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  1. Hey Everyone! My Name is Patrick(Paddy) and my gamertag for psn is Zith6936. For Steam its psn_zith6936. For Origin its Zithroxx. and last but not least, for Battlenet it's zith6936#1339. I'm new to streaming and to Extra Life. You can find me at https://www.twitch.tv/zith6936 where I like to chill out and play a variety of games. Mostly everything except for fighting, sports, and racing. - I First found out about ExtraLife back in 2015 and was going to do a 24 hour marathon but I was robbed the day before and all of my electronics and games were stolen. Luckily I had insurance, but I was devastated I couldn't raise money, but hopefully this year will change. I also chose Extra Life because the Washington D.C Children's hospital helped restore my hearing at an early age and I would love to give back to an organization that helped me hear birds chirping, laughter, and the sound of a Mario jump. -I am currently not a member of any guild, but would really like to join one! Preferably in the D.C area. If anyone has one for me to join, please contact me! -When I'm not helping kids I work for the government and do bicycle events throughout VA. Most Recent one was a VCU alumni and the next one will be for injured veterans here in D.C. If anyone would like me to join your community or guild I would love to do so. Otherwise I'm planning on doing my first individual 24-hour Charity stream in October. Hope this reaches anyone who is interested in supporting or teaming up with me! You guys are awesome! -Zith
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