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  1. www.twitch.tv/leftstickright Needs some visual updates. Been working on practicing and cleaning up this week.
  2. Hello! My name is Ian. I live in Brampton and have never been involved in Extra Life before. In February, on her 2nd birthday, my daughter was diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis after 24 hours spent in the emergency department at Sick Kids. It has been a constant stream of escalating treatments and frequent visits to the Rheumatology department as we try and get her autoimmune disease under control. I decided that I wanted to do my part to raise some funds for the hospital since they have been a big part of my family's life this year and likely for the rest of my daughter's life. I've been involved in local game development, design and promotion for many years now and would love to funnel some of my game life into something tangible for the community. I work downtown Toronto so I'm always around for lunches and discussions about event ideas. I'm going to do some Overwatch streams for the next few weeks with a view of doing a 24 hour stream at some point in October. So hey what's happening?
  3. I'm planning on doing a 24 hour stream so I'd be interested in helping out. Still working on a good date to prepare for.
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