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  1. I love that Extra Life has increased the tools for streamers. I just added the donation bar to my overlay. It's what I've wanted from EL for the last few years. However, the donation alert doesn't make a noise. Without this, it's going to be very easy to miss donations. I know that other tools that are posted here have an option for sound, but I'd love to simply use the official EL donation bar. Without sound, I'll be forced to, at the very least, use a different tool for their sound component. I know it's crunch time, but it would be so amazing if Extra Life could develop this feature before the third. If I'm missing something, and there is a way to enable sound for the alerts, I'd love for someone to correct me!
  2. Hey there. Neat tool, however, my team is not found when using the ID number from the team page URL.
  3. In the October recap newsletter, it stated the following regarding Broadcasting & Media tools: "You'll also find documentation on how to set up donation alerts with StreamPro and, in the next couple of days, integration information for StreamLabs (formally known as Twitch Alerts)!" Will we get the StreamLabs information before the November 5th game day? I would REALLY love to use StreamLabs if at all possible for that day. It would help myself and my team immensely!
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