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  1. 21 hours ago, Psymonkee said:


    I got it working by upgrading to OBS Studio instead. Did have to check a couple of options in it though as it tried to stream at the same resolution I gamed at causing slow downs for me.


    Also had to be very specific about the order of the overlays to make sure the counter shows up but it is certainly working now!


    I wanted to do my best to avoid moving to Studio (my friend had major issues with it), but I cracked.  It immediately worked when I loaded up Studio... so I guess that's what I'll use from now on.


    Thanks for the help, Psymonkee.

  2. On 9/20/2016 at 11:13 AM, Psymonkee said:

    Sorry to drag this back up but I'm having similar problems and can't seem to solve it now!

    Updated Flashplayer, followed all the instructions yet nothing shows up in OBS Preview until I click 'Edit Scene' which brings up the dreaded red box and little else.


    Opening it directly in a browser works flawlessly and shows the correct data as well. Additionally tried restarting OBS, Chrome, any game I try it with and reconfiguring OBS from the ground up.


    Utterly lost as to what to try next - any pointers? :)


    Unfortunately, I don't have a solution, but I wanted to echo that I have the same problem (so that maybe someone will notice, and we can get help for it).


    Updated Flash (twice), restarted Chrome, OBS; I even tried using OBS x32.  Nothing seems to be working.


    It loads up fine in a regular Chrome window... so I'm at a loss.


    Edit: I did want to mention that I used this last year during my stream with no issues; granted, it was on a different computer, but it did work.  

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