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  1. Lydia

    Guild Meeting Notes 5/2

    Guild Meeting May 2, 2018 1) Numbers: Money Raised - $1,065 Registered - 43 -If you haven't registered for 2018 go do it now! You don't have to be a member of the guild team, but make sure you're registered! 2) Extra Life Social Media/Community Page We have a Facebook "Like" page and now we have a Facebook "Group" page. Extra Life - National has created groups for all guilds. Make sure you join it! https://www.facebook.com/groups/ExtraLifeNashville/ We're going to try to utilize the community page more for things like updates and meeting notes. We have a guild email!! If you need to communicate with Lydia, Marcus, or Casey it's best to contact this email so we can all see it! extralifenashville@gmail.com 3) Game Day with Kids Game Day with Kids is the first Wednesday of every month from 12 p.m. - 2 p.m. at the hospital. Most of the time it's on the stage next to Seacrest Studios, but at times it's in the game room near the patient rooms. 6 kids today!! We need more participation from the guild. Having more kids than volunteers is a GOOD problem to have. We understand this is in the middle of the day, but check with your employer as some companies provide time off for volunteer hours, match donations, etc.. Next game day will be June 6th. The date in July will most likely change because of the 4th of July. We may look into changing the time frame for this to make better availability for volunteers. 4) Open Secretary position We currently have a leadership position open for Secretary. If you're interested please let Lydia, Marcus, or Casey know! 5) Microsoft Events The Microsoft store in Green Hills has regular tournaments and events every weekend. They've expressed they would allow us to come to a couple of tournaments and talk about Extra Life, promote Checkpoint. We have a spreadsheet of opportunities. You don't have to stay for the whole event. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12j8TtqP6dll-WSPOwcycyXiTLT4cmxf1wiNt1T7WGbE/edit?usp=sharing 6) Checkpoint Tennessee June 9th 10 a.m. - 10 p.m. at Tech Hill Setup Friday evening time is TBA, and Saturday morning at 8 a.m. We have to be out by midnight. Everything will be very similar to Game Day in November. We're working on an event schedule. Gabe, Jonathan, and Matt will be working on the broadcast/logistics. If you want to be featured on the live steam, let Jonathan know. We still need sponsors, so if you know of any company, national or local, that might be interested please reach out to them! If they seem interested send them to us! We're putting together a folder on the GoogleDrive with some items you can utilize to help. Sponsorship packs, one pagers, etc. If you have any questions on how to reach out to your connections please let us know!!! 7) Volunteer Opportunity We're working on a communication plan for new Extra Life members. The second people register we want to have a plan of action for them to get involved. We got an idea from the Atlanta guild to do an "open house" twice a year for volunteers. We'd probably have it at the hospital and discuss how to get involved in the guild. We need to bring back sub-committees and if people don't want to be in them they can be general volunteers/recruiters for Extra Life. We want to try to do one soon after Checkpoint so we can advertise it AT Checkpoint. 8.) Next Meeting - June 6th at Tech Hill - Week of Checkpoint Tennessee Don't forget to join the discord channel! discord.gg/extralifenashville
  2. Lydia

