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  1. 1. Numbers Money Raised - $13,734 (up $1,350 from last month) Participants - 142 (up 22 from last month) 2. Game Day with Kids Next game day will be November 7th from 12-2. December's will be on the 5th from 1:30 - 3:30. 3. Game Day November 3rd We need EVERYONE to go and fill out the registration form for Game Day ASAP! Setup on Friday is 3 p.m. - 6 p.m., 9 a.m. on Saturday. We're gonna look into possibly getting a Uhaul so we only have to make one trip to Dell and back for loading. Matt won't be able to do the stream this year, but we might still be able to use his equipment. As soon as we know who all will be attending and who wants to stream, we can set up a decent stream schedule and schedule of events. Speaking of schedule we'll put them into 2-2.5hour blocks with breaks and announcements every 4-6 hours or so. Comcast will be providing 2Gig internet!!! So we shouldn't have any internet problems that we've had in the past! We talked a lot about giveaways and donations incentives and pushes. Here's what we have so far: -Whoever raises the MOST throughout the whole event - Two tickets to DreamHack Atlanta -Whoever donates the most (does not have to be at the event) - LG Ultrawide monitor -Donation push with VandyLan -Whoever raises the most after 12 hours (10 a.m. - 10 p.m.) pies whoever has raised the LEAST in the face. Same in the final 12 hours. And wins Discord/DreamHack swag -Night Owls - Whoever raises the most between midnight and 8 a.m. wins a copy of Black Ops 4 -Gift cards from Gamestop, McKays, The Game Cave, The Rabbit Hole, Food gift cards. If anyone has connections with anyone that could donate in-kind for these giveaways please reach out ASAP! We'll have posters printed soon to spread EVERYWHERE! We don't have another guild meeting before Game Day, but we will most likely have a Discord call meeting between now and then so please make sure you're on the channel!
  2. Hey guys! We're just SIX weeks away from Game Day!!! Are you hyped cause we are!!! 25 hours of gaming and fundraising for Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital it's as easy as that! What better way to spend your weekend! As we're getting everything planned for the event this year we wanted to keep you updated on some notable changes and things to keep in mind as we lead up to Game Day 2018. Nashville Extra Life Game Day 2018 November 3rd - November 4th 10 a.m. - 10 a.m. NTC's Tech Hill Commons 500 Interstate Blvd S, Nashville, TN 37210 One of the biggest changes is video gamers attending Game Day this year will only be open to gamers that are live streaming and actively fundraising during the day, as well as sponsors and major fundraising teams. This means video gaming will NOT be open to the public as it has been in the past. We will still have open tabletop gaming for anyone wanting to come and pick up a board game! In order to attend you must agree to live stream in some sort or fashion, and have already raised at least $10 on your Extra Life page. With that, if you're interested in attending please take a couple of minutes to fill out the streamer application: So what all will be going on throughout the day? Video games of course!!! On top of individual games we'll be live streaming throughout the 25 hours, we'll have group games, and prizes for the most money raised throughout the day, the largest donor, stories from miracle families, lunch and dinner provided and much more!!! If you're unable to attend, or just want to support Extra Life Nashville, make sure you drop us a follow on Twitch and watch the stream throughout the day! We'll have much more information as the date gets closer, if you have ANY questions about game day please feel free to email us at or join our discord channel!
