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  1. until
    We will be hosting a family game day the first Saturday of the month every month @Level Up Games in Eagan, MN. Here we will interact with families around the area, playing games, talking Extra Life and hopefully just having a great time. So come on out and join us at our first event Sept 1st. Come learn some new games or play some old ones. What: Family Gameday Where: Level Up Games - Eagan When: First Saturday of the month Starting with Sept 1st Time: 12pm-6pm
  2. Yea the API has changed so we are working to get the dashboard to work with the new changes for this year. We do hope to have it up and working before the event.
  3. Curious if you used the dashboard that was created last year by some of the members of Team Nerdery. I saw you liked the post so just was curious if you used it. We are looking for feedback and stories of impact it had on your team. Thanks

  4. I am reaching out to the community to see how many people or teams used the Dashboard that was created by some folks from the Nerdery Team last year. The dashboard was the team total and informational dashboard that would show your teams total and each person on the team and their individual totals in order from highest to lowest. We are looking for some stories from those that used it and how you saw and impact in last years event with the use of it. If you used it please contact me at We would love to talk to you about it. We are working to make it better this year and get it up and running again. So please reply to me if you are willing to share your story and thoughts. for reference this is the post about it from last year. Thanks
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