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  1. So, I am super excited about Canadian credit cards being processed this year! However... it seems like processing fees are scaling to the amount donated. Someone donated $200 and the processing fee displayed as $14. My friend tested a $50 donation and the processing fee was $3.50. This is not appealing to my donors! Is it just a bug with the new system?
  2. I can help you out with basics, but for specifics, I'm only familiar with streaming from my Xbox.
  3. 1) The HD60, and 2) Where do I find that info? I...don't know computers very well.
  4. I would love to know how to use it without a splitter - the set-up instructions showed two outputs required (one to the TV and one to the card) so that's what I went with. So far I haven't gone live with it - just watching it captured to my PC - and the frame rate has been really poor. I'm wondering if I have a setting somewhere that could help that.
  5. I got an Elgato capture card for Christmas! Super cool, right? Except - I am used to streaming directly from my XB1 through the Mixer app. Aside from discovering that I need an HDMI splitter to make my setup work (it arrives Tuesday. Amazon to the rescue!), I am completely clueless as to how to make the most of my new toy. For example: do I use OBS concurrently with stream deck? I sure hope not, because I have NO clue how to use OBS either. Do I just use stream deck? How do I get overlays for the stream? How do I get follower/donation notifications? Other fun stuff? In case it wasn't obvious, I need some serious hand-holding here. Any and all advice is welcome!
  6. I am hyped to play some KOTOR!!! It's been a few years, but I still remember how to cheese Malak :p. I haven't tested yet if original Xbox games not listed in the store are also backwards-compatible (yes, I still have original Xbox discs ). What titles is everyone looking forward to?
  7. TheLostSkeleton

    Destiny 2

    Who's tried the beta? :raises hand: Overall, I like a lot of the changes they've made, with the caveat that I think there are too many weapons confined to the power weapons slot, and grenade launchers are beyond terrible. Other than those two gripes, I'm cautiously optimistic about Destiny 2's full release. Anyone else looking forward to it?
  8. Nice to see Oblivion getting some love. It remains my favourite of the Elder Scrolls series to date, because it's the world I enjoy spending the most time in. I love how the main plot as well as the fighter's, thieves, and mages guild quests are all about being a part of something greater than yourself.
  9. It would make my day! I would love to be part of the mixer team.
  10. I just tried Beam on a whim to show my friend who was in party one of my Fallout builds, since I heard there was way less latency on XB1 for Beam vs. Twitch... I definitely want to be part of the Extra Life community on Beam. Within two minutes of broadcasting, I had my first follower. Within ten minutes of broadcasting, I had another new viewer. I don't entirely know how people found me that fast, but that's amazing, and the publicity/fundraising potential for Extra Life seems enormous. I mean, I can broadcast on Twitch for 90 minutes and am lucky to get one person in my chat. This just seems way more effective for me as an XB1 player. Also, the interface on my end is way better than the Twitch interface on XB1.
  11. What are the pros and cons of Beam vs. Twitch? I've built a small followers base on Twitch, but the interface is kind of annoying on Xbox One and an update just dropped that better integrates Beam on that system.
  12. Mr. Skeleton and I bought our first 360 because of Mass Effect. Ah, the memories... I recently had a fresh Mass Effect adventure when the trilogy became backwards-compatible on Xbox One. Yeah, the combat for the first game feels pretty dated, but there's still nothing like Mass Effect. After all this time, I still maintain that the second game is the best RPG ever developed for consoles. It hit the sweet spot of satisfying combat, mature, thought-provoking story content, and just plain fun. It was the first game I ever unlocked 100% of Xbox achievements for including DLC achievements, because I enjoyed it that much. Less than 24 hours before I get to travel to Andromeda...
  13. It comes out tomorrow! I've been spoiler-free since November and am going to stream my whole first playthrough. I will definitely be haunting the multiplayer on XB1. Feel free to hit me up - I'm TheLostSkeleton on XBL - with a message that you're with Extra Life and I'll be happy to get some games in! Let's use this thread to share our SP/MP tips and tricks, sweet screenshots, what your Ryders look like, etc. And to just plain be excited.
  14. TL;DR I have no idea what I'm doing, send help! I broadcast directly from my Xbox One. No capture card. Literally all I do is click "Broadcast" in the Twitch app on XB1, and honestly, I kind of like it that way...but I'd like to spruce up my stream a bit as I'm starting to get followers. Can XB1 users make effective use of stuff like Nightbot and StreamPro? What are the pros and cons? I....really, really don't know what I'm doing when it comes to setting up more advanced stuff. Any and all (preferably detailed) advice (don't be afraid to spell it out, I'm a total noob) wanted!
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