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  1. October 10th 2017 Present: Taylor Deas, Graydon Scates, Vince Aponte, Ellias Foster, Tyler Swanson, Matt, Adam Location: Microsoft Store Next Meeting: Tuesday November 14. 6pm at Orlando CMN Office 1. Introduction from Sunny & John a. Booking event opportunities at Microsoft. b. John (Jolo) coordinates over 6,000 league of legends players. 2. October is Volunteer month for Microsoft a. Both stores are assisting with October 28th event. 3. Overview of FIS Cash Event: a. Big thank you to everyone that made it to the event!! b. We raised $2,000+. Not including card swipes. 4. October CMN Extra Life Game Day a. 9am-4pm Saturday October 28th b. Arnold Palmer Hospital. c. Two Hospital Tours. d. Invite your peeps!!! e. CMN will handle food & board games f. Bring your consoles, needs to be cleanable. g. No stuffed animals. h. How do we market this event? 5. Finding Opportunities a. Orlando Tech Group 6. How can CMN help promote Extra Life at events? a. Flashy, something that draws the eye b. Less Business-like table c. Cosplay? d. Social Media stream e. Extra Life picture opportunity f. VR Booth? 7. Biggest Hurdle? Communication. 8. Holiday Matsuri. a. Our next big event
  2. September 19th 2017 Present: Paul Barclay, Taylor Deas, Graydon Scates, Sam McMahon, Vince Aponte, Ellias Foster Location: Gods and Monsters Next Meeting: Tuesday October10th. 6pm at Orlando CMN Office Welcome to our newest member! Dan Bolt A big welcome to our CMN Extra Life team!!! Sam has set up a Discord Server for everyone to use. See Sam for details. See Official Extra Life newsletter for official Discord Server. Game Day: October 28th 9pm – 4pm at Arnold Palmer. Microsoft will donate towards Extra Life Game Day Hours + Raffle Prize Sam will be hosting two tours at the Hospital. 11am 2pm Theme will be celebration!!!! What’s everyone bringing to the event? No Used Board Games No Mature video games Who’s coming and for how long? Official Game Day Nov 4th Be safe! See Extra Life Safety Guidelines Make sure Graydon has twitch, Extra Life info. FIS Game day Thursday September 28th 7am to 9pm Post cellphone information on Discord server Must text me or Andrea to let you into building/elevator after 6pm. October Monthly Guild Meeting Tentatively at Microsoft Store at Mall at Millenia.
  3. until
    Hey folks, Due to the hurricane, we have moved our meeting from 9/12 to 9/19 at Gods & Monsters at 6pm. Hope to see you all there!
  4. until
    Hey Folks! Our September meeting will be Tuesday 9/12 at 6pm at God's & Monsters. Let's get together to discuss the upcoming October Extra Life marathon as well as our upcoming recruitment events! Note: We may push meeting back depending on how Hurricane Irma Tracks.
  5. August 8th 2017 Present: Paul Barclay, Taylor Deas, Graydon Scates, Sam Goldmacher, Vince Aponte Location: Google Hangouts (Teleconference) Next Meeting: Tuesday September 12th. 6pm at Gods & Monsters Congratulations to Graydon for being the top fundraiser from the Orlando Extra Life Guild! October Game-day at Arnold Palmer Hospital Saturday October 28th 9am - 5pm Everyone has agreed to make this event a celebration of Extra Life as opposed to a reward for the top fundraisers within the Orlando Extra Life community Friends, family, patients, coworkers and children are all invited to take part in the October Gameday event. Sam is going to head up advertising the event within Arnold Palmer hospital. We are hoping that Microsoft will attend this event either in a volunteer or participant capacity. Things we need for the event: Games and Equipment We need someone to head up inventory for what everyone can bring to the event as well as what sponsors such as Microsoft can provide for the event. Sam is going to check what types of games can be provided that will be safe for patients to interact with Fundraising Discussed some potential fundraising to do during the Marathon. 50/50 Raffle Split Raffle prizes Guest List We need to start building a headcount for how many people to expect at this event. Please start talking to friends, family, and coworkers so we can see get a rough estimate of how many people to expect. How else can we advertise this event to the outside world? Social media, company partnerships? Sponsorship/Partnerships Developing the Microsoft Partnership. Attendance at FIS Extra Life Event in September? Attendance at October Game-day at Arnold Palmer? Followup with Sunny & Ian Potential Microsoft teleconference meeting next week. Partial Proceeds Night Chipotle Burger-Fi
  6. July 11, 2017 Present: Kitty Aldrich, Ellias Franklin, Sam Goldmacher, Graydon Scates Location: Gods & Monsters Next Meeting: August 8th at 7pm via Google Hangouts call Did a quick overview of Game day What to bring on game day (bring games that you are comfortable playing) Recruiting/Fundraising recruiting possibility on Sunday Fun day at farmers markets Downtown Orlando on Sunday Winter Park farmers market on Saturdays recruiting gaming bars/ table top friendly bars possible partnership with the Downtown Orlando library Sponsorship/Partnerships Getting in contact with studios (iron Galaxy, EA, Riot games, Microsoft) for sponsoring gifts and prizes Rooster Teeth Fan Community contact them for events Twitch Streaming Discussing partnership tiers (tier 1 is 50 followers) Auto Hosting through the national the National Extra Life channel
  7. until
    Come join us Tuesday July 11th from 6pm to 8pm at Gods & Monsters for our monthly Extra Life guild meeting. Snacks will be provided! Topics that will be discussed include: 1. Upcoming Recruitment events 2. October Extra Life Marathon at Arnold Palmer Hospital 3. Fundraising ideas 4. Recap of last month's meeting and events 5. Social media promotion 6. Potential recruitment ideas and events. Hope to see you all there!