    Guild Updates

    Hello Extra Lifers!!! It's been some time since we've utilized the community page but our guild is still thriving and growing! I wanted to just keep everyone in the loop about a couple of things whether you're brand new to Extra Life, a current guild member, or an old member looking to get involved again: -Guild Meetings: Currently we're holding monthly guild meetings the first Wednesday of every month at 6 p.m. They're USUALLY at Tech Hill Commons off of Nolensville Pike, but keep an eye on the event pages for any location changes -Game Days with Kids: Also on the first Wednesday of the month we meet at the hospital around Noon to play games with kids, whether they're patients or relatives of patients. This is a great opportunity to come and have direct outreach with the hospital if you're available! -Checkpoint Tennessee: If you remember last year we held a 12 hour marathon called Half-Life, well this year we're hosting another 12hr event but with a twist! In an attempt to unify all Extra Lifers in the state of Tennessee we're organizing Extra Life's Checkpoint Tennessee, a 12 hour gaming marathon! There are NUMEROUS CMN Hospitals around the state, but not all have active guilds. We're using this event as a way to promote all fundraising efforts throughout the state. The Nashville Guild will be hosting a local event at Tech Hill Commons and you can find out more info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1680394818693266/. The Knoxville Guild will also be hosting an event, with more details to come. If you or someone you know would be interested but can't make it to either location, no problem! Stream live from home or host your own local event! We can help with graphic elements just let us know! -Facebook Group: National Extra Life has made nice pretty public Facebook Groups for all the guilds! Make sure to join it to keep up to date on everything: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ExtraLifeNashville/ -Discord: We use Discord for about 90% of our communication, so the absolute BEST way to stay in the loop would be to join our partnered server. Discord has web browser compatibility so you don't HAVE to download the app: https://discorg.gg/extralifenashville PHEW. I think that's all for now. Keep an eye out on Discord and this community page as we're working on utilizing these outlets more. If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask! Lydia Pendergrass President - Extra Life Nashville Guild
  3. Lydia

    Extra Life Checkpoint Tennessee

    Extra Life members from the major metro Tennessee cities (Chattanooga, Knoxville, Jackson, Memphis and Nashville) are uniting to educate their communities about Extra Life and their local Children's Miracle Network at this 12 hour gaming marathon event!The Nashville guild will be hosting their event at the Nashville Technology Council with games, giveaways, tournaments, and fundraising to benefit the Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt.Bring your own computer, console or even board games! Nothing is off limits! Come for 2 hours, 8 hours, or the full 12 hours, anyone and everyone is welcome!Can't make the event? Live stream from the comfort of your home and encourage your family and friends to donate! Admission is free but registration on extra-life.org is required to enter!
  4. Lydia

    Guild Meeting

    At our monthly guild meeting we'll be discussing outreach and fundraising in the community, recruitment opportunities along with events at the hospital. We'll also be discussing the planning of our 12 hour Checkpoint Tennessee marathon coming up in June! Current members and anyone interested in Extra Life are all welcome!
  5. Lydia

    Guild Meeting

    At our monthly guild meeting we'll be discussing outreach and fundraising in the community, recruitment opportunities along with events at the hospital. We'll also be discussing the planning of our 12 hour Checkpoint Tennessee marathon coming up in June! Current members and anyone interested in Extra Life are all welcome!
  6. Lydia

    Nashville Extra Life Game Day 2017

    Nashville Extra Life Game Day 2017 held at Tech Hill Commons!
  7. Hey guys! Just want to remind everyone we'll have our monthly meeting this Wednesday, July 12th in the Wadlington room at 7 p.m. I know there's a few newbies here that joined from our Half-Life event a couple weeks ago, so just wanted to send out this reminder. Hope to see everyone there!! Any questions please send them my way here or on the discord channel! L
  8. Lydia

    Half Life gaming marathon next weekend!

    Half-Life marathon is tomorrow!!! Here are a few things to remember as you get ready for the day: -We'll be setting up bright and early at 8 a.m. If you'd like to come early to set your gear up you're more than welcome! -This is a family friendly event! It's being held at the children's hospital so there WILL be children there. Please act appropriately. -The only requirement to enter is to have a registered account on extra-life.org. If you do not have one, we'll have laptops at the front you can register as you come in. -There's also still time to register on the Eventbrite page: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/half-life-nashville-tickets-35199657122 -You are more than welcome to bring your own console or PC, but if you don't want to haul it, we will have a lot provided along with games! -Can't stay all 12 hours? No problem! You're welcome to come and go as you please. The game rooms are right down the hall from the cafeteria, so you'll have easy access to food the whole day. -You can sign up for the Tekken7 tournament: http://challonge.com/ne282dou and the Rocket League tournament: http://challonge.com/m4oen258 up to 30minutes before the tournaments start. -Parking is FREE in the South Parking Garage adjacent to Children’s Hospital (the entrance is on Children’s Way). Once parked, make your way to Level 2 and walk across the sky bridge into Children’s Hospital. As you enter the glass doors take a left, then a right and the theater and board room will be on your left. We'll have signs posted to guide you. If anyone has any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask. See everyone tomorrow!!!
  9. Have you been hungering for a gaming LAN in Nashville? Not only is Extra Life's Nashville guild bringing that to you, but absolutely free of charge! We're holding a 12 hour gaming marathon, Half Life, Next Saturday, June 24th in the hospital theater and conference room. Anyone and everyone is invited! We'll have a section dedicated to console and tabletop gamers, along with a separate room for the PC master racers. We're also holding three tournaments in: Rocket League, Mario Kart, and Tekken 7 (keep your eyes on more details to come) and a bunch of HUGE giveaways throughout the day. The one and only requirement is that you signup on extra-life.org! That's it! Check out our Eventbrite page for more information and registration! See you guys next weekend! https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/half-life-nashville-tickets-35199657122
  10. Lydia

