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  1. I had such a blast doing Extra Life this year and I too can feel the community involvement growing as a whole for the cause. I'm leaving my Extra Life link up on my page so that I can get any stray donations to go to ACH. I have a couple of friends that are slacking on their donations too :). I'm still only $95 away from my goal of eating some ridiculously hot sauce on my stream. Better get that milk ready.
  2. Welcome Ardwick, best of luck tomorrow!
  3. Great story Joe! Great to see that Serafina is doing great thanks to Akron Children's. It's always amazing and inspiring to hear stories like this of real people who have benefitted from the Children's Miracle Network hospitals and it really drives home the lives they're helping to save. We're excited to be raising money for Akron Children's as well this year, best of luck to you on Game Day and hope to see you around town!
  4. Might wear my armor that I stream in if you guys want me to...would probably be an attraction to the table to get people there...then hit them with the sales pitch for EL once they're at the table .
  5. I'm a 2x right now, but working down to XL.
  6. Count me in if you do for sure!
  7. I'm assuming it's probably too late to get one?
  8. You may want to watch for Humble Bundles if you need cheap party games to play with the kids....might be a good option for you :).
  9. Has anyone contacted the local media about Game Day at all? Looks like we have quite a few people here and a good story might be able to help promote Extra Life to those who might be interested but don't know about it.
  10. I should be able to work the 2-6 PM shift on November 12. I probably won't fly out until the next day for work, so that should work out ok :).
  11. I'm at twitch.tv/goodversusevil First year streaming for Extra Life...Can't wait to see how much money we can raise for the kids!
  12. That is the case. If you're going to do it, do it now, as for every 100k subscriptions that are made until October 5 whether it's with Prime or not, Amazon is donating $100k to the GameChanger charity.
  13. Hi everyone, I just recently moved to the area from Fayetteville, NC and I'm doing Extra Life for what's technically my second year (First year was about 4 years ago). I signed up at the booth here at Twitchcon and am very excited to participate once again. I'm doing a 24 hour megamanathon (Mega Man 1-6) on my Twitch channel for Game Day. I would also love to help out on some events if I'm in town!
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