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Found 83 results

  1. until
    Join the Guild as we discuss Extra Life for the new year of 2016! Come meet your fellow guild-mates and make new connections within Extra Life. Let's share our ideas and plans for the 2016 year!When: Sunday, Jan. 31st at 7:00 pm Where: Battle and Brew If you have any questions please reply below and myself or Kent can answer them for you!
  2. Greetings everyone! We have our first meeting coming up on the 31st of Jan.! Come join us and get to know one another at 7:00 PM at Battle and Brew!
  3. Hello Extra lifers! Can you believe that January is already half over! For those of you who like last minute reminders or spur of the moment action takers, listen up! Tonight is the Rocket League Tournament being held at the Joystick gamebar . So if you are the competitive type and want to show your Mad Skillz on the PS4, or just want to hang out and watch the action unfold, head over to the Joystick Gamebar, It is this years first event and the Season opener for this tournament. Game play starts at 7 pm and registration ends at the same time, so head over there early. Here is the address: 427 Edgewood Ave SE Atlanta, Georgia
  4. Happy Tuesday! I'm excited to officially announce that I am the new CMN Hospitals representative working with Extra Life! Brittany Wilson has done an amazing job over the past few years helping build the Guild and working with each of you! Brittany is still on the CMN Hospitals team in Atlanta, but will be focused on a few other community partners in 2016. I am truly looking forward to working with each of you! I've met with the 2015 guild leaders and can already see how passionate and committed our guild is. We've raised over $68,000 in 2015 (hoping to hit $70k)....and over $7 million nationwide!!! CONGRATS!! Please do not ever hesitate to reach out with questions or ideas via and 404-785-7366. I'm fairly new to the gaming arena.....and appreciate your insights! Have a wonderful evening....and I hope to see many of you Sunday at our meeting! Beth Agee Program Coordinator, Children's Miracle Network Hospitals Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Foundation
  5. Please join me in congratulating Kent Huffman as our 2016 Extra Life Atlanta Guild President. Kent’s previous Guild leadership as the Guild Secretary, passion to serve the kids, group inspiration, and overall knowledge of Extra Life brings many valuable aspects to the president position. Congratulations Kent!
  6. Good evening! Rae Bucher has served as President leading the Extra Life Atlanta Guild for the past two years. Her enthusiasm and dedication will be missed on the leadership team, but we hope to see her at our monthly guild meetings. Thank you Rae for your commitment to our Extra Life community and precious patients these past few years. With that being said, we are now accepting applications for the 2016 and 2017 Extra Life Atlanta Guild President position. I have included a full job description on the attached application, but please note that guild leaders typically serve two-year terms. Applications are to be emailed to me by Sunday, January 3, 2016 via The new President will be announced by Friday, January 8. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions. I'm looking forward to a fantastic 2016 with each of you! -Beth 2016 Extra Life President Application_CHOA.docx
  7. Hey ATL! As a last effort for this year my team, The Winged Blades, and I are hosting a toy drive for the kids at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. Feel free to come join us or if you know any kids that want to take a picture with Santa let them know too! Pictures are $5 and the proceeds will go back to CHOA as well. For a list of gift ideas and guidelines to help ensure safety and infection prevention click here. Here is our flyer: PDF | Image
  8. Our toy drive was a huge success! We had several people come out to donate toys and possibly met some new potential recruits for Extra Life!
  9. Extra Life is excited to announce the 2016 Extra Life date: Saturday, November 5. This is over daylights savings weekend, which means 25 hours of gaming For The Kids!
  10. We took a couple pics of our Guild members for the year 2016. One with our new hospital representative and the other with our photographer!
