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  1. Good afternoon, 

    Question about game day plans. I signed up at the Renaissance Festival last month (not sure who I talked to there). When I signed up,  it was mentioned that there were plans for some sort of get together over that day for those that could attend--unfortunately, I can't remember where,  lol.


    Can you please fill me in on this, please?  I've reached out to a board game developer (and plan to talk to a few PC devs later)  to try and get a few demo products to try out as part of the event, but I don't want to insinuate that there will be an "on-site" style get together is that's not the case. 


    Thank you for your help in clarifying this, 

    Bryant McCracken

    1. MedievalMelody


      Hey Bryant!  There is no official event for Extra Life anywhere, though there may be smaller events around the city.  I'm not aware of any specific ones, however.  There was one in October at Cerner, but as for official game day on Nov 5, there is no big event that I am aware of. HOWEVER, you can always host your own event! We've had great relationships with Game Cafe, Tabletop Game and Hobby, and the new Peculiar game store.  Maybe reach out to one of them and see if you could host a small event there for your team and this developer?


      I'll talk to the people who ran our ren fest event and see what they may have been mentioning to you, though!  My team leader for ren fest was at the booth almost all weekend so she may have some more insight.  I'll let you know when she responds :)



      It seems they were simply referencing the connections with have with gaming stores in the area, because they are usually receptive to having Extra Lifers do their marathons there.


      I have a list of people you can reach out to if you're interested in hosting your own event.  PM me for details!

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