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  1. Thank you! We will get that fixed. The link should be: https://www.extra-life.org/participant/nerderychi
  2. Updated yet again for 2018. Please reach out if you have technical issues. http://nerdery.life
  3. Jim

    Chicago Nerdery 2017

    Check out our full write up here!
  4. Jim

    PC Room

    From the album: Chicago Nerdery 2017

    We brought back the PC room for some of our diehard gamers. Most Nerds set up their rigs for the long haul, breaking only for necessities.
  5. From the album: Chicago Nerdery 2017

    We also saw round two of The Great Fanny Pack Bidding War, this time with Jason Kinney going home with a pouch of victory.
  6. Jim


    From the album: Chicago Nerdery 2017

    What’s a Nerd Party without Karaoke? We brought back the singing and added in some ridiculous costumes.
  7. Jim

    Board Games

    From the album: Chicago Nerdery 2017

    Tabletop games are always a hit with Nerds bringing out their marathon games to tackle during these extended play sessions.
  8. Jim


    From the album: Chicago Nerdery 2017

    We played on everything from retro consoles up to the latest generations of Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo spread out across open areas and conference rooms.
  9. Jim

    Pancake Brunch

    From the album: Chicago Nerdery 2017

    Our first event was a made-to-order brunch in our office kitchen. Jami DeVolder and Michael Falkner cooked a fantastic brunch for the Nerds in our office (with a suggested donation).
  10. Jim

    Trivia Night

    From the album: Chicago Nerdery 2017

    Trivia is quickly becoming a staple of our Extra Life events. With help from our sponsors (raffle and silent auction) we brought in over $1,000 in one night.
  11. From the album: Chicago Nerdery 2017

    We are also happy to be able to share this with the greater Extra Life community for free. Read more about our process here.
  12. From the album: Chicago Nerdery 2017

    We brought back the online dashboard to track our Extra Life team’s progress. We used the dashboard for some friendly competition leading up to game day and then kept it front-and-center throughout our 24-hour event.
  13. From the album: Chicago Nerdery 2017

    We organized a successful night of poker with all buy-ins going directly to the kids.
  14. From the album: Chicago Nerdery 2017

    Jackbox Games donated some great new additions to their party pack, and we filled a room to play through the new titles. Many Nerds also went home with copies of the game via raffles and auctions.
  15. @BowieMoonen you can read what we did at ours: https://www.facebook.com/notes/jim-butts/extra-life-wrap-up-2017-chicago-nerdery/10100508101971858/
  16. 2017 was the second year that my wife and I coordinated Extra Life. We learned a lot from both events and are happy to share our details below: 2017: https://www.facebook.com/notes/jim-butts/extra-life-wrap-up-2017-chicago-nerdery/10100508101971858/ 2016: https://www.facebook.com/notes/jim-butts/extra-life-wrap-up-2016-chicago-nerdery/10100267867473718/ Feel free to post feedback and also share your stories!
  17. Updated again for the most recent JSON changes, namely pagination.
  18. Thanks for the input @KnightHarbinger! I don't anticipate having that for this year's event, but I will add it to our list of considerations. I hope to revisit it after some changes to JSON from Extra Life are available. Keep in touch!
  19. Update I've had a few people ask, so I'll mention here as well: The Team Dashboard is updated and working for 2017. Enjoy!
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