  3. 1. Numbers Money Raised - $12,384 (up $85 from last month) Registered - 120 (up 20 from last month) 2. Game Day with Kids Today's was great! Microsoft came and brought volunteers. Microsoft also donates per volunteers so we got $200 from that alone. They brought the portable Xbox's with small displays. This would be something really great for us to have permanently if we could get funds or donations for. They'd be more practical than having the big monitors and consoles. We've also been talking with Child Life about portable equipment that can be used in patient rooms. 3. Grand Ole Gameroom - November 9 - 11 So the event this year is going to have some esports tournaments and gaming outside of arcade games. We've been asked if we'd like to participate somehow so we're going to be the "official" partner for the Fortnite tournament. We need to figure out exactly how we want to utilize this and be present in it. We could charge a couple extra dollars which would go to Extra Life. We're probably not going to actually TO the event but we need to have as much presence there as possible. This IS the weekend after Game Day but please try to sign up to come if you're available that weekend. 4. Mid-Week Jam with Platforms - Every Wednesday Platforms is doing a "Mid-Week Jam" tournament every wednesday. Typically it includes Rocket League and Mario Kart and possibly some others in the future. One of the owners, Luke, said he would be willing to get us involved in it somehow. Typically they charge $5 for entries so we discussed possibly charging $7 and the extra $2 goes to Extra Life. Luke said they've had upwards of $20 every week. This might not be a lot of money coming in but it's at least something and it's exposure and recruitment as well. Right now we're going to partner for the Oct. 10th Mid-Week Jam and see how it goes, possibly do this once a month or maybe more in the future. We'll have advertising details and more about this soon. 5. Maker Faire - The Wondr'y October 6th-7th. Setup October 5th 5 p.m. - 7 p.m. We've secured a booth at the Maker Faire again this year. We'll have a table and we'd like to have some monitors and games setup. We need as many volunteers as possible, this will be a great opportunity to advertise Game Day for streamers and recruitment for signups. Please signup if you're available to volunteer. 6. Game Day - Tech Hill Commons November 3rd As we've discussed previously, we're making this years Game Day exclusive to streamers, guild members and sponsors. Essentially the main goal of Game Day is to raise money, how do we do that? Primarily by live streaming. Now we need to figure out the best way to execute it and publicize it to streamers in Nashville and Tennessee. We've had issues in the past where we're having to "babysit" our equipment because the event has been opened to the public so we're also doing this to limit any of those issues. While everyone should be fundraising throughout the year anyway, we'll be using this as a celebration, along with a big fundraising push. Marcus has put together a *short* "application" that we will use to vet people that are interested in coming and streaming for the event. We'll set a fundraising goal that every member will have to raise by Game Day (something like $5 or $10). We'll also set a streaming requirement, like you must stream for at least 2 hours or something. Everyone must bring their own equipment, we'll still try to have monitors from Dell so if you're bringing consoles you won't have to bring your own. We'll be utilizing the Extra Life Nashville live stream again and we'll still have Miracle Families come and speak, it just won't but fully opened to the public. We're having a planning meeting TONIGHT September 17th at 7 p.m. on the Discord channel. I apologize that this is such a late notice but if you're interested in helping with planning and logistics please try to be present. I'll be sending out notes from tonight and we'll probably have another meeting in a week or so. 7. Game Stop Initiative As you've probably seen Game Stop is doing a push with Children's Miracle Network right now. If you have the chance please go by your local store and thank them for their support! 8. Next Meeting - October 3rd at Tech Hill Commons at 6 p.m. Don't forget to join our discord channel and like us on facebook !!
  4. Guild Meeting 8/1 1. Numbers Money Raised - $12,299 Registered - 101 We're a little under what we were at this time last year. 2. Game Day with Kids Today's game day was great. We really need more volunteers from the guild to come. Game Days are going to start being exclusive opportunities for sponsors and big teams. Some companies donate a certain amount based on volunteer hours. Right now we're trying to get Dell, Microsoft, and the Married to the Games podcast guys to come. We're also working on getting new TV's from Dell. The ones we have now are not in good condition. 3. Recruitment We have one pagers now you can give to people that are interested in Extra Life. There's one for companies, one for schools, and one for groups/individuals. This is a good conversation starter to get some basic information about Extra Life out there and if they want to go forward more with it they can contact Casey about deeper sponsorship/donations. 