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Found 50 results

  1. Sarah


    Otakon is one of the largest pop-culture conventions (and the largest anime convention) in our area. Otakon has consistently pulled attendance numbers of 28-33k attendees, many of whom are in our target demographic. Otakon hosts a large gaming hall in which many unusual, rare, or popular video and arcade games are available for free play to attendees. In this gaming hall, there are also small indie developers with booth space who are promoting their games. This is where our booth will be located. COVERAGE We will be staffing this booth at Otakon in hopes of recruiting new Extra Lifers to participate in this year's Game Day. Unfortunately, two of our core volunteering team are attending/presenting at the convention and will not be able to provide significant coverage. Since we were unable to confirm our space until the last minute, we are going to be scrambling for coverage. Any individuals interested in volunteering are encouraged to message @Sarah with any questions, or in the comments below. Please RSVP on this page if you intend to help, and comment with which times you are available. Further instructions will be provided throughout the week. We have secured two badges for volunteers, which will need to be switched off throughout the weekend. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE YOUR CONVENTION BADGE HOME UNLESS OTHERWISE INSTRUCTED. We are in need of volunteer coverage for the following windows: Friday 11 am - 6 pm includes booth setup 3 pm - 10 pm @KJCoin Saturday 10 am - 5 pm @Aaron 12 pm - 7 pm @Ceraph1216 5 pm - 12 am this shift is tentative and may end early depending on how many other booths are still in operation @Ceraph1216 Sunday 10 am - 3 pm includes booth breakdown @KJCoin PARKING Please plan on parking 1 hour prior to your volunteering shift. Traffic in the city gets heavy in the late morning, particularly on Friday and Saturday. It may become harder to find a garage that is not full on Saturday or Sunday. If you are not staying at the convention late into the evening, it may be better to use public transit into the city. Please reference Google Maps to assist you in locating a parking garage close to the convention center. The Sheraton parking garage is most convenient and obvious as you turn in on Conway (not marked on this Maps search), however it fills up very quickly and it is unlikely you will get a spot there during the convention. Google Map of Parking Garages close to the Baltimore Convention Center Volunteers who will be driving to the convention will incur parking expenses. These parking expenses will not be reimbursed, however they can be written off at your end-of-year tax return as volunteer expenses. Please be sure to request a receipt if you use cash-paid event parking. Retain a copy of your receipts for your tax records. PUBLIC TRANSIT The Baltimore Convention Center has it's own light rail stop with service from the Red, Yellow, and Blue lines. MARC Trains run into Baltimore from more distant county departure points, and stop nearest to the Baltimore Convention Center at Camden Yards, which is a comfortable walking distance of several blocks. For further information about using public transit, please visit the Maryland Transit Authority website at If choosing the Light Rail, it is suggested that you purchase a day pass. You can also message @NodnarbDude with public transit questions. IF YOU INTEND TO USE PUBLIC TRANSIT, PLEASE BE AWARE OF HOURS OF SERVICE BEFORE COMMITTING TO A SHIFT. Otakon has created a guide to alternative transit options here: Volunteers who will be driving to the convention will incur transit expenses. These transit expenses will not be reimbursed, however they can be written off at your end-of-year tax return as volunteer expenses. Retain a copy of your receipts for your tax records. ATTENDING PANELS, EVENTS, OR EXPLORING THE CONVENTION At this time, we are not entirely sure if the industry badges provided by Otakon will allow normal access to panels and events. This section will be updated with further information as it becomes available. During your volunteer shift (especially since coverage is going to be minimal), you are not permitted to use your badge to attend events or panels. You are expected to be present at the table and actively recruiting future Extra Life participants. Before or after your volunteer shift, if your badge does not need to be handed off to another volunteer, you are welcome to explore the convention. All badges MUST be turned in to @Sarah before leaving the Baltimore Convention Center/Hilton. You may not attend off-site events (Hyatt, First Mariner Arena), and you may not attend 18+ or hentai panels. Badge hand-offs will be coordinated via group text message. If you attend an event, please be sure to remove/conceal your Extra Life name badge. Before, during, and after your shift — especially every minute that you wear that convention badge — you are representing Extra Life, Johns Hopkins Children's Center, and the Extra Life Baltimore Guild. Otakon has generously waived their fees for us in order to make it possible for us to attend and volunteer at this event, and it is a very successful convention for us. It is very important that we maintain a great relationship with the staff at