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  1. You all are awesome! Just want to throw this out there - if you have ideas that you think would help persuade your friends/coworkers/etc. to join and help you out, we're all ears! i.e. Game features/BTS app features/marketing/etc. We're still working out bugs, designing new games - but overall trying to make it a better experience for you and we love to see campaigns funded! It's free money going to great causes, just like Zyaldar mentioned! Happy gaming! (If you want you can PM me as well:
  2. @Jcanulli Sorry about that! Bees have been credited - must have missed your campaign somehow! Happy gaming!
  3. Play games - Earn money #ForTheKids #BeeTheSwarm
  4. Hey Extra Lifers! Just an update to where we're at - we are starting to release our BeeTheSwarm beta app to Extra Life members who we've talked to and who have expressed interest. That being said, we would love to get even more inputs on the app to make it easier for YOU to hopefully earn that extra $50-$100 per funding goal, starting this year! I understand that everyone is busy and may not have 20 minutes to talk, so I have created a quick (less than 5 mins) Google survey to help us help you - such as what kind of games you would want to play AND earn money for your EL funding goal at the same time? If you are interested in receiving our beta or can spare 5 minutes or your time, please visit the following survey and fill out as much as you'd like to: Thanks! And I'll keep you updated as we move forward!
  5. Hey Rick! Thanks for commenting! It's too bad we missed you the other night, but your wife was very helpful! We've learned a ton already from you all and have already come up with some new ideas (just in the few conversations we've had!) that we think will help Extra Life grow as an organization and help bring in extra funds with minimal effort! Look forward to growing with you! Hans
  6. Hey! I’m Hans – I work with Bee the Swarm. I don't know how many of you have heard of us at this point, but we make video games and then donate our revenue (currently 100%, but likely going to be 50/50 to stay alive) to charities and other good causes. At Bee the Swarm we believe in a future where users can literally pick up their phone and change the world. To help us achieve this vision, we have been busy developing our Bee The Swarm social network. We’re reaching out to Extra Life members because we believe that you understand best how combining fun and games with charity can change lives. We want to help spread this idea. We have already supported a number of Extra Life teams and our hope is that when our social network launches it can be a way for any Extra Life participant to raise an extra $50-$100 per funding goal, all from the ease of their phone! We would love to share more about what we have been working on, but more importantly, learn more about your community, getting your feedback on how we can help you reach new members and achieve your fundraising goals. We love what Extra Life does for communities and consider it the #1 organization we want to support when we launch. If you can spare 20 minutes of your time to talk with us about Extra Life or if you’d like you learn more about what we do or possibility help us develop our Beta, please contact me at: We look forward to strengthening our relationship with Extra Life and changing the world together! Hope to hear from you all! Hans Here is a link to a short YouTube video about our vision: Bee the Swarm
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