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  1. New to the forum but excited to announce our team will be setting up shop from noon - 8pm at Dungeons & Drafts in Fort Collins. If you are in Northern Colorado and still looking to join a team feel free to head over to our landing spot that is based of Arizona State Alumni. We're always looking to add new friendly faces on Saturday, and if you're interested, please hit me up so we can save you a seat in our reserved room for the day! Wasn't aware of the annual event that takes place at at the Haunted Game Cafe, but we plan on stopping by there after our event concludes in the evening!!! We're all in this together and want to do our best to support the local gaming and service-driven community. Can't wait to meet some of you and happy to say after raising over $1,300 so far we feel like we've made a positive impact on our maiden voyage.
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