4. Microsoft Lydia and Casey had a meeting with Shannon from the Microsoft Store at Green Hills. They may be getting a little involved in Game Days with the Kids, bringing consoles to use, sending volunteers, possibly bringing the new accessible controller. They're also doing their own Extra Life stream at some point they're trying to get some streamers to get involved in it in the actual store. 5. Grand Ole Gameroom - November 9 - 11 This is obviously the weekend after our event. We've been talking to them on and off about some type of partnership with these guys. They've expressed they could provide consoles for our Game Day and we'll have some type of partnership with them for their event. Still working out the details. 6. Game Day 2018 - November 3rd - Tech Hill Commons We spent a lot of time talking about Game Day this year. In the past it's been open to everyone, this year we're going to shift away from that and make it exclusive to guild members, streamers, sponsors, big teams, etc. The purpose of Game Day is to raise funds and the primary model for that is to focus on the live stream throughout the year. Game Day should really be a culmination of the year...kind of a celebration. We're unable to do that in the past because we've been trying to run a public event. This year we're going to make it more private. We'll still have a PC area, a console area, and we're going to work on figuring something out for the tabletop area. We might do that as a separate event. There's a lot around this, if you have any questions please ask. We'll be discussing Game Day more next month as it gets closer. 7. Next Meeting September 5th 6 p.m. @ Bongo Java East. We're doing a percentage giveback night! 10% of profits from 5 p.m. - Close will come to Extra Life! We'll have a facebook event to share soon and have our meeting there. Tell yo friends! Don't forget to join the discord channel! Like us on facebook:
  5. That's right! Extra Life's Checkpoint Tennessee is this weekend! A 12 hour gaming marathon held by your local Nashville guild! We'll have miracle families telling stories of their experiences at Monroe Carell Jr., giveaways, FREE FOOD, and of course...GAMES! Here's a rundown of everything you need to know about Checkpoint Tennessee: June 9th 10 a.m. - 10 p.m. Tech Hill Commons 500 Interstate BLVD South Nashville, Tennessee Admission and parking is FREE, but you must be registered on to enter Lunch and Dinner will be provided along with water. Bring your own computer, laptop, console, board games, ANYTHING! All ages are welcome No time restriction, come and go as you please Basic information and the schedule of events is attached, if you have any questions feel free to email or post them in our discord channel: See everyone this weekend!!!!
  6. Guild Meeting June 6, 2018 1) Numbers: Money Raised - $11,320 Registered - 68 An obvious big jump in money from last month. This is because we got our donation from Dell late so it had to be applied to this year, not last. Besides the Dell money it's still about a $300 increase. Great job guys! Registration jumped around 20 people! This does not include the number of people that signed up at the Dell recruitment event. They still need to figured out how to transfer that to So there are definitely still more coming 2) Game Day Got a good amount of people today. Casey and Marcus came by! Met a great family that actually has two kids in the hospital. Both of our TV's are "broken" aka jacked up a little bit. Jarrad is going to work on getting them fixed, or possibly getting new TV's donated via Microsoft, Dell, or Best Buy. Due to the 4th of July, the next Game day will be July 18th 2 p.m. - 4 p.m. 3) Volunteer Opportunity We're holding this on SUNDAY, June 24th at the hospital from 3 p.m. - 5 p.m. This will be kind of an introductory to the hospital and showing volunteer opportunities for the hospital. We'll also be teaching people "what's next" after they have signed up for Extra Life. This is something we want to heavily promote at Checkpoint as well. 4) Telethon The Telethon was this past Sunday. Big thanks to Brandon for staying the whole time. Setting everything up and even bringing one of his own TV's to use. He even got some air time and promoted Checkpoint! Lydia and Zot presented the check to the hospital and we had a couple of patients come and play some games throughout the day. 5) Checkpoint Tennessee THIS Saturday, June 9th 10 a.m. - 10 p.m. at Tech Hill Commons a. Friday Setup Lydia, Zot, Casey and Matt will be getting equipment from Dell at 1 p.m. and immediately setting up at Tech Hill. Rick will be coming around 2:30 to setup the boardgame room. Everyone please come and funnel in as you get off work on Friday. We'd like to have as many people help setup as possible and be as efficient as possible so we don't have to stay until well into the night (again.) b. Saturday Setup Setup on Saturday will start at 8 a.m. Please be there at 8 if you can for last minute things