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  1. You are absolutely missing out if you haven't tried Epistory: Typing Chronicles yet. It is an indie, low-budget typing-based game that isn't on rails. It has a fairly large world map to explore, a boatload of optional content to discover, and features a gorgeous, unique origami-based aesthetic where the game world literally unfurls around you. It's slower-paced overall like TOTD:OK, but makes up for it by makes your eyes move around the screen much more and having to stop and pick your chances to fight back against the swarm of insects coming to ruin your day. It has an adaptive difficulty that will match your typing speed and accuracy, making it challenging but fair to all skill levels. Try finding the nest that throws Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis or Aequeosalinocalcalinoceraceoaluminosocupreovitriolic at you. And it's extremely family friendly! I honestly think playing that game will drastically change your opinions of TOTD:OK. In my opinion, It doesn't do the typing well, it doesn't do the horror well, and it doesn't do much else. If you want a fast-paced, high action, typing-shooter hybrid arcade game, you want Typing of the Dead. The original. In my opinion, TOTD:OK is far too slow paced and repetitive, and the only thing it does better than Typing of the Dead is be available -- which is, sadly, perhaps the most important thing to do well. TOTD:OK is on Steam. TOTD requires a DreamCast and a DreamCast keyboard. Good luck with that! If the game -is- difficult and fast-paced enough for you, your opinion is going to vary wildly from mine -- but I also think it means you should give Epistory a try, and at least go watch some footage of the original if you can't get your hands on it. But as a speedrunner, who loves when games give me 'input breaks' where I don't have to do anything, this game was great, because there is a lot of downtime. I don't think you have to be offended by f-bombs and gratuitous, over-the-top-even-if-campy horror and gore to be offended by by main characters calling physically disabled people "cabbages" and "cripples" more than once. But even if you're here for the bad jokes, campiness, over-the-top lampooning of the horror genre as a whole, if the gameplay itself is slow and plodding and can't keep up, you're honestly left with a game with big boobs, big explosions, and vegetable jokes -- and there must be better ways to get that type of entertainment than with this video game. There was a time where the only thing I would stream are typing games and typing game speedruns, but once I unified the world record for all three TOTD games (for all of 12 hours), I dropped the game like a bad habit.It just isn't fun. It's too slow. It's too easy. It's way too repetitive. The original TOTD is worthy of GOAT consideration, at least in the "typing game" genre and maybe in the "arcade-style shooter" genre as well. But it's what modern typing games -- what few there are -- compare themselves to. Not TOTD:Overkill. Typing of the Dead, because it has name recognition and it's the game people remember playing.
  2. I have an idea of something we could do for the Extra Life Day of Play as a group that I wanted to pitch at the monthly meeting, but I'm not going to be able to make it, so I'm going to post it here before it get lost in all the speedrunning notes I'm keeping in my head these days. At the last European Speedrunners Assembly, they did a Super Mario 70-star speedrun but instead of just having one person or making it a regular relay, they had attendees who had never speedrun the game (or any game) before learn one star each and did a 70-person ProAm speedrun relay. It was pretty spectacular and I'm jealous I hadn't come up with the idea myself. Super Mario 64 by itself wouldn't cover 24 hours, even if none of us are speedrunners, but I was thinking of combining that idea with another Speedrunning relay -- the 602 relay, which is a biannual event where you collect every star and shiny from Super Mario 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy 1 & 2. No speedrunning experience would be needed for it (that makes it more fun), and Mario is familiar enough to everyone. I figure depending on the numbers, we could trade the controller at each star, level, world, etc. and see how many of the 602 we could collect on game day. Anyone who is looking for donation incentives or goals could be encourage to donate $X amount per star acquired. I'm not sure how attainable all 602 would be in a 24-hour period (the average for a solo runner w/ some experience is around 24 hours), so if we want a goal that's more obtainable you could do a similar relay with the 2D mario games and per-level donation incentives instead. Super Mario 1-3, Lost Levels, Super Mario World 1&2, and New Super Mario Bros. Wii/Wii U. SMB3 and the Wii games all have 2-player or 2-4 player co-op modes built in, though they could all be completed solo. That selection of games, all done Warpless, should clock in under 24 hours, giving plenty of times for breaks, pitches, advertisements, and the like. I think it would be a blast to do this as a group. Mario is easy enough to pick up even for non-gamers and is family-friendly if we want to invite people to play who aren't in the Extra Life group. It's still a race to finish as many levels as we can, but it will be fun and pressure-free and non-competitive (unless someone wants to do team races?). The only thing I don't have is a venue -- I don't have a ton of room and it's a shared space as it is.