Otakon so that we can continue to attend. Remember, you are representing a children's charity. None of us would judge you for attending cosplay burlesque , but you shouldn't be attending it using a badge donated for professional use. Use common sense, and check with @Sarah if you aren't sure if the panel or event you'd like to attend is appropriate. To consider and plan out panels and events you'd like to attend, download the Guidebook app from Google Play or iTunes. This is a great resource for additional information about the convention (hours, directions, and updates). LUNCHES AND POTTY BREAKS If you need to take a lunch and you do not have backup coverage at the booth, please coordinate with @Sarah and @NodnarbDude who will plan a time to cover you for lunch. If you need to take a quick bathroom break and you do not have backup coverage at the booth, please take any loose valuable items with you (i.e. laptops, tablets, cell phones). There will be a small lock box available in our booth as well. There are bathrooms conveniently located in the gaming hall. If you have backup coverage at the booth and need to leave to get food or take a bathroom break, please be courteous and let the other volunteer know that you are leaving the table. Lines at the food vendors nearest the gaming hall are horrendous, and it is not practical to leave the convention to purchase food (trust me, the lines will be even worse at normal restaurants). The best location for purchasing something to eat quickly is in the third floor above the gaming hall. Any food you may be able to purchase will be overpriced convention food. It is strongly suggested to pack a lunch if possible. SIGNING UP TO VOLUNTEER Please let us know when you can volunteer. I will update the event with confirmed volunteer names below the shifts they have agreed to work. We need one volunteer minimum per shift to start off with, however extra coverage during periods that there is a badge free would be appreciated (11 am - 3 pm Friday, 6 pm - 10 pm Friday, 7 pm - 12 am Saturday, and 10 am - 3 pm Sunday)! For additional details, please message @Sarah, @NodnarbDude or @Ceraph1216. Volunteers will receive ongoing updates and instructions throughout the week and during the convention. Thanks so very much for donating your time and energy for the kids! RESOURCES Maryland Transit Authority Regional Transit Map Downtown Baltimore Parking Map Downtown Baltimore Visitors Map (Includes Light Rail and Bus Information) Marc Train Map:
  2. We'll be at the Convention Center Saturday 8am-10pm and Sunday 10am-6pm. We'll be in the Exhibitor Hall most of the day, and then the Game Room after that. Hope to see you there!
  3. Walker Stalker Boston Calendar Link We just got into Walker Stalker Con!!! We have a limited number of badges for this con, so in order to manage this one, we're switching it up a little. We're only going to do a 3 person all day shift for the table each day. This will still allow for anyone there to take turns exploring the con floor, I promise. SAT (9 AM - 6 PM) 1 Senior Volunteer, 2 Volunteers SUN (9 AM - 6 PM 1 Senior Volunteer, 2 Volunteers
  4. until
    Walker Stalker Boston Folks, We have a limited number of badges for this con, so in order to manage this one, we're switching it up a little. We're only going to do a 3 person all day shift for the table each day. This will still allow for anyone there to take turns exploring the con floor, I promise. SAT (9 AM - 6 PM) @aradiadarling, David (Too Cool for a Community Proifile) DiMare-Messier, @DMo2TheMax SUN (9 AM - 6 PM) @aradiadarling, David (Once Again too cool for a community profile) DiMare-Messier, @Merissa Floorplan and vendor booth assignments attached. WS.Boston.LAYOUTS.pdf
  5. Hey Everyone, If you're planning on visiting either Dallas Comic Con or A-KON June 3-5 - stop by our booths!! Locations and More information will be updated regularly as we get closer to the con. These cons cost money to attend, but if you're already planning on it - stop by! Hang out at the booth and meet more Extra Lifers. We'll be recruiting for new gamers and guild members. A-KON: Hilton Anatole, Dallas LOCATION: A-KON GAMING ROOM DATES: FRIDAY June 3rd, SATURDAY June 4th, SUNDAY June 5th TIMES: TBH Are there volunteer opportunities? YES! We have one more opening for both Friday & Sunday. Booth Captain: Stephanie "@Klov3r" Mayes DALLAS COMIC CON: Dallas Convention Center, Dallas LOCATION: GAMING ROOM DATES: FRIDAY June 3rd, SATURDAY June 4th, SUNDAY June 5th Are there volunteer opportunities? TBD Booth Captain: David Downing
  6. until
    North East Comic Con The time has come to start gettign volunteers together for NECC. Shift Schedule is below. Let us know what you can/woudl like to do: SAT 9-2 CASS CARDWELL SAT 9-2 DANIELLE STANDRING @DMo2TheMax SAT 9-2 ERIC CHI SAT 1-6 DAVID DIMARE SAT 1-6 ANGELA DIMARE @aradiadarling SAT 1-6 LUIS CARDONA @The Guat SUN 9-2 ANA RICHBURG SUN 9-2 JESSICA HOUGHTON-VELLA @SassyJ SUN 9-2 ERIC RICHBURG @PotatoTaco SUN 1-6 KERRY SELBERG @KriptiKFate SUN 1-6 ERIC CHI @Chi SUN 1-6 ERIC RICHBURG This one only allots us 4 wristbands, so we have to be a bit inventive to get everyone in. But we got it covered. However if you are planning to be there all weekend anyways and are buying a weekend pass, please do so. (Its nice to support the folks that support us.)
