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    I love to Board Game, cross stitch, Ren Faire (Sherwood Forest Faire), books, movies, and making yarn with a drop spindle.

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  1. until
    The Biggest Retro Gaming Event in Texas Stop by the Extra Life booth!
  2. I have a board game event set up at Wonko's Toys and Games... Nov 5th 11am - Nov 6th 11am
  3. Brianna

    Nov 5th

    I have gotten it set up for us at Wonko's Toys & Games in far northwest Austin/Cedar Park for board games...Nov 5th 11am - Nov 6th 11am
  4. AWESOME!!!!! I am a children's cardiac patient! An EP lab in Austin would be so great, right now there is only one in Dallas or Houston.
  5. Brianna

    Nov 5th

    Would anyone be interested in a board game location?
  6. Hi, I'm Brianna. I'm working on my Girl Scout Gold Award to provide a gaming library to Dell Children's Hospital, the outpatient blood and cancer center, and the Comprehensive Care Center. I Extra Life for myself and my brother. I would love to tell everyone about it.
  7. Is there a location for November 5th and 6th?
  8. My name is Brianna and I am 17. I am currently working on a board gaming project with Dell Children's Hospital and would love to talk with your group about how gaming at the hospital has helped my family.
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