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  1. JustALizzy

    2018 Kick-off & Volunteer Meeting

    Come join us on Sunday, May 20th, 5pm at Battle and Brew. Meet some of this year's guild leadership and hear about upcoming conventions and events we will be at. There will be a short presentation on what exactly volunteering entails, what will be expected during your shift, as well as some tips and tricks to make volunteering fun for you and successful for Extra Life. This is also where those who signed up to volunteer for MomoCon will get their registration for badges.
  2. Hey everyone! Welcome to the 2018 campaign for Extra Life. If you have been following our Extra Life Atlanta Facebook Page you have already seen some of the great things we have planned for this year. I am also excited to announce our first in-person volunteer gathering of the year. Come join us on Sunday, May 20th, 5pm at Battle and Brew. Meet some of this year's guild leadership and hear about upcoming conventions and events we will be at. There will be a short presentation on what exactly volunteering entails, what will be expected during your shift, as well as some tips and tricks to make volunteering fun for you and successful for Extra Life. PLEASE NOTE: Those of you who have signed up to volunteer for MomoCon - this is where you will register for your weekend badges. In order for you to be able to attend MomoCon all weekend you need to be pre-registered. In order for you to have a free badge I will need to register you specifically as one of our volunteers. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me directly. (JustALizzy@gmail.com) The meeting will only be about an hour, but of course you are all welcome to stay, mingle, and play games. I am looking forward to meeting you all. Thank you again for your generosity of time and self for such a wonderful cause. Lizzy Volunteer Coordinator - Extra Life Atlanta Guild JustALizzy@gmail.com
  3. JustALizzy

    MomoCon 2018 Volunteer Sign-Up

    Hey everyone! It’s Lizzy, your friendly neighborhood volunteer coordinator for the 2018 Extra Life fundraising season! As we quickly approach May, we are about to jump into our first major event which means we need your help supporting the Extra Life booth at Momocon 2018: Thursday, May 24 through Sunday, May 27. As before, those who volunteer to work a shift (no more than 5 hours max per shift), will receive a free full 4-day badge to the event so that you can experience all the Con has to offer when you are not manning the Extra Life booth. That includes access to all areas of the event including: Gaming Hall, Expo Hall, Main and sub stages, panels, classes and much more!! The only extra cost is for lodging, meals, souvenirs, and the Open World: Video Game Music concert. Just as last year, rather than just a table in the general organizations area, we are now part of the official MomoCon Charity Row section, complete with our own 10' x 10' booth!! We've got some great plans for the space, and I will be sharing those as we get closer to the event. We will be hosting a small meet and greet gathering the weekend prior to MomoCon where you can not only meet this year’s leadership team for the Atlanta Extra Life Guild, but also get some handy tips and tricks for volunteering as well as pick up your weekend badges. More detailed information regarding the meet and greet will be coming out shortly. If you are interested in volunteering, please click the link below to access the sign-up sheet. Please fill in as much info as possible so we have a way to contact you prior and during the event. Also, this is a first come first served event, and we have a limited number of passes available (16), so if you are interested you should sign up sooner rather than later! I will be onsite on and off throughout the event and always will be reachable by phone. I am super excited to meet you all and work with you throughout the year to make 2018 our best year ever #ForTheKids! Don't forget to come join us on both our official Extra Life Guild forums: http://community.extra-life.org/atlanta As well as our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ELGAtlanta/ Lizzy Fountain Volunteer Coordinator - Extra Life Atlanta Guild JustALizzy@gmail.com Volunteer Sign Up Page Here.
  4. JustALizzy

    Streaming HELP!

    I am new to streaming myself, but happy to help if I can! Lizzy
  5. JustALizzy

    Prospect List

    Is Pride something that can be considered? (I have no idea how the vendor booths work/cost/etc.) But it is usually a great event for charitable groups. It is the weekend of October 13-15th.
  6. JustALizzy

    MomoCon 2017 Volunteer registration

    Yay! Finally able to get out and meet you guys and help out a little bit. (Not to mention my teenager is thrilled she now gets to go to Momocon!)
  7. JustALizzy

    Wanted to say hello

    Sorry I missed out on the meeting, I was running very low on spoons that Sunday and just couldn't make it out of the house. I will be at DragonCon on and off all weekend, so if you guys are going to be there and need some assistance, feel free to let me know.
  8. JustALizzy

    Zelda - Symphony of the Goddess Sept 10th 2016

    I am free that weekend if you all still need assistance. Sorry I wasn't able to make it to the monthly meeting, was running very low on spoons that Sunday.
  9. JustALizzy

    Guild August Meeting - 08/28/16

    This may be a silly question... My husband and I plan on attending. How will we know who you all are? Can I ask for the Extra Life group when we arrive or will you be in a certain spot? I also haven't ever been to Battle and Brew before. (I can't believe I live in Cobb County and somehow missed it's existence!) Any assistance would be appreciated! Lizzy
  10. JustALizzy

    Wanted to say hello

    You should! The hubby and I used to play WoW as well (along with DDO, Rift, AoC, LotRO, and he also played Anarchy Online) but TSW has become a definite favorite. It is especially easy to play with others because there really isn't "levels". You build experience with different weapons (and eventually learn them all) so if I want to play with a lower level character I can just equip lower level weapons instead of my mains and therefore not completely OP the new person. Anyway! Before I start sounding like a commercial for TSW, if you do decide to check us out, my in-game handle is Jez and my husband is usually either on So-Jen or Sojo. Feel free to friend us! Thank you Beth! (I'm a Beth too actually, Lizzy is a nickname) I have the meeting on the calendar and am really looking forward to getting a chance to meet you all. I admit, I am a bit shy and have a touch of social anxiety at first, but just give me a little time to warm up and all's well. (I babble when nervous too.) Will Extra-Life and/or the Atlanta chapter be represented at Dragon*Con? We originally weren't planning on going this year, but that Saturday is our littlest's monster's 9th birthday and she asked for a "family vacation" to DC. The child already knows how to work the system well. So if help is needed over that weekend I'll be attending/have a badge/etc. I should be able to help out on the 10th as well if more warm bodies are needed. Looking forward to meeting you all and thank you guys for such a warm welcome! Lizzy
  11. JustALizzy

    Wanted to say hello

    My name is Lizzy and I've lived in the Atlanta area for the past twenty-ish years (currently in Cobb with my husband and two daughters). In the past I have done a lot of charity work for Bikers for Babies (March of Dimes), Lost N Found Youth, as well as other local groups. This is my first year being involved with Extra Life. My cabal in The Secret World has participated the last couple of years and this year I'm excited to be able to join up with them. Even more excited to find a local group and even though there is only a little over two months left, hopefully can get a chance to meet you all and get involved on a local level as well. When my eldest was just a couple of months old she had to have emergency surgery (which was through Children's Healthcare of Atlanta) and my youngest child was a NICU baby, so the cause is very near and dear to my heart. I admit, I am not in the much in the way of a streamer, but been a gamer, in some capacity or another, for... well forever, as is my whole family. Recently we've play mostly mmorpgs and our current favorite over the past four years is The Secret World. My husband, Mike, and I are members of The League of Monster Slayers (http://www.extra-life.oorg/team/LoMS) Beyond all that, because I really suck at introductions, I am looking forward to hopefully meet you all and if there is anything I can assist with, please let me know. Lizzy