  7. I've decided to go ahead and compile a list of local conventions & festivals in and around Hamilton. If I missed any please be sure to let me know and I'll add them to the list. They will be sorted by date and hyperlinked to their respective website. CGCC Video Game Swap Meet - May 1, 2016. (Kitchener) Waterdown Arts and Music Streetfest - May 20-22, 2016. (Waterdown) Dundas International Buskerfest - June 3-5, 2016. (Dundas) Niagara Falls Comic Con - June 3-5, 2016. (Niagara Falls) Imagine in the Park - June 4, 2016. (Hamilton) Cambridge Arts Festival - June 18, 2016. (Cambridge) Summer Lights Festival - June 18, 2016. (Kitchener) FrancoFEST - June 25-26, 2016. (Hamilton) Koi Fest at The Parking Lot - June 25, 2016. (Kitchener) Oh Canada Waterdown Ribfest - June 30-July 4, 2016. (Waterdown) Because Beer Craft Beer Festival - July 8-9, 2016. (Hamilton) Kitchener Ribfest & Craft Beer Show - July 15-17, 2016. (Kitchener) Rock the Mill Music Festival - July 16, 2016 (Cambridge) ConBravo! - July 29-31, 2016. (Hamilton) Festival of Friends - August 5-7, 2016. (Hamilton) Dundas Cactus Festival - August 19-21, 2016. (Dundas) Hamilton Greek Fest - August 19-21, 2016. (Hamilton) Historic Waterdown Summer Festival - August 20-21, 2016. (Waterdown) Winona Peach Festival - August 26-28, 2016. (Hamilton) Cambridge Comic Arts Festival - August 27, 2016. (Cambridge) James Street Supercrawl - September 9-11, 2016. (Hamilton) 166th Annual Ancaster Fair - September 22-25, 2016. (Ancaster) Hamilton Comic Con - October 1-2, 2016. (Hamilton) Kitchener Oktoberfest - October 7-15, 2016. (Kitchener)
  8. Ladies and Gentlemen, the link is up for the April meeting. Please go RSVP. 6 Pm Social Hour/7 PM Meeting Start 1 Memorial Dr Cambridge MA (Microsoft NERD) April Meeting Calendar Event
  9. until
    Folks, We will not have a table presence at Supemegafest, however, this is fun con to go and just be at. Many celebrities, many collectibles, and much cosplay. Tickets available at the link and at the door. Supermegafest
  10. Anime Boston Event Link Calendar Event for Anime Boston is up.. Click much, volunteer much.. Please and Thanks.
  11. Amelia Con 2016 Location: The Days Inn & Suites 2500 Atlantic Avenue, Amelia Island, FL 32034 Date/Time: Friday February 5, 2016 - 10 am to 12 am Saturday February 6, 2016 - 9 am to 12 am(?) Sunday February 7, 2016 - 8 am to 5 pm Volunteers - 7 volunteer passes available for each day. Please post below which days you can volunteer. Once you're confirmed, message Mandie for her contact info so you can pick up a badge when you arrive. Passes for convention are $10 online and $15 at the door if we run out of comp'd passes. If you would like to group up for a hotel room to save gas and time post below. Friday Kyle Mandie Cameron Matty B! Saturday Kyle Mandie Herchelle Cameron AnnaMarie Craig? Matty B! Caty Sunday Kyle Mandie Cameron Matty B! Caty Locations Fernandina Beach Recreation Center is located at 2500 Atlantic Avenue, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034. Exhibit Hall, Artist Alley, TableTop Gaming, Video Gaming, and VIP Tables. Food trucks parked alongside the Exhibit Hall from 11:00 until 3:00 p.m. The Fernandina Beach Women’s Club is located behind the Fernandina Recreation Center Costume and Cosplay Competitions, Panels, additional parking The Days Inn & Suites is located at 2707 Sadler Road, Amelia Island, FL 32034 TableTop Gaming, Video Gaming, Panels, Anime Screenings, After Party (Saturday 8pm+) Convention organizers have given us a whole room near the panel section of the convention for us to have for the ENTIRE weekend. We can do anything we want. Sky is the limit!: silent auctions, high score challenges, like I said the sky is the limit. Let's make our space the place where people want to come play and learn more about what we do. We will be in our room all day on