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  1. until
    I'll be playing Zelda: Breat of the Wild for this month's Extra-Life Event. I'll be focusing on side quests and exploration so hopefully, there won't be any spoil for anyone!Don't forget to share the event and donate generously for the great cause!
  2. until
    Hello Gamers, I'll be playing the last game I've worked on in multiplayer in order to raise funds for Extra-Life. I will answer your questions about the game and talk about the developpement of the project. I will also have a copy of the game on PS4 that I will giveaway. To participate, you'll have to donate at least 10$ if you're in Canada, 15$ if you're in the US. Also note that Patrons giving 10$ or more are automatically registered for every and any contest and giveaway. At the end of the event, one random donnors will be sent a PS4 copy of For Honor. See you online!
  3. until
    Hello Extra-Lifers, This is gonna be my last event of the year and for this one, I'll be playing a newly released, christmas themed horror game, Dead Rising 4. Please share with as much people as possible en enjoy!
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