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  1. Just letting everyone know that I will be streaming "Harry Potter : Hogwarts Battle" January 9th at 8 PM on the Extra Life Omaha Guild Channel on Twitch. We will start on Chapter 3, come say hi , donate and all those things. Thanks everyone and Happy New Year. ~Alexi Kat
  2. Maybe Sparta Games or the Game Shoppe would be a place we could play or even possibly have a meeting at every once in a while? I like Dave & Busters or one of those type of places also.
  3. Thank you Joe for helping me with the overlay thing over this awesome weekend. I will stream the second Tue of Dec, idk what time yet. Thanks !
  4. Ok so, if anyone has the time someday to help me to step by step setting up overlays and donation alerts type stuff , would love that. I have got the OBS and being able to actually stream part but other that that i'm pretty clueless and yeah,... help? Idk last year I had like the chat box and things on the screen and now idk what happened lol its my face and whatever else i'm playing and thats about it , no fancy things, I'd like it to at least show how donations are goin and things. I'm trying and doing what I can but I know things could be better ^.^
  5. Been thinking about this a bit more , feeling like a board game segment would work better for me, was thinking something like Wirth It Wednesdays which is a play on my family name or a table top Tuesday, not sure what the schedual is currently like but I think I would like to give that a shot once or twice a month to see how that goes, maybe starting in December. I will need some help setting up an overlay or something if someone could help me out with that, thx =)
  6. Hope I can help out this day, <3 the PretzCon people.
  7. I play Final Fantasy 14 ; Toontown : rewritten ; plants vs zombies : garden warfare 2 ; plants vs zombies heros ; angry birds evolution ; if I can figure out how to twitch from the playstation >.> I could play a bunch of other things, overwatch, rocket league ect. If any of these sound alright , I would like to contribute to this also.
  8. Sounds fun, see you guys there =)
  9. Alexi_Kat

    March Guild Meeting


    See you all tonight =)
  10. Hi, This will be my first time participating in game day. I will be streaming from 8am nov 5th thru 8am nov 6th. I will be playing for Omaha's Childrens Hospital and Medical Center in Nebraska.
  11. I'll be streaming on twitch from 8am sat Nov 5th - 8am sun Nov 6th
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