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Found 77 results

  1. Xeserox

    Bill and Ted Cosplay

    From the album: Genericon 2016

    Wyld Stallionz (Bill S. Preston and Ted "Theodore" Logan, Esq.) were kind enough to step from their phone booth for a visit. Photo by @Gojiratoho
  2. Xeserox

    Battle Sister Cosplay

    From the album: Genericon 2016

    A battle sister came to visit and give us her blesssing at Genericon. Photo by @Gojiratoho
  3. Xeserox

    Sephiroth Cosplay

    From the album: Genericon 2016

    An awesome Sephiroth Cosplayer stopped by to end our booth with Black Materia.
  4. Xeserox

    Zero Suit Samus Cosplay

    From the album: Genericon 2016

    Samus Aran popped on by looking for a new weapon to kill mother brain, and to help out some kids.
  5. Xeserox

    Link and Shadow Link Cosplay

    From the album: Genericon 2016

    Link and his evil shadow, Dark Link come by the booth looking for the Triforce.
  6. Xeserox

    Handsome Jack Cosplay

    From the album: Genericon 2016

    Handsome Jack came on by the booth to look for the vault and to fix his CL4P-TP.
  7. Xeserox

    Assassins Creed Cosplay

    From the album: Genericon 2016

    Edward Kenway Cosplayer came by the booth to see if he could hire some more crew!
  8. stodd.ELBoston

    PAX East

    Folks, PAX East is quickly moving upon us. This event will be the placeholder for volunteer shifts. (updated as needed/subject to change) You may RSVP and post your preferred shift below. As of right now will have 6 Badges to rotate through volunteers. (3 for on shift volunteers/3 for off shift volunteers) What does that mean? 1) Everyone must be early for their shifts. (Enough time for a leader to come and get your badges to you.) 2) For the day that you are scheduled, the other half of the day, you may use the badge to enjoy the con. (But must be back in time for your shift) 3) Everyone must turn in their badge at the end of the day to @stodd.ELBoston More details coming as we have them. DAY TIME NAME ROLE FRI 9-2 @quitecrazy VOLUNTEER FRI 9-2 @kavinsky VOLUNTEER FRI 9-2 @PotatoTaco LEADER FRI 1-6 @alleenc VOLUNTEER FRI 1-6 @Merissa VOLUNTEER FRI 1-6 @The Guat LEADER SAT 9-2 @ellystar VOLUNTEER SAT 9-2 @SassyJ VOLUNTEER SAT 9-2 @KriptiKFate LEADER SAT 1-6 @aradiadarling VOLUNTEER SAT 1-6 David DiMare VOLUNTEER SAT 1-6 @The Guat LEADER SUN 9-2 @Oporotheca VOLUNTEER SUN 9-2 @Serolis VOLUNTEER SUN 9-2 @PotatoTaco LEADER SUN 1-6 @Stevie1081 VOLUNTEER SUN 1-6 @3dge VOLUNTEER SUN 1-6 @PotatoTaco LEADER
  9. stodd.ELBoston

    Anime Boston

    Anime Boston Official Site Alrighty folks.. Anime Boston and Extra Life.. together again. We will be up in the gaming arena (upstairs ballroom) Volunteer Shift Below.. Did we mention that we get as many weekend badges we need for this? Please RSVP Below and let us know what shifts you are available for. We need volunteers: Friday 12P - 6P @The Guat, @SassyJ, @KriptiKFate, Additional Help @Merissa Saturday 10A - 2P @kavinsky, Sam MacDonald, @3dge, Huynh Valentine 2P - 6P @DMo2TheMax, @Serolis, @Oporotheca, Leader TBD Sunday 10A - 2P @Javier, Ana Richburg, @PotatoTaco Additional Help @Merissa 2P - 6P @SassyJ, @KriptiKFate, Ana Richburg, @PotatoTaco Additional Help @Merissa Awaiting Schedule Confirmations: @ellystar Badges/Names First Last Badge Name Luis Cardona Luis Cardona/Extra Life Jessica Houghton-Vella SassyJ Kerry Selberg KriptikFate Devon Cote 3dge Almond Khan Alma/Extra Life Sam MacDonald Sam/Extra Life Huynh Valentine Huynh/Extra Life Danielle Standring DMo2TheMax Gregory Harris-Jones Serolis Amelia Ott Oporotheca Ana Richburg Ana/Extra Life Eric Richburg PotatoTaco Javier Parra Javier/Extra Life Merissa Livermore-Johnson Merissa/Extra Life
  10. Xeserox