  3. MyOhMyke

    Test donations

    I use StreamLabs for my Extra Life alerts. It does pass your donation message along and it shows in the alert. However, I don't know if it does this if the donator chooses "share information with <charity streamer> only." I don't know if emotes are compatible as I didn't try, but text certainly is. Please note two things for StreamLabs. 1) Extra Life donations use the -same exact alerts- as 'tips.' You cannot set up a specific donation alert for Extra Life donations only, AFAIK. What I did for mine was I set up Extra Life donations on my bot's StreamLabs account and just have two alerts running on my stream -- one tied to my personal tipjar, one tied to my bot's alerts which read data from Extra Life. 2) Extra Life donations will not show up in the dashboard or in any donation statistics StreamLabs keeps -- it only tracks tips in this way. It will handle the alert for you and that's it, it releases the data after that. If you or streamer is hoping to use the StreamLabs dashboard as a 'log' you're out of luck, you'll need to keep another tab open for this. Someone had a -really- nice widget/page for this, but I can't remember what it is now. Tracked the whole team. Was NICE. I no longer user StreamPro but their interaction with the Extra Life data was much earlier than others. I don't think it keeps a log, either, but IIRC it also supported messages. I moved away from Muxy but last time I was there it had no Extra Life capability (hence why I switched). Your best bet might be to flag down an Extra Life team leader or someone doing an Extra Life event and ask if you can use their incoming donations to test -- just point your alerts and such to their userID or teamID instead. I don't get enough traffic to help you out but you're welcome to use mine if you want.
  4. I've been asked to post my 4:3 gaming layout here, for others who might play retro games (or games in small windows) to have an overlay that fits their game! As leader of Team 4:3 (that I'd like to start expanding and promoting soon), I probably shoulda done this already. BUT HERE IT IS NOW! There isn't any official overlay for 4:3 resolutions (nevermind Game Boy games that are 10:9. 10:9!), so I took one of the overlays with no camera box, just the 16:9 panel cut out, and simply copy and pasted the thing blue border around the overlay as needed to create my own inlay panels. The way I use this particular set-up is: Top-Left: I cut and resized the CMN Infographic and use the scrolling image feature in OBS to rotate through CMN facts here. (Alternative: Put your team, hospital, personal logo, game title, donation tracker or goal progress here!) Middle-Left: I do a lot of speedrunning, so my timer and splits are usually here. The chat log can also go here. It's a big panel to have room for splits, which not everyone needs, but it's hard to get rid of the white space here for reasons I'll outline below. Bottom-Left: The camera. Note that the way the layout is now, this block is neither 4:3 nor 16:9, but my face doesn't take up the whole camera so I crop the camera feed to fit. It could certainly be adjusted to fit 4:3 or 16:9, though! Right: Play area I would be willing to rearrange the lines if someone wanted a different set-up but doesn't have the know-how or the software to do it themselves. What isn't as easy to do is to 'explode' the pieces out so they aren't side-by-side. I might have another go and modifying one of the 'minimalist' layouts, but the background with the controllers and dice on it it very hard to manipulate since any ugly copy-pasting to repeat the background will be much more noticable and I don't have the Photoshop chops to work around that. I'm working in Fireworks and that's a dead program. What I really need is a layout with the 'header' and 'footer' but no other panels cut out -- then you could customize it however ya want and still make it match the color scheme. There's an upload limit, but if I find a good place to upload the original Fireworks file that would have layers and modifiable outlines, I'll post that too.
  5. I haven't seen any new meeting minutes. When is the next meeting?
  6. Hey guys, my name is Michael! =D I've been streaming on Twitch a lot more often lately as I've gotten into speedrunning, mostly typing games and Link's Awakening. My favorite game of all time is Earthbound, but Secret of Evermore takes a close second. I came to the site today looking to see what the plans were for Extra Life on November 5th. I can't promise I can dedicate myself to anything specific today, but I'd like to come to a meeting and see what the group gets involved in The only thing I really know about Extra Life is the 24-hour marathon day.
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