and just overall to make sure we're ready by the time people show up at 10 c. Registration Casey is handling registration. Since this is free we won't have to deal with Eventbrite again so the registration process should be pretty smooth. If anyone is able to help her with registration that'd be much appreciated. She'll have a checklist for anyone that mans the table while she's gone. We'll also be using the yellow wristbands again after people checkin d. Schedule/Stream We're on the national Extra Life page from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. If you're streaming during that time no profanity, no vulgarity, no games rated about Teen....yes that includes PUBG. We still have a lot of openings for people to stream so if you're interested, even a little bit, please sign up to stream, the schedule is on the discord channel. We'll be doing announcements and family stories every two hours. Because this isn't necessarily a fundraiser push we're not going to be focusing as much on money. We'll be talking about getting more involved in Extra Life and recruitment. e. Equipment If you have "spare" consoles or games that can be setup to play please bring them. We'll have 20 TV's so let's try to have a console on each of them so kids and just pick them up and play. f. Giveaways Giveaways will be done by social media interactions. They'll be done at registration. 1 like = 1 ticket, 1 share = 1 ticket, etc. etc. Giveaways are a little slim this year, but that's okay because we want to overload in November. g. Food Lunch from Panera at 1. Dinner from O'Charley's at 6:15. Big shoutouts to Brandon for coordinating all the food stuff. If you have any questions concerning Checkpoint this weekend please feel free to post it in the discord channel or email Lydia at! 6) Next Meeting - June 11th Time and Location TBA Don't forget to join the discord channel! Like us on facebook:
  7. Guild Meeting May 2, 2018 1) Numbers: Money Raised - $1,065 Registered - 43 -If you haven't registered for 2018 go do it now! You don't have to be a member of the guild team, but make sure you're registered! 2) Extra Life Social Media/Community Page We have a Facebook "Like" page and now we have a Facebook "Group" page. Extra Life - National has created groups for all guilds. Make sure you join it! We're going to try to utilize the community page more for things like updates and meeting notes. We have a guild email!! If you need to communicate with Lydia, Marcus, or Casey it's best to contact this email so we can all see it! 3) Game Day with Kids Game Day with Kids is the first Wednesday of every month from 12 p.m. - 2 p.m. at the hospital. Most of the time it's on the stage next to Seacrest Studios, but at times it's in the game room near the patient rooms. 6 kids today!! We need more participation from the guild. Having more kids than volunteers is a GOOD problem to have. We understand this is in the middle of the day, but check with your employer as some companies provide time off for volunteer hours, match donations, etc.. Next game day will be June 6th. The date in July will most likely change because of the 4th of July. We may look into changing the time frame for this to make better availability for volunteers. 4) Open Secretary position We currently have a leadership position open for Secretary. If you're interested please let Lydia, Marcus, or Casey know! 5) Microsoft Events The Microsoft store in Green Hills has regular tournaments and events every weekend. They've expressed they would allow us to come to a couple of tournaments and talk about Extra Life, promote Checkpoint. We have a spreadsheet of opportunities. You don't have to stay for the whole event. 6) Checkpoint Tennessee June 9th 10 a.m. - 10 p.m. at Tech Hill Setup Friday evening time is TBA, and Saturday morning at 8 a.m. We have to be out by midnight. Everything will be very similar to Game Day in November. We're working on an event schedule. Gabe, Jonathan, and Matt will be working on the broadcast/logistics. If you want to be featured on the live steam, let Jonathan know. We still need sponsors, so if you know of any company, national or local, that might be interested please reach out to them! If they seem interested send them to us! We're putting together a folder on the GoogleDrive with some items you can utilize to help. Sponsorship packs, one pagers, etc. If you have any questions on how to reach out to your connections please let us know!!! 7) Volunteer Opportunity We're working on a communication plan for new Extra Life members. The second people register we want to have a plan of action for them to get involved. We got an idea from the Atlanta guild to do an "open house" twice a year for volunteers. We'd probably have it at the hospital and discuss how to get involved in the guild. We need to bring back sub-committees and if people don't want to be in them they can be general volunteers/recruiters for Extra Life. We want to try to do one soon after Checkpoint so we can advertise it AT Checkpoint. 8.) Next Meeting - June 6th at Tech Hill - Week of Checkpoint Tennessee Don't forget to join the discord channel!
