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  1. Hello everyone, I'm Todd IRL, so feel free to address me by that name or my handle ("talebearer"--there's a history there, which I can summarize some other time if you like). I've been following Extra Life for about a year and trying to figure out how to develop a fundraising event. I tend toward tabletop games and RPGs, but I know many platform and PC gamers since I'm a high school teacher. We even have a gaming club at our school that needs to do a service project, so I've been hoping to connect that with Extra Life. Also, my wife works at CHOC (at Mission, not the Orange County site) as a NICU nurse, so I'm excited to find ways to support the work they do there. That's the basics about me. Any input on where to connect and ways to do smaller-scale/local fundraising events are more than welcome.
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