Friday and Sunday, and after 6 pm on Saturday, as they do main events and such at the Fernandina Rec Center during the day on Saturday. They don't have enough volunteers to support both spaces. We should still have access to our room during this time. On Saturday, we have an outdoor bazaar spot available that is without power. We will need to bring our own tent to set up in this space. Panels We are scheduled for panels on Fri @ 5 pm and Sat @ 7 pm. Additional Info We can also get out of our spaces and walk around the convention with our phones/tablets using the new recruitment app or with offline registration forms. Don't feel like you have to be at the table/in the room for the entirety of the convention. As long as someone is still there to represent, we can take in the convention footprint at our leisure. HAVE THE RECRUITMENT APP DOWNLOADED TO YOUR DEVICES!! Recruitment - HAVE THE RECRUITMENT APP DOWNLOADED TO YOUR DEVICES!! There is a recruitment app in development, and it is currently available on the iOS and Android stores. Download it and get familiar with it. HAVE THE RECRUITMENT APP DOWNLOADED TO YOUR DEVICES!! Need more info here Equipment Amelia Con will provide us with one 6' table. We need additional tables, chairs, and tablecloths. signs, banner, and . We need to make signs and at least 1 banner. Kyle has ceiling tiles for us to design and paint for display at Video Game Rescue. Flyers with detailed information need to be printed out. We need swag for our tables. AnnaMarie is providing an N64 with 2 controllers and some games. Kyle is bringing a Wii U and boardgames. Let me know if I missed anything or you have any questions post post post!!!!!!!!
  12. Hey guys! It looks like there is a GOOD CHANCE we will have a booth at Ravencon in Williamsburg this year! It is April 29th-May 1st. We need one or two POSSIBLE volunteers! We already have Babs on board and the VP Mike Clark. Remember we aren't -promised- a table and badges just yet but I wanted to get a feel for who would like to volunteer their time! Please comment below with your first and last name, and I will be in touch! Jillian Ryan EL Richmond President
  13. Folks, the link is up for the Feb meeting. Please go RSVP. 6 Pm Social Hour/7 PM Meeting Start 1 Memorial Dr Cambridge MA (Microsoft NERD) February Meeting Calendar Event
  14. Folks, Attached are the meeting minutes for out Meeting at the first week of January. Apologies for not getting it in here sooner. Guild Meeting Notes_01 05
  15. Folks, the link is up for the Jan meeting. Please go RSVP. 6 Pm Social Hour/7 PM Meeting Start 1 Memorial Dr Cambridge MA (Microsoft NERD) Jan Meeting Calendar Link
  16. until
    Our first meeting of the year is upon us. We will be at Microsoft NERD (1 Memorial) for this meeting. Please RSVP so that I can give a list to security of attendees. Social hour starts at 6 PM, meeting kick off is at 7 PM This meeting will Launch our new leadership team: @stodd.ELBoston, @PotatoTaco, and Luis Cardona, and @Rosie_Boston taking the helm at Boston Children's. We've already got events for Jan and Feb, so plenty to talk about. Se everyone at the meeting..
  17. Folks Boskone is another con that they are giving us the space for free but each of us working must pay for a badge. Coming off of Arisia the month before, I wanted to see if this was viable for us before fully committing. Boskone Site Adult rate: $50College student rate: $35K-12 student rate: $25Friday one day: $25Saturday one day: $45Sunday one day: $25
  18. Arisia 2016 Calendar Event Folks, Our first event for 2016 is in the calendar. Please visit, and while you're there, RSVP for a shift. We need 2 people and a leader per shift, 2 shifts per day. Like last year, we are getting the space for free, but everyone working has to buy a registration. Check out the site link on the calendar for registration prices.
