respond to this post using the bullet list template below. I may even include a few game day activity shout outs in the Nov. 3rd eblast from CMN Hospitals national. Keep up the great work! Microsoft Store Perimeter Mall: KontrolFreek employees (FreekNation) will be onsite throughout the day gaming for our kids and showing off their cool accessories. SalesForce Atlanta: hosting a games festival with their employees and families Intelsat: hosting annual employee gaming marathon
  22. VEM311

    Extra Life Game Day

    Extra Life Official Game Day here in Austin will have several in-person locations available for everyone wanting to join in the fun and fundraising! Come out for video games, board games, card games, and even more opportunities to raise money for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals! RSVP on our Facebook event if you're participating this year! Microsoft Store at the Domain Nov 5th @ 9am to Nov 6th @ 9am check out for more info Game Over Video Games north location (along with RT Sidequest) Nov 5th @ 11am - Nov 6th @ 11am check out their facebook event page for more info Game Republik Nov 5th - Nov 6th will operate normal hours, then start an all night event from 2am - 10am for $20 a person, all proceeds benefitting Dell Children's check out their facebook event page for more info Mage's Sanctum Nov 5th @ 12pm - Nov 6th @ 12pm Wonko's Toys & Games Nove 5th @ 11am - Nov 6th @ 11am check out their facebook event page for more info
  23. until
    ARE YOU A BAD ENOUGH GAMER TO HELP SICK KIDS?! Prove it at the 4th Annual Save State One Game-a-Thon For Extra Life! The marathon will take place on: Date: Saturday, November 5th until Sunday, November 6th Time: 9:00am - 9:00am Location: Algonquin College, CA 105 1385 Woodroffe Avenue Special Instructions: This event is open to all ages and gaming skill levels - though we ask that any children under the age of 13 be accompanied by a guardian at least 16 years of age during the duration of the event. For more information, including Frequently Asked Questions, please check out our Eventbrite Page:
  24. Looking for a place to play some games during Extra Life? Why not grab a coffee, grab a friend, and head over to Caffeine 1UP! With over 200 games to play, there's sure to be something you'll enjoy! Date: Saturday, November 5th Time: 9:00 am - 10:00pm Location: Caffeine 1UP (Coffee and Video Games Cafe) 362 Rideau St, Unit #1 Special Instructions: Standard "Stay and Play" fee of $5 will apply for those not gaming for Extra Life. Please send an email to with your name and a link to your fundraising page to have the fee waived, prior to arriving!
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