  8. until
    Hey everyone! Ever wanted to know how to stream a video game you're playing to a captive internet audience? How about that plus helping to healing sick kids at the Arnold Palmer Hospital? Whether you play games on PC, Xbox, PS4 or tabletop, I will show you how to capture and broadcast your game play footage to the internet at large while at the same time helping to raise money for Extra Life on behalf of Arnold Palmer Hospital.Here's what you need:1. Bring your Xbox, PS4, PC2. Bring a compatible web camera.Not only will I show you how to capture and broadcast your game sessions, I'll also show you how to setup a personalized twitch/facebook broadcast with overlays, donation widgets, and more! I'm hoping we can also play some video games together. Who remembers LAN parties?
  9. until
    Hey Guys, We're mixing things up and having our monthly meeting for June at the Cool Stuff Games location over by Waterford Lakes. Please RSPV as soon as you can. Activities will include: 1. Review of last month's meeting. 2. Upcoming events 3. Review of Megacon Event 4. Board Games/Card Games 5. Cupcakes!!! 6. And more!!! If you have any questions, please email
  10. May 9, 2017 Present: Graydon Scates, Sam Goldmacher, Vince Aponte, Abby Dugar (Welcome!) , Paul Barclay (Welcome!) Location: Greater Orlando Children's Miracle Network Hospital Office Next meeting: June 13, 2017, 6:00pm, TBD Thank you so much for everyone who attended April's monthly meeting for the Orlando Extra Life Guild. It's always amazing to see new faces so a big thank you and welcome to Elias, Steve, Paul, and Abby! Please feel free to reach out to anyone in the guild if you have any feedback or insight that you would like to share. Below is a recap of April's meeting for those who were unable to attend. Review of the Guild Kick Off. Megacon 2017: Extra Life Recruitment Event Thursday May 25th- 28th Waiting on confirmation from Taylor regarding # of passes & tables that will be given to the Orlando Guild for Megacon Staffing: Please RSVP on this post or the Facebook chat regarding your availability to help out during the event. Dip Jars: Brand new. Folks can dip their credit card into the jar to make an easy digital donation Education: How to get folks to sign up for Extra Life. Feel free to dress up! Every bit helps with recruitment Please review the Welcome Packet for helpful information on Extra Life and how to recruit How to fundraiser? 2017 24 Hour Event Hopefully held at Arnold Palmer this year. Searching for permanent location for our meetings: Coolstuff Games? Acme? Poll to decide where we’ll hold the meetings. Caden’s mom knows someone who owns comicbook store at Waterford. UCF Gaming club. Sam will follow up Google Hangouts for folks that are unable to attend. Microsoft Store. Follow up with Microsoft store locations now that they are onboard once again with the Orlando Extra Life Guild. Extra Life Streaming Majority of those that attended the April meeting are PC streamers Vince is going to create a document showing how to setup your PC to stream video games How to Fundraise via Twitch for Extra Life Document. Monthly Group video game stream: Good for bonding Good for learning how to stream Ideas on a good group game?
