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  1. We are currently at: $2,945,485.42 I wonder if we are on track for another year of out raising the previous year. I'm assuming the totals are done at the end of the year, right?
  2. Is there a general ongoing tally of donations per cycle that updates as donations are added? If not could that be added to the extra life site I was thinking of something like on Star Citizen's website where they had fundraising goals for their game. The link below will show the current star citizen tally. I think it would be cool for the community to see where we are at compared to last year and maybe it would drive the community to break the record from the previous year.
  3. Hello My name is Ryan Ludwick I extra life to help heal kids it's a great cause and the kids deserve it. This is my second year, I'll be honest year one i didn't take it as seriously but i've done much better this year. Riley's Children's Hospital they are the closest one to me. I am not a member of any of the guilds. I am into a plethora of hobbies fishing, gaming, blacksmithing to name a few. I also like to volunteer to help clean parks etc. I will be doing my best to stream my extra life marathon on twitch as AMFBodo come stop in and chat if you would like.
  4. I've taken your idea and I am ending it on the 31st of October (after I get to be a garden gnome for Halloween) this is my current tally.
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