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  1. Thanks so much for the info, herobyclicking! I've already set up my page for donations to Riley Children's Hospital (my twin sister's "Alma Mater", if you will), but it's definitely good to have the information above nonetheless!
  2. Hey everyone! I was just curious how many of you are participating in Extra Life from abroad? I've seen loads of people of course from the United States and Canada, but was wondering if anyone from outside of North America was participating in Extra Life. While I know that children's hospitals abroad aren't really supported by the infrastructure (Save for a few in the UK, I think), it's interesting to know who all is participating from around the world. For me, I'm originally from Indianapolis, Indiana (rather a small town nearby Indy), but now I live in southern Germany for school and hopefully for work later on. And if you do live abroad, and raise money for a hospital back in the States, are there any effective tips that anyone has for getting the word out to locals to help out with fundraising?
  3. I'm going to do my best to complete Final Fantasy VII. My goal was $200, and had sectioned a handful of events in the game as levels of donating ($25 and I get all the items in Wall Market, for example). I reached all of them before today, so now I have to find a way to beat Ruby Weapon in 24 hours XD should be fun regardless!
  4. Hello everyone! My name is Austin Bain, and I'm currently a Master's student in material science in Aalen, Germany (it's in the area of Stuttgart), however I'm originally from Indianapolis, Indiana. I joined Extra Life for my twin sister (seen in the photo). When we were born she was diagnosed with Bronze Baby Disease and sent to Riley Children's Hospital. Everything ended up ok, and now she is working to become a child life specialist in order to give back to the community. So while that's her way of giving back, this is mine. This is my first year participating! I play for Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana for my twin sister. No guild yet! I'm a student working towards a Master's degree in material science in Germany, with a Bachelor's in physics already completed. Other than that, I game a lot, and attempt to survive in a foreign country The forum tag is my old Starcraft 2 tag from when I played competitively (was short-lived and I wasn't very good). Members of the tournament website I was a part of said that it sounded like Space Rhino, so that's where I got the name for my twitch stream from. For this November, I have Final Fantasy VII planned to stream, and it's also my first time streaming.
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