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  1. Final Fantasy Tactics in the daytime, and some Dying Light at night. Hopefully the zombies will keep me awake...
  2. I wanted to do my best to avoid moving to Studio (my friend had major issues with it), but I cracked. It immediately worked when I loaded up Studio... so I guess that's what I'll use from now on. Thanks for the help, Psymonkee.
  3. Unfortunately, I don't have a solution, but I wanted to echo that I have the same problem (so that maybe someone will notice, and we can get help for it). Updated Flash (twice), restarted Chrome, OBS; I even tried using OBS x32. Nothing seems to be working. It loads up fine in a regular Chrome window... so I'm at a loss. Edit: I did want to mention that I used this last year during my stream with no issues; granted, it was on a different computer, but it did work.
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