  11. until
    Hey Folks! It's time for our yearly Orlando Guild Extra Life Kickoff Event!! We are striving to get a jump on recruiting and spreading the word about Extra Life. Please join us Saturday May 6th at 10am at the Winnie Palmer Hospital in Orlando. Note: Driving directions are attached to this event page. Come out, learn about Extra Life, and have some fun meeting fellow gamers. Below is an idea of what you should expect. • Tour of Winnie Palmer Hospital for Children • Extra Life Presentation• Miracle Story!• Gaming• Lunch will be provided! Please Note: Guild members may be asked to help navigate folks from the parking lot to the classroom where we will be having our presentation. If you have any questions, please email Driving and Parking Directions to Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children.docx
  12. April 11, 2017 Location: Greater Orlando Children's Miracle Network Hospitals Office Next Meeting: May 9, 2017: CMN Office Thank you so much for everyone who attended April's monthly meeting for the Orlando Extra Life Guild. It's always amazing to see new faces so a big thank you and welcome to Victoria, Bradley, Steph, and Gavin! Please feel free to reach out to anyone in the guild if you have any feedback or insight that you would like to share. Below is a recap of April's meeting for those who were unable to attend. Please note that our 2017 Extra Life Kick-Off Event is only a few weeks away! Miracle Story- Meet Myles Guild Updates- President, VP, Secretary Welcome to our new friends! Introductions Extra Life United Current Stats and Numbers 90 Extra Life members $3,418.00 YOY- 9% increase for fundraising and a 53% increase in participants! Upcoming events Celebration no longer happening Mega-con updates Guild Re-Launch- May 6th- 10:00-3:00 pm International Table Top Day- April 29th Figuring out how we can branch out around Central Florida, play games at different locations and hand out flyers for the guild-relaunch happening on 5/6. Building Content for Re-Launch Hospital Tour Miracle story What is a guild? What is Extra Life? (Job requirements, duties assigned, expectations, fundraising components) Interaction- discussing social media (Facebook page, forums, twitter) Gaming Possibly 2nd hospital tour? Future Meeting Locations Additional Topics Interests in getting further involved with Orlando guild Everyone’s outreach: can we invite more members and re-engage with our FB group? Southern Women’s Show- opportunity to table there? Social media and branding- can we figure out someone to handle our social media accounts? Rooster Teeth involvement- Victoria Printerpix team involvement and opportunities for sponsorship- Bradley LEGOLAND- would they donate tickets or want to get further involved with Extra Life? Action Items Taylor- passing out flyers for guild-relaunch on International Table Top Day. Organize members places to play. Taylor- follow up with Megacon Graydon- let’s refocus on the FB group. Add new members to page and post first recap there. Graydon- Southern Women’s Show and LEGOLAND- can you reach out and see if there are involvement opportunities there? I can provide an acknowledgement letter. Cameron- logistics for first social gathering (D&D tournament). Please send out on FB page. Sam- to send out hospital information to everyone with more specific details and hospital equipment costs. Sam- to work with National office on creating invitation for guild re-launch. Sam- work with hospital and/or another local partner for National Game Day space for event. Vince- work with Graydon in posting recap for meetings on forums, new Facebook link on forums, and adding new members to that FB group.
  13. until
    Hello everyone! Join us for our monthly Guild meeting which will be held at the Greater Orlando Children's Miracle Network Office located in Orlando off of Orange Ave. We will be discussing last week's 2017 Guild Kickoff event, the previous month's guild activities, in addition to the events we have planned for the future! At this meeting: Discussion of last week's 2017 Extra Life Orlando Guild Kickoff Event that was held on Saturday May 6 How did it go? What can we do to improve? Where do we go from here? Discussion of 2017 Megacon Extra Life Recruitment Event. Review of last meeting's topics discussed Talk about how we can grow the Guild. Be sure to come with any questions you might have, and be ready to build the Guild to greater heights! Also, check out last month's meeting minutes at the link below if you were unable to attend. Last Meeting Minutes
  14. until

    On vacation in Tampa. Already talked to Sam yesterday. Will be ready to help with kickoff when I get back next week.
  15. March 14, 2017 Location: Gods & Monsters Present: Vince Aponte, Sam Goldmacher, Kitty Aldrich, Taylor Deas, Reno Scarfone, Cameron Ogletree Next Meeting: April 11, 2017 TBD 2017 Extra Life Guild Kickoff Meeting: Saturday May 6th, 2017 9am-4pm at Winnie Palmer Hospital Guild Kickoff topic suggestions Build the guild Not only are we trying to build the guild, but we are aiming to educate new members on how to fundraise to support Arnold Palmer. Hospital Tour: A good way to invest new guild members in our cause and inspire them to fundraise Fundraising Workshops: Most folks don't know how to fundraise. A workshop/speaker would go a long way towards helping folks develop the skills/confidence they need to fundraise for Extra Life Twitch Workshops: Like most folks, I have no clue to how to fundraise via a twitch stream. A workshop that shows folks how to make the most of Twitch to help fundraise would really help Extra Life out. Megacon 2017 Thursday May 25th - Sunday May 28th We will have one, possibly two tables located in the community area Badges? Please start thinking about when you would be available to drop by and help run the Extra Life megacon table. 2017 Extra Life United March 23-25th Good luck to all participants!!!!! Note: This is my first time posting meeting notes. Let me know if I missed something/someone.
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