  8. Hello Extra Lifers!!! It's been some time since we've utilized the community page but our guild is still thriving and growing! I wanted to just keep everyone in the loop about a couple of things whether you're brand new to Extra Life, a current guild member, or an old member looking to get involved again: -Guild Meetings: Currently we're holding monthly guild meetings the first Wednesday of every month at 6 p.m. They're USUALLY at Tech Hill Commons off of Nolensville Pike, but keep an eye on the event pages for any location changes -Game Days with Kids: Also on the first Wednesday of the month we meet at the hospital around Noon to play games with kids, whether they're patients or relatives of patients. This is a great opportunity to come and have direct outreach with the hospital if you're available! -Checkpoint Tennessee: If you remember last year we held a 12 hour marathon called Half-Life, well this year we're hosting another 12hr event but with a twist! In an attempt to unify all Extra Lifers in the state of Tennessee we're organizing Extra Life's Checkpoint Tennessee, a 12 hour gaming marathon! There are NUMEROUS CMN Hospitals around the state, but not all have active guilds. We're using this event as a way to promote all fundraising efforts throughout the state. The Nashville Guild will be hosting a local event at Tech Hill Commons and you can find out more info here: The Knoxville Guild will also be hosting an event, with more details to come. If you or someone you know would be interested but can't make it to either location, no problem! Stream live from home or host your own local event! We can help with graphic elements just let us know! -Facebook Group: National Extra Life has made nice pretty public Facebook Groups for all the guilds! Make sure to join it to keep up to date on everything: -Discord: We use Discord for about 90% of our communication, so the absolute BEST way to stay in the loop would be to join our partnered server. Discord has web browser compatibility so you don't HAVE to download the app: PHEW. I think that's all for now. Keep an eye out on Discord and this community page as we're working on utilizing these outlets more. If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask! Lydia Pendergrass President - Extra Life Nashville Guild
  9. until
    Extra Life members from the major metro Tennessee cities (Chattanooga, Knoxville, Jackson, Memphis and Nashville) are uniting to educate their communities about Extra Life and their local Children's Miracle Network at this 12 hour gaming marathon event!The Nashville guild will be hosting their event at the Nashville Technology Council with games, giveaways, tournaments, and fundraising to benefit the Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt.Bring your own computer, console or even board games! Nothing is off limits! Come for 2 hours, 8 hours, or the full 12 hours, anyone and everyone is welcome!Can't make the event? Live stream from the comfort of your home and encourage your family and friends to donate! Admission is free but registration on is required to enter!
  10. Lydia

    Guild Meeting

    At our monthly guild meeting we'll be discussing outreach and fundraising in the community, recruitment opportunities along with events at the hospital. We'll also be discussing the planning of our 12 hour Checkpoint Tennessee marathon coming up in June! Current members and anyone interested in Extra Life are all welcome!
  11. Lydia

    Guild Meeting

    At our monthly guild meeting we'll be discussing outreach and fundraising in the community, recruitment opportunities along with events at the hospital. We'll also be discussing the planning of our 12 hour Checkpoint Tennessee marathon coming up in June! Current members and anyone interested in Extra Life are all welcome!
  12. Nashville Extra Life Game Day 2017 held at Tech Hill Commons!
  13. Hey guys! Just want to remind everyone we'll have our monthly meeting this Wednesday, July 12th in the Wadlington room at 7 p.m. I know there's a few newbies here that joined from our Half-Life event a couple weeks ago, so just wanted to send out this reminder. Hope to see everyone there!! Any questions please send them my way here or on the discord channel! L
  14. Half-Life marathon is tomorrow!!! Here are a few things to remember as you get ready for the day: -We'll be setting up bright and early at 8 a.m. If you'd like to come early to set your gear up you're more than welcome! -This is a family friendly event! It's being held at the children's hospital so there WILL be children there. Please act appropriately. -The only requirement to enter is to have a registered account on If you do not have one, we'll have laptops at the front you can register as you come in. -There's also still time to register on the Eventbrite page: -You are more than welcome to bring your own console or PC, but if you don't want to haul it, we will have a lot provided along with games! -Can't stay all 12 hours? No problem! You're welcome to come and go as you please. The game rooms are right down the hall from the cafeteria, so you'll have easy access to food the whole day. -You can sign up for the Tekken7 tournament: and the Rocket League tournament: up to 30minutes before the tournaments start. -Parking is FREE in the South Parking Garage adjacent to Children’s Hospital (the entrance is on Children’s Way). Once parked, make your way to Level 2 and walk across the sky bridge into Children’s Hospital. As you enter the glass doors take a left, then a right and the theater and board room will be on your left. We'll have signs posted to guide you. If anyone has any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask. See everyone tomorrow!!!
  15. Have you been hungering for a gaming LAN in Nashville? Not only is Extra Life's Nashville guild bringing that to you, but absolutely free of charge! We're holding a 12 hour gaming marathon, Half Life, Next Saturday, June 24th in the hospital theater and conference room. Anyone and everyone is invited! We'll have a section dedicated to console and tabletop gamers, along with a separate room for the PC master racers. We're also holding three tournaments in: Rocket League, Mario Kart, and Tekken 7 (keep your eyes on more details to come) and a bunch of HUGE giveaways throughout the day. The one and only requirement is that you signup on! That's it! Check out our Eventbrite page for more information and registration! See you guys next weekend!
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