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  1. outcast

    Beam Streamers?

    I have been using Beam since Dec. That is where I am staying. great community and great platform.
  2. outcast

    State of Things/New Year/Updates

    Looking forward to the first meeting.
  3. outcast

    Status Update

    Sorry to be a noob here but how do put status updates on my profile page? I can't seem to find the right input box.
  4. http://youtube.com/outcat341 http://fb.com/outcaststream thanks for the chance to share
  5. outcast

    Streamlabs twitch alert integration

    I used it and it worked great!!!
  6. outcast

    EVE Online Going Free to Play (sort of)

    I played Eve Online for quite a while. I found the time investment just too much. There are some good things about Eve Online. Has anyone tried valkyrie?
  7. outcast

    Share Your Twitch Stream!

    http://twitch.tv/outcast341 me plalying games some time with my kids. Mainly play LOL, Overwatch, Rocket League, 6 and half more hours to go for me!!!!!