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  1. It was hard to find travel that worked out with timing of check-in and outs. However I had better luck by buying two one way tickets and searching a host of different airlines. If you do that and are one to get trip insurance, like me, get the trip insurance with one ticket and then call them up and add the other flight it is more beneficial for the duration of your trip and will cost you less. Also, don't be hesitant to ask around to see if friends have reward miles they would like to gift you for the cause. If so CALL the airline to book the flight, do not use the web portal. I did and even before applying the reward miles, the rate was cheaper. Good Luck.
  2. I am thrilled to be joining JamisonM this year at ELU. Hearing from both Rob and him last year was wonderful and I look forward to meeting many of you and celebrating the the successes of the champions, our CMN hospitals, and all of our fundraising efforts. See you all in March!
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