  19. stodd.ELBoston


    Ok Folks, We have a presence at Arisia. We will only be operating at the Fan tables Saturday and Sunday. (10-6) Just like last year, we get the table/space for free but any one volunteering has to purchase a Arisia registration (Prices Listed Below and Link Below). We'd like to do 2 shifts per day, but know that we're asking a lot for people to pay to work a con. (The great thing about this con is that we're super casual at this con, so you won't be trapped at a table) Sat 10-2 (2 Volunteers/1 Leader) Sat 2-6 (2 Volunteers/1 Leader) Sun 10-2 (2 Volunteers/1 Leader) Sun 2-6 (2 Volunteers/1 Leader) Arisia Website Weekend Rates Price Membership Type $45.00 through 9/30 $55.00 10/1 through 12/31 $65.00 At-door only We will be switching to a new registration system in January, so we will not be selling memberships online after 12/31. Memberships will be available for purchase at the convention. The above rates are for Adult memberships and Fast Track memberships (for children between 6 and 12 years). One-Day Membership Rates - ONLY at the door Price Membership Type $20.00 Friday only $45.00 Saturday only $30.00 Sunday only $10.00 Monday only
  20. As we draw closer to the start of 2016, we're already hard at work lining up events for the year. Some of the events we know so far are: Arisia (Jan) Boskone (Feb) Anime Boston (Mar) PAX East (Apr) Northeast Comic Con (Jun) I've also reached out the following cons to see if we can get a presence: MASSive Con (Jun) Walker Stalker Boston (Jul) TotalCon (Feb) So with that being out there, we should start looking to strengthen our forces. We need new blood. We have a great core of people working in the guild, however those core people need help. Can everyone take some time and look at your fellow extra life friends, maybe approach them about coming to our meetings, volunteering for some events. You all know your extra life friends, and you probably know which of them would be passionate about EL. Lets start networking those people into the guild. On top of the efforts to strengthen our team, we will be going through some leadership changes this year. More to come on that in the next few weeks. These changes are good, and we hope that some new leadership experience/insight will re-energize the group. Please, take some time, engage on here your thoughts of how we can strengthen and grow this team. Any incentives to keep guildies going, or efforts to retain guildies. Let hear it.. Lastly, THANK YOU again for everything and everyone that made 2015 a success. Let's do it all again in 2016 and do it bigger and better!!
  21. until
    We are going to be at North East Comic Con. We will have a couple badges for cycling throughout volunteers, but if you have badges, that would be helpful. 2 Shifts each day Sat: 10-2, 2-6 2 persons and 1 lead per shift Sun: 10-2, 2-6 2 persons and 1 lead per shift
  22. Please go to the Boston FIG Calendar Link and RSVP to volunteer. @Chi will be heading this one up. Boston FIG Calendar Link
  23. Folks. Got a local event or a convention in your area that you think we should have a presence at? Tell us about it. Its not possible for the leadership to know about every con and event out there. So this is your time, your chance to suggest places and events for us to try and get a presence at. Tag @stodd.ELBoston and @Chi and let us know.
  24. until
    We will be recruiting at Pittsburgh Comicon! Details are not completely ironed out yet, so watch this space for updates to this opportunity! Update from guild president: "Bad news. We will not have a table at Wizard World Comic Con Pittsburgh this year. Apparently due to the national partnership they're working on with Extra Life, and with Pittsburgh being a new Wizard World show, there were a lot of delays in getting things finalized. We were going to be part of the Gaming Center, as they have done for other Extra Life guilds, but because of issues with planning on Wizard World's part, the Gaming Center was cancelled for the Pittsburgh show. And even though I submitted our fan group application back in April (!) and have been handed off between 5+ different people (!!) since then, all of whom were excited to have us, there is now no room available in the non-gaming areas because they didn't plan on us having to be there. I'm working on maybe at least getting us some badges and seeing if we can hand out flyers and do sign-ups in common areas, even if we're not allowed to set up a table. Will keep you all posted with what I find out."
  25. Howdy all! In two weeks, we'll have booths at the SL Gaming Con and at the YouTube convention in Orem, CVX Live. If you're interested in manning the booth with some other Extra Lifers to try and talk to passerbys about what Extra Life does, and encouraging them to sign up, participate, and fundraise, then check out the Google Doc sign ups below! The Docs have all the info but I'll reiterate - if there is only one slot you can (and want to) volunteer during and it is taken, please email me and we will rearrange. If there is time you can (and want to) volunteer during that doesn't fit exactly into a shift, please email me and we will accommodate. If you can't make it to either event, that is 100% okay! There will be more opportunities throughout the fall SL Gaming Con:…/12g7WaDUDCZaU9D1qG1zi6qM9j7…/edit… CVX Live:…/1mtjvbEQ7YxlHhoNWQHpNiGWyU9…/edit… Thanks again! EDIT: Apologies - I should also explain that we have complimentary badges, 3 for Gaming Con and 2 for CVX Live. So you will not need to buy tickets to Gaming Con/CVX Live if you wanted to kind of see the hubbub and also donate your time. We would need the exhibitor badges back after your shift so other volunteers could use them.Thanks!
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