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  1. Thank you both... I did not understand what was going on... good to know it was not just me. Thanks for the link @Herobyclicking. I do not use Twitter or Facebook (waste of time and energy that could be spent on my children and gaming lol) so there is no way for me to have known that... maybe there should be or there is a note about that in this forum (besides my puzzled question lol... seems better then facebook and twitter, this forum would be the first place social managers would post important info.) Yet again thank you for letting me know, I appreciate it. Also Great idea @BJwyler... thanks for the tip... Ill try that.
  2. I signed up for this year today, yet when it asked about my Link name at the end... it would not let me use the link I have used for years... I always use my gamer tag, yet it said that link name was not available. So I had to add an S at the end. However when I checked the link it said it was not in use. Does anyone know why this is happening and how I might be able to fix it?
  3. Again Thank you... I had made a comment on a thread in the PS forums about the issue on game day I think... My buddy messaged me that he had the same issue... there was no custom amount or other amount when I tried to donate myself this year as well...(I always ask for a dollar per hour donation, yet I welcome any donation amount that can be made.) I should have taken a screen shot... It took me a while to make it back to this forum, I should have posted here first... Yet Here is a link to the thread I first mentioned it in...
  4. Thank you very much @herobyclicking for you response, I also just checked and now yes it seems to be fixed... Yet both myself and someone else I have been part of a team with noticed that that was not the case this year on game day... so I hope it will stay fixed like it is now, next year... I had Several family members and such that did not donate this year due to the 25 dollar limit. I will try and contact them before the 31st to see if they still want to make a donation this year. There was no other option on game day. Maybe just a glitch or oversight?
  5. I have been fundraising for 8 years now for my local Children's Hospital threw Extra life. This year a buddy of mine and I noticed something that is really hurting the smaller fundraisers like us. I was unable to go above my goal this year like I have most of the years I have been doing this... Many of my friends and family donate small amounts like 1-10 dollar amounts. They were unable to do so this year due to a 25.00 minimum donation. I hope by writing this message that next year it will go back to how it has been for years... I had 8 or so donations that could not be made this year due to this limitation, and some of them were to far away for me to try to gather the money myself and add it all at once... Plus I am uncomfortable doing so... I think this will limit donations in the future and hope it gets changed. If there is already a thread about this please point me in the right direction, also if there is someone directly that I can email about this please let me know. I have noticed that any donations to a Twitch user can add a dollar donation to CMN hospitals. I think that we should be able to have no minimum for donations... I feel this oversight if that is what it is, is wrong and should be fixed.
  6. I had a ton of tech issues and was not able to complete my 24-25 hour run on the 5th this year, so I just thought I would drop in to say I am going to re try my run Thursday, Thanksgiving day this year... if anyone else is up for some Turkey Day Fund raising and Gaming feel free to join me...
  7. Thank you for the information... I think I remember meeting him... I understand about start up growing pains... I am still working with Extra Life. I will think about rejoining my local guild yet for now I am just doing what I can to be helpful...
  8. That is sad... I am sorry to hear he is not active any more... I wonder why? Not to put a damper on the Guilds yet I also had some issues with the way my Local Guild was being run... That's not an issue as far as my participation goes though... I have been doing this for my community and my own children as long as I have been able. Yes this is one of those times where Platform among other things make no difference. Sadly I sold my Ps4 and will not be purchasing another one in the near future as far as I can tell... I do own 3 PS3's and a PsVita. I am not sure if I can start a Group sadly. I also have not found a way to join the communities, even though I would if I could. I also have the PlayStation App on my android. If someone from your Community would be kind enough to start a Group chat I would be more then happy to join. I am not comfortable with having to add people I do not know in order to make the Group even if I could figure out how to... I might be able to on the Vita, yet I spend most of my gaming time on my Ps3. I will be live streaming my extra life hours like I have for the past 5 years. I have posted a thread here on this forums linking the other PlayStation associated Forum posts that I know of. Please feel free to let me know If I can add any of you to the PlayStation forum post I have made. Please include our PSN ID and Donation page so I can add it to the OP. I have tried three other threads here on the Extra life Forum. This is the only thread I have received a response on... Here is the Link to that thread... Also in the OP post I have linked all the other PlayStation forum threads I could find in my previous posts. A few of my friends and I have been very active on the PlayStation forums in the past with Extra Life, and I was at the very first local Guild meeting ever made from what I can tell... I met Dr. Adams at that meeting... He seems like a very down to earth person... I hope you all have a great Game day, and feel free to contact me here or in the PSN messaging system if you like. Happy Gaming...
  9. If the community is what I think it is, you can only join if you have a Ps4 right? I know the groups can be joined by anyone yet not the Communities. They are like the Forums yet private and for Ps4 users only? Also it looks like the account is ExtraLife4Kids, right?
  10. PSN ID = Patchex Former Member of a Local Extra Life guild
  11. Patchex

    PSN ID List

    You can add me too please...PSN ID = Patchex .... Also the Op is not working right it looks odd... May I please add this list to my PS Fourm Thread found here?
  12. May I have an invite as well? Is this part of the PS Communities on the Network or something threw a third party site like facebook? I think I have actually met you at one of the old Guild meetings a long time ago by the way... I recognize your face in the picture.
  13. Hi Extra Life forums... I am glad to see we have a forum set up... this is awesome... I am glad there is a Playstation Sub forum too... I have some links here from other forums I would like to share... Here is a thread made in the PlayStation forums we are trying to get going... Extra Life 2016 thread in PS Forums, Click here to be redirected... Also here is a link for David's Thread in the Nebula Forums... click here to be re directed to an Extra Life thread on the Nebula forums by Y2David Please feel free to add more if you know of any and I will add them to the op...
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