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  1. Hello, I remember awhile back, Streampo had a goal ticker on their site for Extra Life but I had just found out they shut down and been sending people to Streamlabs, but looking through streamlabs, they don't really have anything that could show the goal anything. Is there any other site out there at the moment?
  2. Hello, I have a friend of mine that is wishing to partake in Extra Life but he is wanting to find out, seeing that he's from Austria, is he able to? The plan is, him, myself and a few others are gonna be trying to do this a team this year.
  3. Would love to go, but I have no way getting down there. I live up in Coconut Creek.
  4. Well I tried to do it last year for the computer, but had issues with my computer along with, I couldn't get anyone to donate. This year I got a newer computer so I'm gonna try again on doing it. Anything with dealing with real life, I haven't been able to take part due to the fact, I'm not able to drive.
  5. Hey Guys, I normally do online sim racing as I'm able to paint up my own schemes, I had seen this t-shirt that Extra-Life has been showing, I'm wanting to find out, if this logo is posted to the public at all for anyone to use? I only ask, because I would love to use it for my scheme, or make a newer scheme for it.
  6. 1. What do you go by? I go by Steve or Shaggy. 2. What are some of your favorite games? PS4: Kingdom Hearts, NHL and Madden. PC: Rocket League, Crossout, Minecraft, Nascar 3. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? NC, Because I have friends there. 4. What hobbies do you have, outside of gaming? I mess with RC cars and work on computers. 5. When you're not recruiting for Extra-Life, we can most likely find you...? Hosting my esports league. 6. Post a picture that best represents you -- you, a meme, your pets, or all of the above! My profile pic on here,
  7. Hello, I just sign up to help Extra-Life this year, but I'm wanting to find out, what can I use to have the donations go to the actual donation count. I know has it, but it seems like it doesn't work well with OBS Studio. I'm currently using OBS Studio, so it can capture audio from the game and if I'm in a VOIP server. But if someone might be able to tell me, where I'm better off going, that would be great!
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