  11. Hey Everyone, Below are the notes from our last meeting for 2015. Let us know if you have questions/comments! Agenda: Filled out All About You Forms & greeted Beth, our new hospital contact!! Beth shared our numbers so far: We've raised over $68,000!! We're so close to 70! It's not too late to continue to raise funds!! Over 554 participants for Atlanta! Average growth per year is $12k Average participation growth is 91 January is our Atlanta Leadership meeting- we'll go over goals and plans for 2016. President position is open! Please send your interest to Beth ( ) link is on our facebook page and in these forums Deadline is January 3rd! Upcoming events: Jan 22- Wizard World Gaming Convention January 31st - first 2016 Guild Meeting (staying with the last Sunday of every month) location TBD - any ideas or suggestions? March - Offcial 2016 Guild Launch at Scottish Rite- we'll meet and play games with the kids! Great work everyone! Don't forget there's still time to recruit and accept donations for this year!
  12. We took a couple pics of our Guild members for the year 2016. One with our new hospital representative and the other with our photographer!
  13. Zyaldar

    Atlanta Guild Meeting

    Join the Guild as we play games and talk about what's next! We're getting to spend the evening at Battle and Brew! This is our last meeting of the year! Come hang out with us and lets share our stories about this year's Extra Life 24 hour marathon! When: Sunday, December 13th at 7:00 pm Where: Battle and Brew
  14. until
  15. Random thought! What about the idea of an Atlanta Guild Skype group? Not for general discussion or anything, but I was thinking more for video conferences if the majority of members couldn't make it to the monthly face to face meeting. I'm all about in person meet-ups and continuing to talk through the forums, so it wouldn't be in replacement of that - I just figured if you found that only 1 or 2 people were going to the Atlanta meeting one month, you may be able to get more members to join in on a group call instead. We awesomely started posting recaps of these meetings on the forums for those who missed out, so that has helped a lot and can continue to be sufficient. I was just throwing this out there for open discussion. Feel free to shoot it down - I'm not sure of any regulations that may prevent this or anything like that. Thanks!
  16. Hi everyone! Since things have slowed down and we've all enjoyed a well earned rest after our year of fundraising, I thought it would be a good idea to get each other pumped and ready for next year! Fundraising is soon to end for 2015 and I'd love to hear some of the lessons you learned this year in your adventures with Extra Life - or any new ideas you are bringing with you into next year's efforts! Happy Holidays! ♥
  17. Hello ATL! We are closing out the year with our last meeting at B&B! Come hang out with us and please RSVP to this link: so we know how many people to reserve space for! Let's have a great time and share our stories from our marathons! We also want to get a group shot of our guild! Come prepared to get your picture taken!
  18. Congrats team! We raised over $10,000 this weekend and gained 28 new participants...bringing our fundraising total to $34,174.00! Here's a patient video (showing off her infamous cape) bring a smile to your faces on this rainy Monday: Keep up the awesome work!!
  19. Team--I came across a great recruitment opportunity for us in January. Has anyone looked into attending the SMITE World Championships at the Cobb Energy Center? There's been about 10k+ participants in the past, so it looks like a great opportunity to promote Extra LIfe and recruit members!
  20. In Attendance - 7:05 pm Todd, John, CJ, Kent Reviewed Notes from last meeting 30 second elevator speech Announcements Intro and Thanks Past Events Joystick Lounge - Rocket League Tournament - Oct 8th 6pm Horror Stream - Winged Blades - Halloween Horror Stream Oct 10th at 8pm - - great viewing Future Events National Game day for Extra Life !!!! Nov 7th - Just around the corner and much anticipation to be had! Georgia Tech Gamefest - Gamefest on November 21-22, 2015! No forward movement, will keep trying. 5 Below - Winged Blades - black friday in Nov after Thanksgiving - still in planning stages, no confirmation as yet. Open Floor Topics With the National Event day just around the corner how will you prepare for the 24 hours of gaming? - Breaking it up 12/12 Sat and Sun. - working with siege coordinator, to get more cool swag stuff, streams, and other things. - schedule of games created with members, stream coordination, researching equipment list needed for event. - working that weekend, no games planned. gamed on a previous date to complete 24 hours. What was your biggest fundraiser event/item? - 5 below May event with Elsa - had lost of fun and a big turnout! - ff14 expansion, streamed and fundraiser - too much fun and good times. - True Love donates 100$ each year - Great support from Family, converted two of them to Extra Life members - it's contagious
  21. Good Morning Atlanta Guild! We're happy to announce that Todd Michaels, aka @Zyaldar is our new VP! You all know him- he's been to meetings, events, and is crazy active here on the forums. With him stepping up and taking on this new leadership role- I know our Guild will recruit more gamers than EVAR!! Congrats and welcome aboard Zyaldar!
