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  1. This looks like a good place to say hello, so here we go. I'm Kevin, FlyingTurtle45 on Twitch. My first year Extra Lifing was 2016, and I'm excited to be back for year 2. Why do you Extra Life? I got involved last year on the spur of the moment--I saw an ad on Twitch about it, and decided to see what the deal was. I work with charities as part of my job, and I already give blood regularly, so Extra Life combines nicely with stuff I already do. Also, I had considered doing charity streaming, and I liked that EL had an infrastructure set up--I don't have to touch any money, and I think that helps viewers feel comfortable giving. How long have you been participating? 2017 will be my second year. I did the national day in 2016, and the day went pretty well, despite having missed my fundraising goal. I'm hoping to get ideas from the forums to improve my fundraising game so that I hit my target this year. What Hospital do you play for and why? University of Kansas Medical Center--it's local, so it makes sense. Are you a member of one of our Guilds? Not at the moment. What do you do when you aren't helping kids? I work a lot, and I'm usually playing games or doing a puzzle or reading or somesuch. Sometimes I have to take out the trash. I think that'll do for now. If you bump into me out there, certainly feel free to say hello.
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