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  1. So, you are new with whole streaming thing, like me. I was't thinking about streaming before. I like to play for myself with my own way. But then I get to know about money. Then started thinking about streaming. This two guide might help you. I heard these are good for the beginners YouTube Gamer Guide Twitch Steaming Guide
  2. People should watch us (me and my friends) playing cards. When we play,, we talk funny we smile funny we laugh funny we breath funny...
  3. Wow,, amazing. You've build something great. What will you do with all these storage and memory!! However, the PC is a piece, great piece.
  4. It is a way, what you are doing now. Share your YouTube channel in different social media and communities, And of course keep up the good work.
  5. It's really strange. Someone wants upload in Twich from the YouTube but he needs to Like Twich in Twitter (a third party). How come Twich will notice whether the right person Liked Twich in Twitter or not? I have read a Guidance about Twitch Streaming but I can't clearly remember whether I heard about it or not. If liking in Twitter is the right solution then, it is a bit strange to me. I know connecting a YouTube channel with an Twitter account is no big deal but still...
  6. Twich is specially designed for gaming but YouTube isn't. Compared to that, YouTube is not that bad at all. I am about to open a YouTube channel before I open one in Twich. I was inspired by two of my friends and an eBook (Video Games Pay My Bills) to bravely start streaming. Let's see how much far I can go with it. Wish me "good luck" people.
  7. I had an error message the first time I was signing up here. I figured that I won't be able to sign up here. Then I gave up and left. Finally, after 1 day and 1 night, I am here now. This time the confirmation email was sent instantaneously. But the web pages stopped to load before I validate my email address? Anyway, It's good to be here. Thank you all.
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