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  1. I haven’t been able to find the answer in my searches so I hope someone can help. Someone who donated to me had an issue getting PayPal to work so she backed out and donated with a credit card. Both charges showed up and now she wants a refund on one of the charges. I have no idea how to go about doing it. I figure it’s probably easier to get the PayPal charge refunded but I don’t know. Is there a process for issuing a refund? thanks
  2. Awesome! Thanks!
  3. If I missed something obvious, plz send me the link. Everything on the Extra Life page says tax receipts are sent for donations over $250. I'm running a game day where the public is invited for $5/person. If someone pays cash and I fill out the form (or enter the donation in the online form), will they get an IRS receipt? I got an emailed receipt for a $20 online donation last year. I wish this was written out a lot clearer. What is the best practice so the donor gets their tax credit? Even for smaller cash donations thanks!
  4. Thanks I still don't know what I'm going to put on posters and fliers to avoid issues. Maybe I'll just put my donation page link on the main poster and like @K8Morosky said, I have other team members forward directly to their pages.
  5. I'm really new to Extra Life and planning my first event at a FLGS. I'm getting really frustrated and wondering if this whole idea was a mistake. Right now I'm a team of one because the more I learn about how all this works, the more I think creating a team was a mistake. What are the advantages? Everyone I'm approaching to join the team is local and wants to help the local hospital but if I send anyone to the team page they get a generic DONATE button. We want all the donations to go to the local hospital and there is no way to easily do this. I'm getting suspicious of the motives for making it so difficult. Why make it hard to donate to members of a team? No one reads the details, they see DONATE and they do. Remove the generic green DONATE button and replace it with team member buttons. Even better, make it easy for a group to create a single account. How do I even advertise and promote this? Say "donate at this website but don't hit the green DONATE button, no instead go to the trouble of searching for individual names with in the team and then donate"? I wonder how many dollars in donations have not gone to the hospitals the donors were expecting their money to go to? I can't run an event and assure people the money will help local kids, I'd be lying. Like I said, I'm suspicious of the motives of designing the website this way.
  6. zopie

    Creating a Team

    Th Thanks! Got it done
  7. I'm sorry if I'm missing something obvious....after I create by account, how do I create a team? thanks!
  8. Hello, I recently joined up to participate this year. In the past I've donated to others, but for 2017 I want to raise money for a local hospital. I even got a local game store to agree to host a 24 hour marathon at the store. I'm really excited!
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