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  1. LinkUseTheTriforce


    @K8Morosky Have you checked Alliegant?
  2. LinkUseTheTriforce

    Extra Life Tattoos - Got one? Know of one? Do tell!

    Let's get a group and several of us get them whilst at ELU!
  3. LinkUseTheTriforce

    Gaming News:Nintendo Announces Dark Souls Remastered for the Switch

    I can not wait to get destroyed... in hd
  4. LinkUseTheTriforce

    Nerd Stash 36 hour EL Marathon


  5. LinkUseTheTriforce

    Nerd Stash 36 hour EL Marathon

    This weekend, myself and 8 other streamers from Team Nerd Stash are holding a 36-Hour Marathon for Extra Life. Be sure you come hang out! It will be lots of fun! www.twitch.tv/thenerdstash
  6. LinkUseTheTriforce

    Gaming News:Breath of the Wild Will Have a Season Pass

    I'm perfectly fine with this documentary having dlc! Can't wait to play it.
  7. LinkUseTheTriforce

    Extra Life United Packing List

    Can't forget the Ocarina, Master Sword, and Shield. But @StrikingDarkness is right, It wouldn't hurt to bring an extra tunic.
  8. LinkUseTheTriforce

    Room Share ELU 2017

    I'm starting to think that I'm going to have to share a room if I plan on being able to afford it. There's a few cheap places close by, but staying at the actual hotel seems to make the most sense.
  9. LinkUseTheTriforce

    Ideas of Games for ELU?

    Golf With Your Friends might be a good one. Up to 12 players at a time
  10. LinkUseTheTriforce

    Travel Expenses

    Obrien, that is good information, I'll have to check again in a week or so. $450 for a flight from Tennessee is quite steep.
  11. LinkUseTheTriforce

    Ideas of Games for ELU?

    I wouldn't mind having a full list of the games that are confirmed. Chances are that I've never played them, and would like to learn.
  12. LinkUseTheTriforce

    The "I'm Going to Extra Life United 2017!" Thread

    I'm excited to meet all of you guys too!