  22. In Attendance - 7:05 pm Todd, John, and Kent Reviewed notes from last meeting 30 second elevator speech read Announcements Todd Michaels - appointment to VP of Atlanta Guild Past events Joystick lounge - Sept 3rd - Rocket League Tournament - Super turnout; lots of good fun and mayhem! From a recruitment view; it was hard for anyone to focus on Extra Life when loud cheering and adrenaline is pumping! We will need new strategies for other up-tempo events that we attend. Very happy this event was such a big hit. 5 Below - Sept 18th - Just Dance with Mario Bros - Very big hit with the kids, parents had great encouragement for our Costumed Heroes. More events planned for the Winged Blades at this location. Team Intelsat - 24 hour marathon - Sept 19th - Some Atlanta Guild members and their co-workers employed by Intelsat had their 24 hour gaming marathonalready; as the National date had several conflicts of interest. So far our 18 participants have raised 2,867$ which will qualify for company matching and corporate bonus of an extra 3,000$. Our totals will be tallied when the National date is complete. You can view the recorded streaming here (notice the lack of PG-13 tags, so be warned!) Upcoming Events Joystick Lounge - Rocket League Tournament - Oct 8th 6pm Zombie Fest was mentioned - but not much known other than a 5k Zombie run. Will have to view web info. Horror Stream - Winged Blades - Halloween Horror Stream Oct 10th at 8pm - Georgia Tech Gamefest - Gamefest on November 21-22, 2015! Awaiting contact info 5 Below - Winged Blades - black friday in Nov after Thanksgiving. Open Floor Topics What was your aha moment in the past month or since joining the Guild. personal thanks from attendee who likes what was being done for this kids.becoming secretary for the Atlanta guild and get more involved with Extra LifeWhat was your most interesting register (person/place) someone asked about the Extra Life (2015) shirt at a jujitsu dojo because he saw the twitch logo on the back of the shirt.Met a gentleman at Ando con that was very happy to help with swag gifts from cartoon network.How to get away with numbers (generaltopic/ideas) wear the shirt, it builds conversation and interest.Blast emails to friends (will will get on board eventually!)use social media. The hash tag is your friend in twitter #extralife #twitch #youtubegaming #100daysofgaming just to name a few.Re-posting social media post will get our message out to other networks and help reinforce other extra lifers on social media Meeting closed - 8 pm
  23. until
    Halloween is just around the corner and you know what that means? Horror stream! Come join us Saturday, October 10th at 8PM EST and watch us play horror games and scream like little girls... But we will do it because we love you and we want to do it #ForTheKids! Unable to watch the stream? You can still support us by sharing our post or leaving a donation for us! Facebook post:
  24. Facebook post: Halloween is just around the corner and you know what that means? Horror stream! Come join us Saturday, October 10th at 8PM EST and watch us play horror games and scream like little girls... But we will do it because we love you and we want to do it #ForTheKids! Unable to watch the stream? You can still support us by sharing our post or leaving a donation for us!
  25. Hello Atlanta Guild, Our monthly meeting for September was moved to Oct 4th, this happens on rare occasions due to hectic schedules and events in the area. We are still holding our end of the month meeting in Oct as well to be sure to RSVP for both meetings. Both meetings will be at Battle and Brew from 7 pm - 8 pm and the calendar event has a link to their website and location. Here is the link for Oct 4th to make it easy to RSVP now. Here are a few of the topics we will be discussing: Past events updateFuture events updateWhat was your aha moment in the past monthWhat was your most interesting register (a famous person, a unique location, or how it happened)Be sure to tell us your coming and RSVP early.
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