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  1. Name: Jess Aliases: Gatorceri, Ceri, Gator, Jessy Neighborhood: Northside Gaming Extra Life Page: Gatorceri Extra Life Team: Extra Life Jacksonville YouTube: Gatorceri Twitch: Gatorceri Steam: Gatorceri EA Origin: Gatorceri Xbox/Microsoft: Gatorceri (rarely on.) PSN(PS3): Gatorceri (mostly what I play off of the pc.) Minecraft: Gatorceri Social Media Facebook: Gatorceri Gaming Instagram: @ultramagatorceri Twitter: @Gatorceri Tumblr: Gatorceri Gatorceri deviantART: Gatorceri Reddit: gatorceri Gaia Online: Gatorceri Personal LINE: caymangirl email:
  2. Alright. Thank you, I will. ^^ Like I said, after work I will come back and help clean up, so I guess I will. XD
  3. I really want to do this, but cannot get the day off from work since the schedule has already been approved by corporate and because of people taking vacation time. I have to be at work by 2pm that day. Would it be a problem if I leave close to that time? Also, I would come back to help clean up. I get off around 10:15 that night.
  4. Alright, thank you. I feel so much better now. I was going to feel horrible if I could not. Thank you.
  5. I was talking to my boss today about see if I can get the 5th off from work so I can do the 24 hours of playing games. I was told she cannot change the schedule now since it was approved because of people going on vacation. Needless to say, I have to work that night at 2pm and I will not be getting off until 10:15pm, but the co-worker I work with likes to ride the clock, so I may not get out until close to 11pm. I really want to do this, so what can I do to make it work? ;-; If I would have known it was November 5th before I signed up I would have shot my boss a text asking before I decided to, so I would not miss this. I do have my own Twitch channel, so I could stream on my Twitch when I have a day off, but I do not know if that is allowed. Please help me. ;-;
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