    From Nashville to Dayton

    Hi Dayton Extra Life! My name is Lydia and I am the Guild president for the Extra Life Nashville Guild. I've been a member of Extra Life for some years now and as I moved to Nashville recently got involved with the guild here. I'm writing you today to ask for you help. My cousin was recently diagnosed with Stage IV Neuroblastoma and is being treated at Dayton Children's. She has been such a fighter and surprises us every day. We hear nothing but good things about her treatment at the hospital. I'd like to see if you guys have any events coming up (or if I can help plan any) that I would be able to attend. I'd like to come and support Dayton Children's in any way possible. Would love to hear from you guys, and thanks for being involved! l lydia.mitrevski@gmail.com
  11. Hey y’all! Your monthly Extra-Life Nashville Guild update coming at ya. At our last meeting, we went through goals and upcoming events. We’re going to start getting more involved with some local organizations and heading to tabletop gaming events. Stay tuned for more on that. Let’s go through the highlights of upcoming events! Wednesday March 1st - Monthly meeting will be at the same time (7pm), same place (Children’s Hospital) and we’ll have a lot to go over! Game Day with the kids will be this same day, 2-4pm as usual if anyone can make it Thursday March 17th & Friday March 18th - TEDx Nashville is a go! At the monthly meeting we will be assigning people to be in charge of scheduling and logistics. The TED people are very excited to have us involved and want to give us plenty of space/bean bag chairs/ table tops for games and possible streaming. Email Mark if you’d like to help work it. Tuesday April 4th - Drink 4 a Cause at Kung Fu Saloon! They’ll be donating 15% of sales from the day to Extra-Life. Email Lydia if you have any specific questions! Wednesday April 5th - This is won’t be our typical monthly meeting, but instead will be a Guild Kickoff meeting at the Children’s Hospital Theater! Food will be provided. Bring friends! Email Mark if you have questions, but hopefully we’ll get people from the night before to join us. See y’all in a few weeks for the next Monthly Meeting! We’ll be broadcasting again on Discord for anyone who can’t make it there. If there are any updates before the meeting, we’ll be sure to let everyone know! But in the meantime, all events are on our Community Calendar here. Laterz! Kristina (Spoety)
  12. Congrats on the new position with the Nashville Guild!

    1. Lydia


      Thanks so much! Looking forward to the great stuff we're gonna do this year! 

  13. Hey team! Just a reminder we're firing Game Day with the Kids back up tomorrow from 2-4 on the stage next to Seacrest Studios! If anyone available to attend come and play some games with the kids for a couple of hours! Our next guild meeting will be a couple of hours after that from 7-9 p.m. in the theater again. We've got a lot of stuff to talk about so be ready! I'm going to bring a couple of board games we can try to play before the meeting gets kicked off so if anyone's interested come early! See you guys tomorrow!! L
  14. Lydia

    February Guild Meeting

    February 1st will be our next guild meeting! With our new leadership we're really going to hit the ground running with recruitment and fundraising ideas for 2017! If you know anyone that's interested in joining Extra Life bring them along!