    Genericon XXIX

    Genericon is a weekend-long, general convention run by the students of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY. We feature a wide variety of attractions that run the gamut of geeky hobbies, including science fiction, gaming of all forms, and anime. Our events include panels by guest speakers, video gaming tournaments, role-playing games of both the pen-and-paper and live-action variety, and twenty-four hour showings of both science fiction classics and modern anime fresh from Japan. The convention runs for an uninterrupted 48 hours, starting at 5 PM on Friday and ending at 5 PM the following Sunday.
  11. JunoTPN8R

    Hal-Con 2016

    Extra Life HFX will be at Hal-Con 2016! Come help spread the word about Extra Life and many other fun adventures we are planning for the Con.
  12. Jillian Ryan


    Hey guys! It looks like there is a GOOD CHANCE we will have a booth at Ravencon in Williamsburg this year! It is April 29th-May 1st. We need one or two POSSIBLE volunteers! We already have Babs on board and the VP Mike Clark. Remember we aren't -promised- a table and badges just yet but I wanted to get a feel for who would like to volunteer their time! Please comment below with your first and last name, and I will be in touch! Jillian Ryan EL Richmond President
  13. stodd.ELBoston

    Arisia 2016 (Jan 16-17th)

    Arisia 2016 Calendar Event Folks, Our first event for 2016 is in the calendar. Please visit, and while you're there, RSVP for a shift. We need 2 people and a leader per shift, 2 shifts per day. Like last year, we are getting the space for free, but everyone working has to buy a registration. Check out the site link on the calendar for registration prices.
  14. stodd.ELBoston


    Ok Folks, We have a presence at Arisia. We will only be operating at the Fan tables Saturday and Sunday. (10-6) Just like last year, we get the table/space for free but any one volunteering has to purchase a Arisia registration (Prices Listed Below and Link Below). We'd like to do 2 shifts per day, but know that we're asking a lot for people to pay to work a con. (The great thing about this con is that we're super casual at this con, so you won't be trapped at a table) Sat 10-2 (2 Volunteers/1 Leader) Sat 2-6 (2 Volunteers/1 Leader) Sun 10-2 (2 Volunteers/1 Leader) Sun 2-6 (2 Volunteers/1 Leader) Arisia Website Weekend Rates Price Membership Type $45.00 through 9/30 $55.00 10/1 through 12/31 $65.00 At-door only We will be switching to a new registration system in January, so we will not be selling memberships online after 12/31. Memberships will be available for purchase at the convention. The above rates are for Adult memberships and Fast Track memberships (for children between 6 and 12 years). One-Day Membership Rates - ONLY at the door Price Membership Type $20.00 Friday only $45.00 Saturday only $30.00 Sunday only $10.00 Monday only
  15. stodd.ELBoston

    North East Comic Con 12/5-12/6

    North East Comic Con Calendar Event Dec 2015 Event is up for volunteering. Please check it out and RSVP.
  16. stodd.ELBoston

    North East Comic Con

    We are going to be at North East Comic Con. www.necomiccon.net We will have a couple badges for cycling throughout volunteers, but if you have badges, that would be helpful. 2 Shifts each day Sat: 10-2, 2-6 2 persons and 1 lead per shift Sun: 10-2, 2-6 2 persons and 1 lead per shift
  17. Folks, Were calling for help from the SNH Satellite team. @aradiadarling, @KriptiKFate @cptcrowe @SassyJ @Strandwalker. 10/17-18. We have a table in the concourse at this event. (Which means that all valuable items need to be packed and brought in/out both days.) @3dge can't be there for this one, so we're looking for a senior leadership person to head this one up as well. @Chi, @Kelsey, @extralifeboston-kristin, are you guys available at all for this one and want to spend a lovely weekend up in Manchester? Another Anime Convention Calendar Event
  18. stodd.ELBoston

    Another Anime Convention 10/17-18/2015

    Folks, Looks like we need help up in Manchester, once again. We have AAC scheduled for 10/17-18/2015. We have 4 badges for the weekend, However, our location is on the Outer Concourse, so badges should not be necessary to work the table.
  19. Professor

    The HavenCon Cosplay Ball

    We need one or two people to go the ball and help with sign-ups. The con itself is already planning to recruit people, but it'd be nice to have an Extra Life representative there to explain what it's about. Facebook page for the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1585037385096261/
  20. stodd.ELBoston

    Cosplay and Photography Expo

    So we have a small con this weekend out in Southbridge. We have an all star cast heading out there to represent us this weekend. @SassyJ, Kerry Selberg, David and Angela DiMare-Messier are going to go and represent Extra Life Cosplayers and try and recruit more cosplayers to the cause. Lets wish them luck and Thanks for this weekend! If you're interested in attending the ticket link is below Tickets for C.A.P.E.
  21. Kay(Karizuki)


    From the album: Cosplay!