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  1. brendancmiller

    Talents? Skills? Expertise? How can you help?

    Hi, I'm a programmer with experience developing websites and mobile applications. Dabbled in games a bit as well.
  2. brendancmiller

    Streaming this Saturday

    I was having some internet issues myself so I didn't stream for the whole day. Had a great time. Played a ton of video games and some card games. Didn't end up playing D&D like we planned. I was too tired to DM for everyone after a long day of gaming haha
  3. brendancmiller

    Streaming this Saturday

    Hi everyone, I'm a week behind the official Extra Life marathon day, but I'm be going for 25 hours straight this Saturday the 12th. I'd really like it if you could cheer me along on my stream. Which can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/c/BrendanMiller