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  1. CammyMcArthur

    Playstation 4 Anyone?

    Anyone have a PS4? Any fun games you play Looking to add some people and hopefully party up aha. None of my other friends seem to have a PS4
  2. CammyMcArthur

    May 2017 - Guild Meeting

    Im hoping i can actually come to a meeting for once, and finally meet everyone aha. I think i can make this one!
  3. CammyMcArthur

    March 2017 - Guild Meeting

    I'll try and make it to the next one!
  4. CammyMcArthur

    Celebrities we can Engage

    Never really knew about him until today. I did a google search for becoming an NHL youtuber and his name appeared on one of the pages aha
  5. CammyMcArthur

    Extra Life 2017 Registration now open!

    Joining really soon! Cant wait. Im hoping to plan to do stuff with a Team this year (Sorry I've been so MIA)
  6. CammyMcArthur

    Advice for Streaming?

    Hey everyone. I was planning on streaming my extra-life event, but I dont have a real camera or microphone for YouTube/Twitch. But does anyone have any streaming advice, and expierences they would like to share. I might find myself streaming some of my game play from time to time and see what I can make out of it.
  7. CammyMcArthur

    SickKids VS!

    I loved this! I've been seeing the sick kids VS t-shirts and I want one! I'm glad this is the hospital I went to when i was younger.
  8. CammyMcArthur

    Welcome to the Toronto Guild!

    My name is Cameron McArthur and this will be my first year actually trying extra life. I will be playing for Sick Kids in Toronto. When i was younger, I spent a lot of time in that hospital, and since im too old to go there now, I thought I should do what I can to give back. My PSN is xCameron94x. Looking forward to getting to know everyone!